Chapter 752 Escort

In the dark and dense forest.


Qiu Ji sat cross-legged under a tree with his face obscured, looking into the distance where a campsite was illuminated.


“Manager Qiu, what do we do now? Yi Qiushui is already alert against us and will not let us get close again,” someone whispered to Qiu Ji.


“The most important thing is that the young master has died… It will be difficult to explain this to the master.”


Qiu Ji also frowned. He never thought his plan would end like this.


They had racked their brains to get Yi Dong'er away from Yi Qiushui so that their young master would kidnap her, and then Yi Qiushui would be under their control.


Unfortunately, these plans were destroyed by a bastard who fell from the sky.


The most important thing is that the bastard even crushed Qiu Yang to death! Although Qiu Yang was not particularly strong, he had still reached the ninth layer of the Origin-Alpha stage! He had died in a completely senseless way.


“We cannot allow Yi Qiushui to reach Xuanzhou City safely,” Qiu Ji uttered coldly.


“Master has deployed all the family forces to keep the Yi family experts in Xuanzhou City, so now is our best chance. If we cannot succeed, when Yi Qiushui arrives in Xuanzhou City, the protection around him will be even stronger.”


“At that time, our Qiu family’s plan to become the Prefecture Lord will become much more problematic.”


“But now the guards around Yi Qiushui are not weak at all. Besides this, she is very intelligent. Before heading to Xuanzhou City, she deliberately let the word out about her trip and had young masters from other families who admired her come.”


“Given your strength, our team alone will not be enough,” the person next to Qiu Ji advised.


Qiu Ji smiled slightly. "My Qiu family has been operating in Xiaoxuan Province for hundreds of years, and the Yi family cannot compare to us."


Looking at the camp in the distance, a sinister look appeared on his face.


“Hmph, even the head of the Yi family died in Xiaoxuan Province. What can a girl do?”


“And that boy who somehow killed the young master… once he falls into our hands, I will let him know what is worse than death!”


. . . .


Da da!


A wide carriage pulled by horse beasts enveloped in Genesis Qi galloped along a paved road. Its speed was extremely fast, and if one looked closer, they would find that the entire carriage was one foot above the ground as if it were flying through the air.


Zhou Yuan was sitting in the carriage with his eyes closed and his body exuded a faint glow. He was cultivating the Mythical Saint Body.


The blood on his body bubbled and dripped, and flowed around his dark wounds, gradually washing them away.


The Genesis Qi between heaven and earth gushed out endlessly, turning into wisps of mist that penetrated Zhou Yuan's body.


After about an hour, Zhou Yuan's eyes gradually opened.


In his eyes there was a gleam of light that made his eyes appear shiny like gems. A moment later, the light dissipated and his eyes returned to normal.


The corners of Zhou Yuan's mouth curled up into a smile.


After several days of practice, most of his injuries had healed and the dull Divine Dwelling was beginning to shine. This was a sign that Genesis Qi was gathering once again.


Although he had not fully recovered, at least he did not need to worry when encountering enemies of the initial stage of Divine Dwelling and could protect himself.


However, the injuries he had sustained this time were very serious, and through his spirit's perception ability, he knew that his body was fractured. Even though he had activated the Mythical Saint Body Art, his self-healing was much slower than it was before.


It wasn't until now that Zhou Yuan truly began to understand the power of the Taiyi Green Wood Mark. If he had not exhausted the Taiyi Green Wood Mark, all of his injuries would probably have healed by now.


“It would be great if I had some ancient wood essence…” Zhou Yuan scratched his head. With the essence of ancient wood, he could absorb its vitality and once again refine a green wood mark.


Unfortunately, the treasures in his space bag had long been destroyed in the torrential chaos of space.


His hard-earned Divine Dwelling medicines were also destroyed. Those were the cultivation resources needed for the Divine Dwelling stage.


Even with Zhou Yuan's temper, he was still extremely upset by these losses.


As Zhou Yuan's heart ached, he suddenly felt the carriage slow down rapidly. He looked up at the sky and knew that Yi Qiushui and the others were going to set up camp and rest for the night.


. . . .


Many people ran out and soon a camp was set up in the forest. The campfires burned brightly and the camp came alive.


In the center of the camp, wearing a light yellow dress, Yi Qiushui was standing next to a campfire. His graceful body seemed extremely thin and his fair skin was rosy under the lighting of the fire.


Next to her was a group of men and women laughing and talking. They all radiated a magnificent and imposing manner and were evidently people of important backgrounds.


But while they were laughing and joking, most of their gazes were on Yi Qiushui. It was clear that Yi Qiushui was the central figure of this place.


"Qiushui, are you still worried?" A tall and handsome young man smiled. He hesitated and said, “Qiushui, I think you may have misunderstood the Qiu family. They may not necessarily want to kidnap Dong'er.”


