Chapter 739 Cangxuan Fights

The sky opened as a cold golden eye with a vertical pupil looked down through the crack. The top experts of the many sects seemed to sense something as they raised their heads, only to freeze in terror.


Even those who possessed tremendous strength, such as Sect Master Qing Yang, showed a fearful expression.


"The sacred race?"


The voices of numerous experts trembled, unable to hide the fear on their faces.


The experts present were all the top existences in Cangxuan Heaven and thus, they were naturally aware of the existence of the sacred race. They understood how terrifying the sacred race was.


Even at his peak, Patriarch Cangxuan ultimately perished at the hands of the sacred race.


Only when the countless living beings and races of the nine heavens from across the Tianyuan World united, could they oppose the sacred race.


No one had expected that the battle within Cangxuan Heaven would finally lead to the appearance of the sacred race.


Patriarch Cangxuan had a very solemn expression on his face, he could no longer pay attention to Palace Master Sheng Yuan. He stood next to Yaoyao as he looked at the golden eye that had appeared in the sky.


Even from so far away, he could still feel the terrifying power contained within the golden eye.


The vertical pupil golden eye was a symbol of the holy race, and he estimated that it had gathered the power of at least three saint experts. Otherwise, it would have been impossible to break a crack in the 'Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array'.


"But it seems that they can only send out their power, their bodies still cannot descend to Cangxuan Heaven." Patriarch Cangxuan analyzed silently.


The holy race had only been able to descend to Cangxuan Heaven to hunt him back then because Palace Master Sheng Yuan had done his best to welcome and guide them. In the absence of these many conditions, even the most powerful sacred race experts were unable to descend with their royal bodies.


But even if he was only transmitting his power, the combined power of three sacred race experts was still very astonishing.




The enormous golden eye looked down at the earth from the infinite void above. At the next moment, a white lightning bolt pierced through the endless void with infinite power and appeared directly above Black Water.


The lightning bolt was aimed directly at Yaoyao!


The appearance of the white lightning made the entire world tremble. The space continuously cracked, turning into countless space debris.


Patriarch Cangxuan's face was very serious as he folded his hands, sending out a torrent of powerful Genesis Qi. It quickly transformed into nine giant shiny bronze discs. Each disk was tens of thousands of feet tall and could block out the sky.


"Blue light of the underworld!"


Patriarch Cangxuan roared as he began to spin the nine giant bronze discs. Genesis Qi was quickly engulfed in the nine discs before nine rays of blue light suddenly went out.




Beams of blue light flashed by, instantly melting all matter they passed through.




Under countless shocked gazes, the blue light collided with the white beam, exploding into a dazzling glow of light that blotted out even the sun.


The force of the collision could be felt by more than half of the living beings within Cangxuan Heaven.


Obstructed by the blue light, the white beam missed its target.


The golden eye seemed to bristle with anger. In the next moment, countless rays of white light began to converge.




White lightning boomed out, emitting destructive energy. After a few seconds, a colossal white lightning beast emerged from the lightning.


It was a nine-headed beast and lightning pierced the entire sky, threatening to tear the world apart as it roared.




The white lightning beast immediately descended. If he landed, let alone Black Water, even the entire Cangmang Continent would be destroyed.


"Nine-headed white lightning beast."


A grave expression appeared on Patriarch Cangxuan's face. Even at his peak, he would not dare let his guard down in the face of such power.


With a deep breath, he shifted his gaze towards the mysterious domain and tilted his body slightly.


"I'll have to borrow your power."


In the mysterious domain, the Cangxuan Saint Seal vibrated and disappeared without a trace. When he reappeared again, he was already in front of Patriarch Cangxuan.


Patriarch Cangxuan reached out and grabbed the Saint Seal. In that instant, his imposing aura became very different as an indescribable force erupted from his body.


It felt as if Patriarch Cangxuan had become the absolute ruler of this domain.


The vast and endless Genesis Qi within Cangxuan Heaven was his to use as he pleased.


Looking at Patriarch Cangxuan, Palace Master Sheng Yuan revealed a look of jealousy. This was the master of heaven, who ruled heaven and earth!


Wisps of mysterious blue mist rose from the Cangxuan Holy Seal.


As the mist rose rapidly, the Genesis Qi in the area flowed frantically to integrate with the mist.


The blue mist grew larger and larger, covering the entire sky. When the fog finally dissipated, a dark blue Dragon appeared in everyone's sight.


That Dragon was gigantic, each scale was about a foot wide and engraved with the oldest pattern. As he released a thunderous roar, countless experts felt an intense chill arise from the depths of their soul.




The blue Dragon raised its head and roared at the sky. In the next moment, the Dragon waved its tail, tearing a piece of space. In the blink of an eye, it was already high in the sky, colliding directly with the nine-headed white lightning beast that was descending above the Cangxuan sky.




The collision of two world-destroying beasts was akin to two asteroids colliding together in space. The energy storm produced wreaked havoc throughout the world.


Above Black Water, many experts looked at the epicenter of the collision in horror. Even from that distance, the shockwaves could still make their hearts pound in fear.


A battle of such scale would truly destroy the continent.


However, Patriarch Cangxuan's repeated resistance naturally angered the sacred race experts outside the border wall. A white beam continuously passed through the boundary wall, arriving with maddened energies.


Patriarch Cangxuan's face was stormy as he frantically wielded the Cangxaun Saint Seal to resist the attack.


For a time, the two sides were in a stalemate.


However, what made Patriarch Cangxuan breathe a sigh of relief was that the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array outside Cangxuan Heaven was incredibly powerful. Otherwise, it would be very difficult for him to defend himself against the other side's powerful experts given his current state.


However, as Patriarch Cangxuan focused on the sacred race experts, no one noticed that Palace Master Sheng Yuan's eyes began to glow with a strange white light.


The golden flame swaying above his head was slowly turning into a golden lotus.


His cultivation had once again risen to the Saint stage!


The corners of his mouth curved into a strange smile.


As the Saint Flame Lotus took shape above Palace Master Sheng Yuan's head, Patriarch Cangxuan faintly felt something as his pupils shrank rapidly.


“Holy qi of the holy race?


"Not good, the holy race is infiltrating its power into Cangxuan Heaven to strengthen Sheng Yuan!"


The sacred race seemed to be focused on fighting him, but was actually trying to distract him while they carried out their secret plan.


"Haha, Cangxuan, I told you that luck is not on your side today!"


Palace Master Sheng Yuan laughed. In the next moment, his figure disappeared. He appeared directly in front of Yaoyao with a palm prepared to strike her.


"I'm going to find out what exactly you are today!"

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