Chapter 749 Teleported



The space opened wide as endless white lightning poured in like a waterfall. The power of destruction accompanied the roar of thunder.


Zhou Yuan's expression became extremely grave as he watched the white lightning violently warping the surrounding space. He didn't expect the sacred race to come knocking just when he was about to leave.


"Humph, what a pack of dogs."


Cang Yuan snorted coldly as he raised his head and looked at the broken space.




Countless lightning bolts rained down from the spatial rift, hurtling toward the giant teleportation array in an attempt to destroy it.


The space was collapsing where the white beam passed.


Cang Yuan stomped his foot as boundless Saint Genesis Qi rose from the top of his head. It turned into a huge cloud that protected the array.


Dong dong!


Countless white lightning bolts bombarded the Genesis Qi cloud, causing devastating shockwaves to unfold. Fortunately, none of them were able to pierce the cloud.


Zhou Yuan's scalp went slightly numb due to the terrifying clash of energies above him. Even a little bit of that destructive power could wipe him off the face of the earth.


Cang Yuan began to put the teleportation array into motion as he continued to block the falling white lightning. This was not a battle that Zhou Yuan could participate in, and Cang Yuan could naturally escape unscathed once he sent his disciple out.


Two glowing figures slowly condensed from the endless white lightning near the spatial rift, revealing themselves as two white-robed figures. At his appearance, even the entire domain began to show signs of falling apart.


This was because the domain could not bear the weight of these three powerhouses.


Zhou Yuan looked at the two figures. Dazzling white lightning swirled around their bodies, causing him to feel a stinging pain in his eyes, making it impossible for him to see their faces.


"Cang Yuan, hand her over!"


An indifferent voice echoed between the two figures emitting terrifying auras.


Cang Yuan raised his eyes and sneered: "In your dreams."




The two apex sacred race experts did not waste any more time. Light gathered between his eyebrows as one eye slowly opened. In the next instant, two rays of light shot out.


The rays of light left a trail of death in their wake, as if they were going to destroy all life.


Even the surrounding Genesis Qi began to wither and fade.


"Holy Light of Annihilation..."


Two rays of light pierced the air. Cang Yuan's eyes narrowed slightly. He quickly closed his eyes as the area behind him suddenly went dark.




A loud crash echoed in the darkness. A split second later, an endless giant speckled whetstone emerged. Spinning, it pulsed with infinite power.


Zhou Yuan couldn't help but gasp upon seeing the gigantic speckled whetstone. “Is that… The Divine Whetstone of Primordial Chaos?”


This giant speckled whetstone looked all too familiar. He had seen it every time he practiced the Primordial Chaos Divine Whetstone Visualization Method . However, he never imagined that the visualized Primordial Chaos Divine Whetstone could be imprinted in the world and used for battle!


Evidently, this was something that could be done by someone who had achieved extremely profound mastery of the Primal Chaos Divine Whetstone Visualization Method.




The two beams of annihilation light landed on the gigantic speckled whetstone, but could only make it falter for a moment before being crushed into nothingness.


The giant whetstone did not stop, it continued to smash through the air. He appeared in front of the two apex sacred race experts and descended on them.


The Genesis Qi around the two apex sacred race experts stirred violently. They clearly did not dare to delay, and quickly circulated all their power. Endless white lightning swept and quickly exploded the giant whetstone.


Both sides fell into a temporary impasse.


Amidst the stalemate, Cang Yuan turned some of his attention to the teleportation array. The mad ripples began to spread, slowly tearing the fabric of space.


Countless specks of light filled the air and covered Zhou Yuan's body little by little.




However, it was at this moment that the area above the mountain valley was suddenly torn apart. A glowing figure shot downward like lightning, accelerating towards the house containing the glass coffin at an alarming speed.


He was a third peak expert of the sacred race!


Evidently, he had hidden earlier to wait for the opportunity to steal the crystal coffin while Cang Yuan was busy with the other two top experts.


"You dare!"


Cang Yuan immediately realized what was happening. Anger flashed in his eyes as his hands quickly formed a seal.




Millions and millions of Genesis Runes suddenly emerged from the seemingly ordinary house. The runes fused together, transforming into a giant crystal-like Genesis Rune hand that swept towards the third peak expert of the sacred race.




The third apex expert was sent flying.


However, he charged forward again a second later, hitting Genesis Rune's giant hand. The space around him fractured.


Boom boom!


After a few repeated collisions, Genesis Rune's hand began to crumble.


Cang Yuan's expression became more and more serious. He had to divide his attention three ways and even had to face three sacred race apex experts. Even someone like him was starting to feel the heat.


Fortunately, the transportation array was finally ready. The blazing spots of light had already turned into concentrated rays that completely covered Zhou Yuan's body.


"Zhou Yuan, prepare to leave!"


His scream rang in Zhou Yuan's ears. In the next instant, his hand seal changed, causing the space within the teleportation array to shatter. Countless spatial fragments swirled, forming a spatial vortex.


"Come on!"


Zhou Yuan shot out without hesitation, plunging directly into the space vortex.




But the instant Zhou Yuan's entire figure submerged into the space vortex, the cloud above suddenly split open as a small beam of white light fell from the sky and hit the space vortex.




