Chapter 760 Chi Jing

"It should take us less than half a day to reach Xuanzhou City."


In the spacious carriage, Yi Qiushui's eyes shifted to Zhou Yuan as he spoke softly, with well-disguised relief in his voice. It was obvious that this trip put a lot of pressure on her.


Next to Yi Qiushui sat Yi Dong'er, who was holding her hand. She stared unblinkingly at Zhou Yuan with her huge eyes wide with admiration. He had also heard about the big battle that happened last night.


Zhou Yuan nodded. He also felt a little uncomfortable sitting in the carriage. Even Mu Zhao had never received such treatment before.


“We really have to thank Brother Zhou Yuan. Our Yi clan will not forget this.” Yi Qiushui smiled.


"I was just paid to fix a problem." Zhou Yuan shook his head and refused to take credit. If he hadn't been lucky enough to meet the Yi clan sisters, his situation would have been much worse.


If he were a little unlucky, it was really possible that the Genesis beasts in the wild would have swallowed him alive.


"Miss Yi..."


"If Brother Zhou doesn't mind, you can call me Qiushui." Yi Qiushui picked up a teapot with her beautiful little hand and elegantly served Zhou Yuan a cup of fragrant tea.


"Of course, if Brother Zhou feels that I have been unkind to you before and is unhappy about it, I can apologize."


Zhou Yuan scratched his head awkwardly. He had realized that Yi Qiushui was indeed not a simple person and could send whatever he wanted to say to his stomach with just a few words. It was no wonder that Qiu Ji said that Yi Qiushui played a very important role in stabilizing Xiaoxuan Province so quickly for the Yi clan.


And Zhou Yuan also understood that Yi Qiushui's attitude towards him had changed drastically. The main reason was because the strength he had shown had been recognized.


However, he did not feel that Yi Qiushui acted pragmatically. No one in the world would act nice for no reason, not to mention that he and Yi Qiushui had just met.


But Zhou Yuan didn't think too much about it. He smiled and nodded. "Okay, Qiushui."


Yi Qiushui intended to befriend him, just as Zhou Yuan also thought he was a person worth being friends with. Also, it would be nice to meet a trusted friend.


Yi Qiushui smiled slightly. Her beautiful eyes and face looked more stunning than usual. It was obvious that he was in a very good mood because he knew that from Zhou Yuan's tone of voice, they had become friends.


He was very curious about Zhou Yuan, a person who had come from another heaven and had displayed incredible talent.


“Qiushui… I recently arrived in the Tianyuan region and I have no knowledge of the situation here. I was hoping you could tell me in case I offend people that I shouldn't do it.” Zhou Yuan smiled calmly.


After promoting his relationship with Yi Qiushui, he was able to come to understand the current situation in the Tianyuan Region from her, which was also his purpose of finding her today. He needed to come up with a plan before arriving in Xuanzhou City.


Yi Qiushui was not surprised. After all, Zhou Yuan was from another heaven and had arrived in an unknown place. The most important task for him was naturally to figure out the distribution of forces here.


“The Tianyuan Region was created by the Supreme Sovereign Cang Yuan. This, you probably already know…” Yi Qiushui revealed a reverent expression on his handsome face when he mentioned Supreme Sovereign Cang Yuan.


“Unfortunately, Lord Cang Yuan left Hunyuan Heaven many years ago, and there has still been no news about him even until now. There are even rumors that he has passed away…” Yi Qiushui sighed. His disappearance was the main reason for the turbulence of all these years.


"Since Lord Cang Yuan has been missing for many years, who is currently in charge of the Tianyuan Region?" Zhou Yuan asked.


“Under Lord Cang Yuan is the Founding Members Court, and when the supreme sovereign is not present, the Founding Members Court will oversee the Tianyuan Region. There are currently five seats on the Court of Founding Members.”


“Under the Founding Members Court is a group of elders, and then below them are the 900 prefectures of the Tianyuan region. Each prefecture has its own Prefecture Lord, and our Xiaoxuan Province is one of the prefectures."


"Nine hundred prefectures?" Zhou Yuan exclaimed. Were there 900 prefectures similar to Xiaoxuan Province in the Tianyuan Region? Isn't the Tianyuan Region too vast?


According to his estimation, the power of a single region could probably compete with the entire Cangxuan Heaven. Furthermore, there were eight other huge and monstrous regions similar to the Tianyuan region in Hunyuan Heaven!


Given his strength, it is no wonder that he was the strongest heaven. It was no surprise that it could become the main camp that fought against the sacred race.


Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes in deep thought and asked again a moment later, “Who are the five seats in the Court of Founding Members?”


Yi Qiushui spread his slender fingers and counted one by one: “The Heavenly Spirit Sect, the White Clan, the Profound Crystal Clan, and the Wood Clan… these four great factions founded the Tianyuan Region with the supreme ruler Cang Yuan. They all have deep backgrounds and foundations, and the bloodlines of the three clans originated from saint experts. Although these saints have already fallen, their bloodlines are still as extraordinary as before."


Zhou Yuan's eyes lit up. Had there been Saint experts in the White clan, the Profound Crystal clan, and the Wood clan in the past? This was truly remarkable. After all, in the entire Cangxuan Heaven, Patriarch Cangxuan was the only saint expert who had appeared!


"Who is the last?"


"The last one is Lord Chi Jing." Yi Qiushui smiled. When he mentioned Lord Chi Jing, there was evidently a reverent expression on his face.


"Chi Jing?" Zhou Yuan was a little surprised because this was the only one of the five founding members with his own name.


From Zhou Yuan's expression, Yi Qiushui knew what he was thinking and she laughed immediately. “Lord Chi Jing does not need the backing of any faction because his master is Supreme Sovereign Cang Yuan. "She is one of Lord Cang Yuan's two disciples."


When talking about Chi Jing, Zhou Yuan could see the longing and respect on Yi Qiushui's stunning face.


Zhou Yuan's eyes also flickered with a glimmer of excitement because his question had touched on a key point!


But then he felt something was wrong and couldn't help asking: “She? Is this great disciple of Lord Cang Yuan a woman? ”


Didn't Master Cang Yuan say that he only had two older brothers?


Yi Qiushui cast an annoyed look at Zhou Yuan. “So what if it's a woman? “Do you look down on women?”


It must be said that all the girls in the entire Tianyuan region worshiped Chi Jing and saw her as their target, including her, Yi Qiushui!


Zhou Yuan looked puzzled. What was this?


Was he not an older brother but an older sister?

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