Chapter 757 Zhou Yuan takes action

In the chaotic camp, the moment Zhou Yuan suddenly appeared, the battles seemed to have stopped and everyone looked at Zhou Yuan in shock and disbelief.


In particular, Zhao Yue and Mu Chao reacted as if they had seen a ghost.


They would never have thought that when Yi Qiushui was in critical danger, the person who they had always thought of as a joke would save her.


"How is this possible?" Mu Chao couldn't help but mutter, his face paled.


Zhao Yue was equally shocked and found the scene in front of her incredibly hard to believe. But he had to believe it because he clearly witnessed Zhou Yuan forcibly receiving Xu Feng's fierce fist.


That was enough to prove that Zhou Yuan possessed extraordinary strength.


They seemed to have made a mistake in judgment… Was Zhou Yuan a hidden master?


Compared to his disbelief, Yi Qiushui, as the person directly involved, seemed much calmer. But from his pair of blinking eyes, the shock in his heart could still be seen.


When she heard Zhou Yuan's mocking laughter, her blonde cheeks blushed with embarrassment. “My vision is not good because I have not been able to recognize a teacher. I hope Brother Zhou Yuan will forgive me.”


Instead of being ashamed of being deceived, she frankly admitted her mistake and apologized.


Zhou Yuan suddenly smiled. “What teacher…? Is there a master who is shameless enough to ask for precious items?”


Yi Qiushui said seriously: "A great man does not worry about trifles."


'I've never seen you treat me like a man before.' Naturally, he did not say this out loud. After all, Yi Qiushui's attitude towards him previously was already very friendly.


As the two talked, Xu Feng finally recovered from his shock. His icy eyes locked onto Zhou Yuan as he growled, “Who dares to interfere with my business?!”


"Little trash!" Qiu Ji, on the other hand, looked at Zhou Yuan with a frown. Evidently, he recognized him as the assassin who fell from the sky and killed Qiu Yang.


“Xu Feng, kill him. Killed the young master!" Qiu Ji gave an order to Xu Feng.


Xu Feng's face was expressionless as he said, "Since you chose to block my path, you naturally will not live beyond today."


He looked at Zhou Yuan with a fierce gaze. “Boy, do you think you can play the role of a hero in front of me? You've found the wrong person to mess with!"




The three halos of the Divine Dwelling behind him vibrated violently, and a torrent of powerful Genesis Qi roared like an angry python, causing the void to tremble as it headed straight towards Zhou Yuan.


"Zhou Yuan, let's join forces!" Yi Qiushui suggested .


But Zhou Yuan remained calm and collected. He waved his sleeve and gently pushed Yi Qiushui back with a gentle force of wind. "You can stabilize the situation and leave it to me."


His body trembled as the golden Genesis Qi roared, quickly forming two Divine Dwelling halos behind him. But when people saw the halos, they were all stunned.


They discovered that the halos of Zhou Yuan's Divine Dwelling were gray without the slightest stain of color!


Even Yi Qiushui looked at him in amazement. Evidently, it was the first time he had seen the Divine Dwelling halos of someone with such an appearance. However, Zhou Yuan's strength broke out at that moment.


The intermediate stage of the Divine Dwelling.


“It turns out that you are only in the middle stage of Divine Dwelling.” Mu Chao couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief. Although Zhou Yuan's Divine Dwelling halos were incredibly strange, he was only at the middle stage of the Divine Dwelling, which was a similar level to him.


However, just as he was pondering this, the two gray halos of the Divine Dwelling behind Zhou Yuan vibrated and suddenly emitted golden Genesis Qi.




The two torrents of Genesis Qi collided.


Violent shockwaves erupted, disintegrating nearby tents into dust that then swirled into the sky. Some people nearby spurted blood and were ejected.


Mu Chao and Zhao Yue also took dozens of steps back.


Only Yi Qiushui's situation was a little better; She just took a few steps back. He looked at Zhou Yuan's figure in amazement because he discovered that, unexpectedly, he was still not at a disadvantage even after colliding with Xu Feng's Genesis Qi.


Based on his Genesis Qi base, he did not seem weaker than Xu Feng.


But how was that possible?


Even she, who was at the middle stage of Divine Dwelling and possessed eight Divine Dwellings, was weaker than Xu Feng in terms of Genesis Qi foundation.


Zhao Yue and Mu Chao had even more disbelief.


Even Xu Feng's pupils shrank quickly. This time when he looked at Zhou Yuan again, his eyes became solemn and he asked, "Who are you?"


The person before him was only at the middle stage of Divine Dwelling, but his Genesis Qi foundation was in no way weaker than his own late stage Divine Dwelling. Although he had only entered the advanced stage two months ago, he was still one level higher than Zhou Yuan.


According to Xu Feng's understanding, it was rare to find someone among the young generation of the entire Tianyuan Region who could achieve that kind of Genesis Qi foundation in the middle stage of Divine Dwelling. Furthermore, those people had to possess incredible experience.


He was worried that Zhou Yuan was one of them.


"Xu Feng, he is from another heaven!" Qiu Ji hurriedly roared the moment he recovered from the shock of Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi foundation.


He was clearly worried that Xu Feng would back down, causing his plan to fail.


"Another heaven?" Xu Feng's slightly furrowed brows slowly relaxed. This meant that Zhou Yuan was not one of those proud heavens with an important background.


"Many people have died at my hands over the years, but never a genius of your level..."


Xu Feng's eyes became fierce, vicious tendencies surging from his body. Their iron fists collided and a metallic sound echoed in everyone's ears. A black glow flashed over the surface of his body.


"Mysterious iron technique!"


In a short period of time, Xu Feng had turned into a small black giant. His body seemed to be made of black iron and was indestructible.


Mu Chao, Zhao Yue and the others couldn't help but step back when they felt the oppressive aura being released from Xu Feng's body. It was only then that they understood that the evil bandit who had rampaged through Xuanzhou for so many years was truly incredibly remarkable.


“Zhou Yuan, be careful! He cultivates body strength and his fighting ability is very strong!" Yi Qiushui quickly reminded him.


“Boy, there is still time to run away. Otherwise, it will be too late when your head is blown off.” Xu Feng's voice was full of malice and killing intent.


However, at Xu Feng's terrifying and imposing attitude, Zhou Yuan simply smiled. He twisted his neck and commented, “It seems that you have wasted all your years licking blood from swords… ”


"You have no power of discernment at all."


He slowly stepped out with his left foot and performed a hand seal with one hand.


His bones had become a little rusty after his recovery period; Therefore, he was really looking forward to his first battle in Hunyuan Heaven.


Mythical Saint Body Art!


The moment Zhou Yuan completed his seal, the blood in his body suddenly bubbled.


Yi Qiushui and the others were shocked to find that Zhou Yuan's skin was glowing with a dazzling jade light and his body was slowly releasing an astonishing and oppressive aura.


That kind of oppression made even Yi Qiushui feel his heart palpitating.


She bit her red lips as she looked at the young figure in front of her. At this moment, no doubt, he had become a bit mysterious in her eyes.


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