Chapter 758 The power of one foot



A blinding jade-colored light emerged from Zhou Yuan's body. A strong and oppressive aura rose into the air, drawing numerous shocked and terrified gazes.


The moment the Mythical Saint Body was activated, the ground began to crack and Zhou Yuan's figure transformed into a stream of light and accelerated, launching a direct offense at Xu Feng.


"Want to die?!"


Seeing this, Xu Feng simply sneered out loud. At this moment his body was dark, like a mysterious iron giant. He clenched his fist tightly and a vortex seemed to form around him, exploding the air. His fist ruthlessly swept towards Zhou Yuan with a shrill noise.


"Xu Feng, kill that boy!" Qiu Ji roared, his eyes filled with killing intent.


Although the Genesis Qi foundation that Zhou Yuan had displayed was amazing, the reason Xu Feng was able to wreak havoc on Xiaoxuan Province for so many years was clearly not only because of the Qiu family's support, but because of his own strength.


Furthermore, Xu Feng had cultivated Genesis Qi and body strength. Although he had only entered the advanced stage of Divine Dwelling for just over two months, his combat strength was not the least bit weaker than that of veteran late stage Divine Dwelling experts.


Therefore, in the eyes of many people, Zhou Yuan's attacking initiative undoubtedly called for humiliation.


“It's too reckless. Xu Feng cultivates both body strength and Genesis Qi, and his combat strength is tyrannical, how can he win against him?!" Zhao Yue couldn't help but say it, frowning.


In his opinion, since Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi foundation was not inferior to Xu Feng's, he should fight with Genesis Qi to fully exploit his advantage.


Yi Qiushui observed the battlefield carefully. "It is very likely that Zhou Yuan also cultivated body strength."


Noticing the serious look on Yi Qiushui's face, Mu Chao felt a little uncomfortable and commented indifferently, “Even if he had practiced it, it most likely couldn't compare to Xu Feng's mysterious iron technique. After all, that is a true mid-grade Heaven Genesis Technique, and the reason why Xu Feng was able to wreak havoc on Xiaoxuan Province for so long was also because of his body strength.”


Yi Qiushui did not make any comments and just chuckled. She was extraordinarily intelligent and naturally knew what Mu Chao was thinking, so she didn't say anything else.




As they spoke, Zhou Yuan's figure ran past them, and then two figures could be seen colliding in the center of the camp.


They bumped fists!




Genesis Qi shockwaves visible to the naked eye exploded, causing cracks to spread across the camp grounds like a spider web.


Countless people stared unblinkingly at the source of the shock waves.


There, the two figures' fists collided with each other, and the violent Genesis Qi raged constantly around them. The difference in size between the two was not small, and compared to Xu Feng's giant body, Zhou Yuan undoubtedly looked extremely thin and weak...


However, his thin and weak body seemed to contain extremely astonishing power, because even after that earth-shattering collision, his body did not move an inch like a rock.


As violent power bombarded his body like waves, the jade light flashed and withstood all the force.


"How is that possible?"


Xu Feng's expression changed abruptly. His attack was strengthened with both Genesis Qi and body strength, and the power was several times stronger than before, but Zhou Yuan was able to withstand this blow?!




While Xu Feng was horrified, Zhou Yuan's fist vibrated and then transformed into numerous fist shadows that filled the sky. Like a storm, his fist blasted towards Xu Feng.


Every blow was filled with tremendous power.


The void in front rippled like the surface of a lake.


"Do you think I'm afraid of you?" Zhou Yuan's terrifying offensive brought a fierce light flashing in Xu Feng's eyes. Xu Feng was a ruthless man who had always fought with his life, but he understood that if he showed the slightest timidity, he would completely lose the initiative.


So he roared and raised his black iron fist, which similarly transformed into countless fist shadows filling the sky, to meet Zhou Yuan's.




In the center of the camp, countless shadows of fists clashed and the rumbling of thunder sounded constantly.


The ground where the two were standing also began to crumble.


The entire camp was destroyed. The people on both sides had to stop their battle and retreat constantly for fear of the force impacting them.




Countless shadows of fists slammed into each other, like meteorite collisions, causing the sky and the earth to tremble.


However, along with the series of attacks, Xu Feng's complexion also became more and more ugly because he felt that no matter how he activated his powers, Zhou Yuan looked like an iron wall and was indestructible.


He couldn't believe that someone at the middle stage of Divine Dwelling could make him feel a sense of helplessness!


Furthermore, the most surprising thing was that as the collision became more and more intense, he felt that Zhou Yuan's body strength was getting stronger.


