Chapter 742 Self-destruct

Everyone was shocked when the Cangxuan Saint Seal was broken.


The faces of Sect Master Qing Yang, Heavenly Sword Sovereign, and the other hegemons became sluggish, clearly not expecting someone to willingly destroy the Cangxuan Saint Seal.


That was the most sacred item that represented Cangxuan Heaven!


Wouldn't anyone who got it do everything they could to make it theirs?


Palace Master Sheng Yuan was also stunned by this scene. Even someone who had experienced countless storms like him was unable to return to his senses for some time.


Fortunately, his dazed state did not last long. His face quickly distorted little by little.


"Brat, today I will dismember your body into ten thousand pieces!"


Palace Master Sheng Yuan's furious roar shook the world around him.


Zhou Yuan's face remained unchanged. With a small tug of his hand, the Cangxuan Saint Seal turned into countless fragments shooting out rapidly.


These fragments directly passed through space itself, disappearing from the spot in an instant.


They flew in all directions. Wherever the fragments passed, the eyes of the many experts turned red. In the end, these experts could not resist the temptation and madly rushed forward to stop the fragments.


However, the fragments of the Holy Seal were filled with a life of their own and could merge with the fabric of space itself, making it very difficult to stop them. Therefore, although many experts tried, only a handful managed to stop some of the fragments.


Cries of surprise quickly followed.


The experts who managed to obtain a fragment immediately felt a faint resonance with the world around them. They had become more sensitive towards Genesis Qi.


Furthermore, some of the experts who had been stuck at a certain level of cultivation for many years were even more surprised to find that their still and prolonged cultivation seemed to tremble a little at this moment.


Realizing the benefits of the Holy Seal fragments, everyone's breathing became heavier, especially when this information spread.


All of the experts felt their blood begin to boil, no longer worrying about the consequences as they quickly dispersed and began to frantically stop the Saint Seal fragments.


The entire place immediately fell into chaos.


"Everyone get out!"


However, as the various experts tried to stop the fragments, Palace Master Sheng Yuan suddenly roared. With a strike of his hand, Saint Genesis Qi swept and pulverized a dozen experts into pulp.


"Who dares to go after the Holy Seal fragments?"


Palace Master Sheng Yuan's icy gaze swept over the area. The many experts seemed to freeze under his gaze, not daring to move even an inch.


After intimidating the many experts, Palace Master Sheng Yuan put aside his plans to deal with Yaoyao. The Holy Seal fragments were continually disappearing, and if he delayed any longer, it would take much more effort to find them in the future.


Palace Master Sheng Yuan stomped his foot. Torrential Genesis Saint Qi surged, transforming into a giant vortex. A terrifying suction force exploded, absorbing several fragments.


"All members of the Holy Palace listen to my order, do your best to stop the fragments of the Holy Seal!" Palace Master Sheng Yuan ordered.


The experts from the Holy Palace moved quickly one after another.


However, the other five Overlord Sects, including the Heavenly Ghost Sect that had joined forces with the Holy Palace, stopped fighting at this moment and instead turned their gazes towards the Saint Seal fragments.


Palace Master Sheng Yuan's eyes narrowed slightly as an icy light flashed within them. However, he made no attempt to stop them this time because it would indeed be impossible for the Holy Palace alone to stop all of these scattered fragments.


He would let the other five overlord sects toil for the moment. It would certainly be more convenient for him to strip them of their hard work later.


As time passed, the fragments of the Holy Seal quickly disappeared. Some of them landed in the hands of the various factions present, but even more had disappeared from the area. Even Palace Master Sheng Yuan had been unable to stop them.


After all, even if they were fragments, they were fragments of the Cangxuan Saint Seal and could perfectly merge with the surrounding world.


Palace Master Sheng Yuan looked at the hundred fragments floating above his hand with an expressionless face. When the Holy Seal was broken before, it had split into at least ten thousand pieces. What he had now was less than one percent.


He put away the fragments with a wave of his sleeve. His murderous gaze then fixed on Zhou Yuan as he said indifferently, “Trash like an ant, you are quite good at bringing me trouble.”


“However, do you think the Cangxuan Saint Seal is so easy to destroy?”


“Not to mention people like you, not even the full power of Patriarch Cangxuan can destroy it. All you're doing now is spreading it. Even if the Saint Seal fragments can merge with the world, they will still stand out and eventually be discovered.”


"As long as I collect all these fragments, they will naturally fuse into the Saint Seal once again!"


Zhou Yuan simply chuckled in response. "At the very least, you can't get the Cangxuan Saint Seal now."


I wasn't wrong. If Palace Master Sheng Yuan managed to gather all the fragments, he would naturally be able to recreate the Cangxuan Saint Seal. But no matter how fast he went, it would take at least several years to find the fragments that had been scattered to every corner of Cangxuan Heaven, right?


Furthermore, some of the fragments had landed in the hands of other overlord sects and numerous factions. Everyone understood the benefits of these fragments, so who would hand them over willingly?


As such, the Sacred Palace would have no choice but to take the fragments by force.


This would turn all the other factions against him. Furthermore, even if Palace Master Sheng Yuan used forceful means, it would still take him longer to gather all the fragments.


Without a doubt, these matters would give even Palace Master Sheng Yuan a headache.