“You should sympathize with Qiu Ji. Qiu Yang died strangely. He won't be able to escape the blame when he returns."


The other men and women also nodded. Their families had some background in Xiaoxuan Province, but compared to the Qiu family who had operated in Xiaoxuan Province for hundreds of years, there was still a huge gap between them. They did not want any disagreements between Yi Qiushui and the Qiu family; Otherwise, it would be troublesome if they got caught in it.


Yi Qiushui raised his eyebrows and said, “I have investigated clearly. Brother Mu Chao need not say more.”


The eyes of the young man named Mu Chao flashed. He smiled slightly. “Qiushui, in my opinion, you should hand over that person from another heaven to Qiu Ji. As long as they don’t bother us anymore, we should be able to successfully reach Xuanzhou City.”


"Is it necessary to upset them over someone of unknown origin?"


Several young people echoed his statement. They had already learned from Yi Qiushui that a man from another heaven had crushed Qiu Yang to death.


More importantly, Yi Qiushui had been taking good care of that strange man, which made them a little unhappy. After all, in his eyes, someone from another heaven was simply no different from a farmer from the countryside.


It would be better if they could throw that man for Qiu Ji to vent their hatred.


"How can we do that?! Senior Brother Zhou Yuan saved me!" Yi Dong'er shouted.


Mu Chao smiled. “Dong'er, he didn't save you. You saved him. "If you hadn't brought him back, he would have died in the desert."


Dong'er's cheeks bulged and she was about to refute his statement.


Yi Qiushui rubbed her little head and smiled at Mu Chao. “Thank you, Brother Mu Chao, for thinking of us, but my Yi family has always clearly distinguished between kindness and hatred, and we would never do something like this.”


"Also, I don't think Qiu Ji has the ability to do anything to us."


Mu Chao shrugged with a smile. “Of course, Qiushui, you have opened eight Divine Houses. Let alone in Xiaoxuan Province, even among the young generation of Tianyuan Region, his fame is not little.”


“Eventually, when he enters the advanced stage of Divine Dwelling, he will even be ranked on the Hunyuan Heaven Divine Dwelling list.”


Yi Qiushui gently shook his head; His oval face looked particularly beautiful under the light of the campfire. “Forget about the Divine Dwelling list. The list is full of powerful monsters. “The experts who have opened eight Divine Dwellings are everywhere.”


Yi Qiushui's beautiful eyes shone as she finished saying these words.


Mu Chao and the others turned their heads to see a young figure standing there. It was Zhou Yuan.


Mu Chao frowned. He didn't know how long Zhou Yuan had been standing there or whether or not he had heard what they had said. But soon Mu Chao smiled and didn't care too much.


So what if a child with no strength and no background listens to what they say?


Mu Chao could easily squeeze him to death if he really angered him.


“Zhou Yuan, why did you come out? “How is your injury?” Yi Qiushui asked, looking at Zhou Yuan.


"It's very lively."


Zhou Yuan walked over with a smile. He swept his gaze over the men and women with vigorous auras and then withdrew his gaze. There was no trace of anger on his face even if he heard what they had said.


Mu Chao's eyes flashed with contempt when he saw the expression on Zhou Yuan's face. Evidently, he thought that Zhou Yuan was swallowing the insult, which was something that someone incompetent would do.


Several girls who were not as stunning as Yi Qiushui but were still very pretty were curiously studying Zhou Yuan. After all, he had killed Qiu Yang, which could be considered a feat. Presumably this story would soon spread throughout Xiaoxuan Province.


But what disappointed them a little was that although Zhou Yuan was handsome, he was not particularly special.


Yi Qiushui felt a little helpless when he saw that everyone was sizing up Zhou Yuan. He pointed to the barbecue meat on the bonfire and asked, “Do you want to eat? "I'll have someone prepare it for you."


Zhou Yuan smiled and shook his head. “Miss Yi, on the way to Xuanzhou City, would the Qiu family send Heavenly Sun stage experts?”


Yi Qiushui was a little taken aback by the question. Immediately afterwards, he shook his head and replied, “Heavenly Sun stage experts are senior-level existences in the Qiu family and most likely cannot leave Xuanzhou City.”


Zhou Yuan nodded.


"What's going on?" Yi Qiushui asked in puzzlement.


Zhou Yuan looked at Yi Qiushui's beautiful cheeks that were rosy under the campfire and said, "If there are no Heavenly Sun stage experts, I can escort Miss Yi to Xuanzhou City, but only if Miss Yi can provide me." one hundred essences of ancient wood that are more than 500 years old.”


Everyone was silent.


Several mocking gazes fell on Zhou Yuan's calm face.


Even Yi Qiushui was a little stunned.

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