At first, Zhou Yuan's power had felt sluggish, but over time, it became stronger and more tyrannical, like a machine that was slowly being put into motion.


Naturally, he didn't know that the reason for this was because Zhou Yuan was recovering from a serious injury and was not in full control of his power.


Zhou Yuan used it as a testing stone to adapt to his body strength.


"Your attacks are starting to weaken." Amidst the collisions of countless fist shadows, Zhou Yuan chuckled.


At this moment his flesh and blood were producing heat like an oven, and a majestic power pulsed through his limbs.


“Is the advanced stage of Divine Dwelling only this strong?


“There is a world of difference between you and the advanced Divine Dwelling stage expert I had met before.” Zhou Yuan was naturally talking about Wu Yao.


When he fought against Wu Yao, he was almost crushed. Although he had now entered the middle stage of Divine Dwelling, if he were to meet Wu Yao again, he would still feel that he did not have much chance of winning.


The reason is that a proud genius like Wu Yao was also able to defeat experts of higher levels.


Furthermore, Wu Yao was also improving while he himself was improving.


"Since you want to die, I will fulfill your wish!"


Xu Feng was enraged by Zhou Yuan's indifference and mockery. A scarlet red color appeared in his eyes, and then his feet stomped and a huge figure rose into the sky.


"Iron Rhino Earthquake Technique!"


Jets of blood gushed out from Xu Feng's pores, directly staining his body red, and he burst out with a stream of devilish Qi.




The roar of a giant rhinoceros echoed in the sky. Faintly, it seemed to be forming a giant rhinoceros shadow, and then smashed down with a destructive force.


The ground below suddenly collapsed.


The expressions of Yi Qiushui, Zhao Yue, Mu Chao and the others changed greatly. Xu Feng was obviously forced by Zhou Yuan to use all the strength he had.


There was no doubt that he was also taking a risk.




Seeing the violent power descending from the sky, Zhou Yuan's eyes narrowed slightly. At that moment, the roaring Genesis Qi formed the shadow of a giant rhinoceros, enveloping Xu Feng's body.


When that power struck, the surrounding forest would be razed to the ground.


"The advanced stage of Divine Dwelling is not bad."


Zhou Yuan muttered to himself, but there was no trace of fear in his eyes. Instead, he seemed excited. He quickly performed a one-handed hand seal at lightning speed.


The powerful Genesis Qi between heaven and earth came roaring.


Genesis Qi gathered and quickly formed mysterious wings of light around his body.


Omega Holy Spirit Art!


Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes as he watched the giant rhinoceros shadow being crushed. The next moment, he flapped his wings, his body spun like a top, and his right foot lashed out like a whip.




White hairs quickly emerged and covered his feet before turning a dark color.


Break Genesis!


The shadow of the giant rhinoceros came roaring closer.


Metalic sound!


Zhou Yuan's leg slid through the air, surprising everyone, and collided with the shadow of the giant rhinoceros.




An indescribable storm of terror broke out.


Whether it was Yi Qiushui, Qiu Ji, or the others, they were attacked and a look of horror crossed their faces.


But as they retreated, their eyes were fixed on the collision site. They knew that the outcome of the battle between the two would be decided after the collision.


“How dare you challenge Xu Feng?! You really don't know the immensity of heaven and earth!" Qiu Ji thundered.




However, the moment his voice faded, countless exclamations of shock and disbelief sounded around the camp, and Qiu Ji's pupils suddenly shrank.


He was horrified to see that the giant rhino's shadow had only lasted a few seconds before exploding as Zhou Yuan's leg passed it.


A look of horror and fear crossed Xu Feng's face.


He didn't expect Zhou Yuan's attack to be so terrifying!




The dark leg shadow shattered the giant rhinoceros shadow and directly trampled on Xu Feng's body.


The power of that foot was enough to crush a mountain.




A mouthful of blood gushed out of Xu Feng's mouth, and his body was thrown thousands of feet across the night sky, then crashed into a mountain wall. As the mountain collapsed, rocks rolled down and buried him directly. It was unknown if he was alive or dead.


At that moment, the dust and smoke dissipated from the chaotic camp, and only Zhou Yuan was left standing in the air. The dark hairs that covered his feet also gradually faded…


A dead silence fell over the camp.


At that moment, no matter whether it was Yi Qiushui, Zhao Yue, Mu Chao, or Qiu Ji, they all felt their scalps go numb when they saw the young figure in the center of the camp.


With just the strength of the intermediate Divine Dwelling stage, he had killed an advanced Divine Dwelling stage expert with a single kick…


What kind of monster was he?!

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