Chapter 753 Request

By the campfire, a look of surprise crossed Yi Qiushui's pretty face, and the group of arrogant young men and women looked at Zhou Yuan with playful and mocking gazes.


What did you hear?


The boy from another heaven dared to demand that Yi Qiushui give him a hundred ancient wood essences over five hundred years old, and then he would successfully escort her to Xuanzhou City?


Even they wouldn't dare to make such a guarantee, but the boy in front of them dared to say something like that?


And under the numerous watchful gazes, Zhou Yuan remained incredibly calm.


He urgently needed the ancient wood essence, or rather the Yimu Qi contained in the ancient wood essence, which he could refine into the Green Wood Mark. Only in this way could he recover his strength in the shortest time possible.


Once his strength was fully restored, he would have the confidence to face any situation.


Furthermore, as long as there were no Heavenly Sun stage experts, Zhou Yuan would not fear any enemies once he recovered his strength. After all, he was able to kill King Wu, a mid-stage Divine Dwelling expert, when he was still at the early stage of Divine Dwelling.


And now that he had reached the middle stage of the Divine Dwelling, he naturally did not fear the experts in the late stage of the Divine Dwelling.


Of course, it would certainly be a big problem if it were someone at the advanced stage of Divine Dwelling with strength similar to Wu Yao. But Zhou Yuan believed that even among the young generation of Hunyuan Heaven, it would be incredibly rare to meet someone like Wu Yao.


Someone like him probably did not exist in Xiaoxuan Province.


At least the proud young men from the so-called influential families in front of him were far inferior.


Of course, there had to be Heavenly Sun stage experts in the Yi and Qiu families. But Zhou Yuan was not worried about angering the Qiu family by interfering because once his strength was recovered, he would still have the means to protect himself and escape even if he could not win.


After witnessing the earth-shaking battle in Cangxuan Heaven, the so-called Heavenly Sun stage experts could hardly give Zhou Yuan a sense of oppression like before.


From what he learned these days, he already knew that Qiu Ji would certainly do something, so Zhou Yuan's priority now was to recover his strength as soon as possible.


And asking Yi Quishui for the ancient wood essence was undoubtedly the fastest way to recover his strength.


The silence lasted for a long while before the young man named Mu Chao burst out laughing. He said in a mocking voice to Yi Qiushui: “Qiushui, I always say that you are too nice to people. In this world there are many people who are never satisfied with what they have.”


The others also jeered.


The shocked look on Yi Qiushui's pretty face faded and her eyebrows furrowed into a frown.


She looked at Zhou Yuan. She thought it was actually a little too hasty this time.


In fact, it possessed ancient wood essences, which were essential for refining healing elixirs, and the value of those that were over 500 years old was not low at all.


Yi Qiushui knew that Zhou Yuan had asked for ancient wood essence because of his injuries.


It was just that what he said was unbelievable because… he seemed a little too arrogant.


Although Yi Qiushui had previously told Mu Chao and the others that he was not afraid of Qiu Ji, he also understood that the Qiu family had been operating in Xiaoxuan Province for hundreds of years and the place could be said to be their territory. .


Even if the Qiu family's true influence was used against their Yi family in Xuanzhou City, Qiu Ji might have other connections.


This was what Yi Qiushui feared and the reason why she wanted the prides of other influential families and clans, like Mu Chao, to join her. He hoped to use his strength to deter Qiu Ji.


And even she was secretly scared and wary of arriving at Xuanzhou City, but Zhou Yuan was full of confidence.


Therefore, Zhou Yuan's move seemed more like an excuse to trick her for the ancient wood essence.


This made Yi Qiushui feel a little uncomfortable. Although Zhou Yuan had saved Dong'er and she was willing to help him, she did not want him to use such means to deceive her.


Yi Qiushui was silent for a moment. Then, his red lips moved and he said, “Zhou Yuan, I can give you five ancient wood essences about a hundred years old. As for the escort, it is not necessary."


Zhou Yuan smiled bitterly when he heard this. That little bit of old wood essence wouldn't make any difference. Naturally, he knew that he sounded too arrogant, but at this moment he needed to regain his strength as soon as possible. He was unfamiliar with this place, and the only person he could ask was Yi Qiushui.


Zhou Yuan took a deep breath. He wasn't going to give up like that. He tried his best to look sincerely at Yi Qiushui. “Miss Qiu, I know you may not believe me, but I am not deceiving you. "If I don't have a chance to do anything for you on the way to Xuanzhou City, I can stay until I do to pay you."


“Haha, you just want to stay with Qiushui on purpose, right? Your tactics are pretty good.” A young woman smiled disdainfully.


Mu Chao narrowed his eyes. “Qiushui, this person has no good intentions. I think we should kick him out of camp. If you are too kind to do so, you can leave it to me.”


His voice trailed off as he raised his palm.


Suddenly, several figures appeared behind Zhou Yuan. They all exuded powerful Genesis Qi.


They were in the strength of the initial stage of the Divine Dwelling.


Zhou Yuan frowned and a chilling intent flashed across his eyes.




However, just as they were about to act, Yi Qiushui suddenly stopped them. He turned to Mu Chao and said, "I don't want to bother you, Brother Mu."


“I overdid it. I'm just worried that you'll be fooled." Mu Chao shrugged elegantly.


Yi Qiushui fixed a piercing gaze on Zhou Yuan, who neither retreated nor backed away. He just looked at her seriously.


The atmosphere was a little tense.


A worried frown crossed Yi Dong'er's little face, and she couldn't help but tug on her sister's sleeve.


Yi Qiushui finally retracted his gaze. After pondering for a moment, he nodded. "Well, I will comply with your request."


The surrounding men and women were in shock.


Mu Chao couldn't help but shouted: "Qiushui!"


Yi Qiushui did not speak again. She shook her head, showing that she had made up her mind.


When Mu Chao and the others saw this, they could only shake their heads helplessly. But the glances they sent Zhou Yuan were obviously more dissatisfied and cold than before. In their opinion, Zhou Yuan was someone who accidentally saved Dong'er but kept making greedy demands.


Zhou Yuan also didn't expect Yi Qiushui to agree, but from her eyes, he knew that she really didn't trust him.


Perhaps she only agreed because he had saved Dong'er.


"Thank you."


Zhou Yuan said no more. He nodded to Yi Qiushui before turning around and leaving.


Yi Qiushui watched Zhou Yuan leave with a calm look on his handsome face. In fact, he didn't have much confidence in Zhou Yuan; Even she did not dare to say that they could reach Xuanzhou City as long as they did not encounter Heavenly Sun stage experts along the way.


Zhou Yuan should be of a similar age to her, so on what basis could he make such a statement?


If Zhou Yuan was also from Hunyuan Heaven, Yi Qiushui would have speculated if he was another family's pride. However, Zhou Yuan was from another heaven, which meant that it was not possible.


In his opinion, there was a huge gap in strength between people from other heavens and those from Hunyuan Heaven.




Zhou Yuan's words were not credible.


Yi Qiushui sighed inwardly. It doesn't matter, I'll see it as a reward for saving Dong'er. Once we reach Xuanzhou City, I will ask you to leave and this debt will also be settled.

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