Erratic space ripples exploded in the space vortex. It only managed to last a few more breaths before quickly dissipating.


Cang Yuan's expression changed involuntarily. Although the white beam was insignificant for an existence like him, it had contained enough power to disrupt the spatial passage. This was quite bad for Zhou Yuan.


However, Cang Yuan could do nothing at this moment. After all, he still had to deal with the three top experts of the sacred race. Fortunately, the teleportation array had already been activated, and the power of the array should serve as protection for Zhou Yuan.


"Zhou Yuan, I wish you all the best."


Cangxuan smiled bitterly. In the next instant, the glass coffin had already appeared next to him. He maintained it with a wave of his sleeve before turning his icy gaze towards the three sacred race apex experts.


The area behind him began to spin, forming a vortex that swallowed his figure in one gulp.


The three sacred race apex experts immediately opened space and rushed in, disappearing from the domain. They were clearly chasing Cang Yuan. Zhou Yuan, who had escaped earlier, was far below their attention.


He was simply a Divine Dwelling stage ant.


In the wake of his departure, the sole domain fell silent once again. Only the giant trees with luminous fruits stood silently above the earth, as if they would continue to do so until the end of time.






Inside the space passage.


Zhou Yuan's entire body was enveloped in concentrated light. His expression changed slightly as he glanced at the small white lightning bolt that was roaring towards him at high speed.


Due to the white lightning, the originally stable spatial passage began to undulate.


Fortunately, the most worrying scenario did not appear. The white lightning exploded, releasing devastating shockwaves that distorted the interior of the spatial passage.


Some of the energy slammed into Zhou Yuan's body, but with heavy blows, the light shell around him stopped the energy.


Each crash caused his body to shake violently.


Wounds began to open on his body, causing Zhou Yuan to clench his teeth tightly. He knew that if he didn't hold on and was dragged through the distorted space, it would be impossible to escape given his current cultivation.




Time slowly flowed in the spatial passage. Zhou Yuan didn't know how much time had passed, but his entire body was already riddled with bloody wounds despite the protection of the teleportation array.


The strong protective light had also become much dimmer.


Endless life energy flowed from Zhou Yuan's body to repair his injuries.


However, there was a trace of worry in Zhou Yuan's eyes. Although there was still some Taiyi Green Wood Mark life energy in his body, he didn't know how long it would last.


Once Taiyi Green Wood Mark's life energy was exhausted, he would have no choice but to endure with his body.


Furthermore, the distorted space within the passage was becoming more and more violent as time passed.


"Has the space passage not yet come to an end?"


Zhou Yuan raised his head and looked ahead, but an exit had not appeared yet, which made his heart sink.




While Zhou Yuan was worried, a loud noise suddenly sounded from behind. His gaze shifted back, only for his expression to change drastically. A giant torrent of distorted space had appeared and was rapidly approaching him.


Zhou Yuan's scalp went numb as he squeezed out every last bit of Genesis Qi in his body and quickly accelerated through the spatial passage.


The torrent of distorted space roared like an angry Dragon, quickly closing the gap between them.


Zhou Yuan's expression became increasingly ugly as he felt the terrifying undulations pulsing behind him. However, his heart suddenly shook. He had finally seen a dazzling light appear in the seemingly endless spatial passage.


"I'm finally at the exit!"


Zhou Yuan was overjoyed as he quickly dashed forward.


The closer he got to the spatial gate, the closer the torrent of distorted space got. He could already hear the wail of the crazy energies contained within it.


Various thoughts flashed through Zhou Yuan's head. At this rate, he would be torn apart before he could reach the space gate.


"Not good, I'm still not fast enough!"


Zhou Yuan's eyes flickered rapidly in thought before a resolute look flashed in his eyes.


He slowed down a bit as he circulated his Genesis Qi. Turning into a torrent, his Genesis Qi swept out and crashed into the approaching distorted space.




Blood spurted wildly from Zhou Yuan's mouth at the moment of impact.


A terrifying force swept towards him, instantly shredding his clothes. Even his spatial bag was torn into pieces and sinister wounds appeared on his body.


But by borrowing the power of the terrifying force, Zhou Yuan's body was sent flying backwards at an astonishing speed. In the end, he rushed through the space gate a split second before the torrent of distorted space charge could engulf him.




Zhou Yuan's body trembled violently as he passed through the spatial gate, but before he could look around, his figure turned into a beam of light as he plummeted from the sky.


The wind whipped across his face as Zhou Yuan's heart turned cold. At this speed and in his current state, the fall would kill him or cripple him.


However, he had nothing left at this moment and could only leave his destiny to the heavens.




His figure flashed across the horizon. The moment before crashing to the ground, Zhou Yuan seemed to crash into something and faintly heard a miserable scream.




Something seemed shattered.


However, Zhou Yuan didn't care about anything else at this moment. Although his fall had been slightly cushioned, the impact still violently shook his insides and caused him to vomit blood wildly. In the end, his eyelids began to slowly close.


An instant before darkness took over, Zhou Yuan seemed to hear a panicked cry.


"Could he have fallen to his death?"


A bitter laugh echoed in his heart before silence finally enveloped him.

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