Sure enough, Palace Master Sheng Yuan's eyes became increasingly colder as he looked at Zhou Yuan. The killing intent within them had become even greater than when facing Patriarch Cangxuan.


He had defeated Patriarch Cangxuan and triumphed over all other overlord sects.


But when he was finally about to succeed, he never imagined that a mere Divine Dwelling ant would break the Cangxuan Saint Seal and ruin his plans!


Even if all he did was delay the inevitable, Palace Master Sheng Yuan was still extremely angry.


"I'll make you beg for death today!"


Palace Master Sheng Yuan's eyes were similar to a malicious spirit. With a wave of his sleeve, a torrent of Saint Genesis Qi whizzed out, turning into a giant palm as he brutally grabbed Zhou Yuan.


He had already decided that he would extract Zhou Yuan's spirit and use the holy fire to burn him day and night, making him groan in pain for a hundred years!


Zhou Yuan looked at the giant hand of Genesis Qi that was heading towards him with torrential pressure. He could feel that the surrounding space had already been sealed, making it impossible for him to avoid it.




However, a beautiful figure appeared in front of him just as the giant hand was about to land. Resplendent golden hair danced around him as he met the attack head-on.




The space around him collapsed as the giant hand was destroyed.


The figure was also thrown back, the trace of blood on its lips becoming more and more evident.




Zhou Yuan hurried forward to support Yaoyao. Its fair skin was covered in slight cracks, a sight that made one shudder inside.


“Hehe, how touching. "I'll let you die together like a pair of mandarin ducks!"


Palace Master Sheng Yuan's icy laughter sounded. His hands were straightened and his palms faced each other as if he were holding the sun and the moon between them. The boundless Saint Genesis Qi quickly converged.


A golden bead formed between his palms.


An extreme amount of Saint Genesis Qi had been compressed into this golden bead, causing the space nearby to fracture and crumble as it formed.


Palace Master Sheng Yuan released the bead, allowing it to slowly rise into the air before gently moving towards Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao.


The bead did not seem to move quickly, but it had already locked onto their Spirits, making it impossible to avoid it.


Wherever the golden bead passed, the surrounding space continuously crumbled.


Sect Master Qing Yang gritted his teeth when he saw the danger they were in and activated the small Cangxuan Saint Seal, sending it flying towards Palace Master Sheng Yuan.


However, Palace Master Sheng Yuan did not even look in his direction, and sent him flying back with a wave of his hand. His eyelids lifted as he said nonchalantly, "I'll deal with you later."


The destructive power within the golden bead made Yaoyao's pretty face turn grave. She gritted her teeth gently and prepared to move forward.


However, Zhou Yuan reached out and grabbed her wrist.


Yaoyao turned her head and saw a hint of madness on Zhou Yuan's calm face.


“Yaoyao, I will stop him. You go!"


There was a determined look in his eyes. His power, of course, could not match Sheng Yuan. Therefore, his only option was to detonate Patriarch Cangxuan's remaining power to stop him.


He believed that Yaoyao could escape without him burdening her.


Yaoyao gritted her teeth and shook her head.


"Come on!" Zhou Yuan roared before saying in a low voice, “If you can, please bring my father and mother.”


When his voice rang out, his figure had already shot forward.


Yaoyao watched him rush forward. His figure was thin, but in his heart, he was like a mountain...


He knew that his strength was not enough to change anything, but he had never backed down in the slightest.


Perhaps, it was because of the promise she had made to her grandfather back then: if someone wanted to hurt her, they would at least have to step over her dead body to do so...


Yaoyao's eyes slowly lowered as she let out a soft laugh. Light flickered rapidly between his eyebrows as the seal continued to fracture, and the cracks on his body became increasingly clear.


Amidst countless complicated gazes, Zhou Yuan's figure flew through the air, heading straight towards the approaching golden bead.


Zhou Yuan took a deep breath. He cast aside all doubts and detonated Patriarch Cangxuan's remaining power!


Shaking his head, Palace Master Sheng Yuan watched the scene with mockery. A mantis trying to stop a car.


A dazzling light erupted from Zhou Yuan's body and his flesh began to disintegrate.


Pain emerged in the eyes of Sect Master Qing Yang and the others.


However, an instant before the power in Zhou Yuan's body could fully detonate, the space in front of him suddenly opened and a figure walked out. A finger seemed to pass through space and landed between Zhou Yuan's eyebrows.


The explosive force within his body instantly calmed down.


At the same time, the figure extended his other hand and grabbed the golden bead. With a casual squeeze, the bead was crushed, turning into a sky full of bright dots.


The sudden dissipation of power within his body shocked Zhou Yuan as he stared blankly towards his forehead.


A figure dressed in black stood in the air.


His gaze moved upward, finding a somewhat helpless expression on an aged face.


This face seems to be quite familiar.


Zhou Yuan pondered for a moment before his pupils shrank abruptly.


The black-robed old man looked towards Yaoyao at this moment with a bitter smile and sighed.


“It's okay now girl. Don't get any more dirty..."


The light between Yaoyao's eyebrows stopped abruptly before slowly disappearing as she looked dazedly at the elderly figure that had suddenly appeared. His eyes turned a little red as he said in a very small voice, “Grandpa…grandpa?”

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