Chapter 761 Divine Dwelling List

"Chi Jing..."


Zhou Yuan spoke the name, somewhat bewildered. It was the name of a woman. In other words, she should be an older sister, right?


He shook his head in puzzlement and couldn't understand why Master Cang Yuan didn't tell him clearly. But this was just a trivial matter.


“Doesn't Supreme Sovereign Cang Yuan have two disciples? Why is there only one person on the list of the Founding Member Court?" Zhou Yuan continued to ask.


"Yes. Lady Chi Jing is the second disciple of Lord Cang Yuan. The senior disciple is Zhuan Zhu, and the seat in the Court of Founding Members should have belonged to Lord Zhuan Zhu, but he decided to isolate himself after the disappearance of Supreme Sovereign Cang Yuan. Yuan. It was said that he wanted to challenge the Saint stage, but there has been no news of him in all these years. Therefore, according to the rules, Lady Chi Jing replaced his position,” Yi Qiushui explained.


'So my eldest big brother is called Zhuan Zhu.' Zhou Yuan nodded, breathing a sigh of relief. He finally resolved the situation of his older brother and older sister.


Not only that, from Yi Qiushui's statement, he was able to estimate the strength of his elder brother and elder sister.


The fact that Senior Brother Zhuan Zhu could attack the Saint stage was enough to suggest that he had greatly succeeded at the Law Domain stage and that he should be similar in strength to Sect Master Qing Yang, or perhaps even a little stronger...


There might be a gap between him and his older sister Chi Jing, but the difference certainly wouldn't be too much.


Zhou Yuan couldn't help but gasp at such force. It should be said that someone with the strength of the Cangxuan Heaven Law Domain stage could establish a major sect equal to top forces such as the Cangxuan Sect and the Holy Palace.


As thoughts ran through Zhou Yuan's head, Yi Qiushui sighed softly: "But Supreme Sovereign Cang Yuan has been missing for many years and has had a great impact on the Tianyuan Region."


"Oh? What's the impact?" Zhou Yuan asked.


“Hunyuan Heaven is roughly divided into nine regions, but there are many disputes and conflicts in these nine regions. “Over the years, due to the disappearance of Supreme Sovereign Cang Yuan, along with rumors of his death, the larger regions inevitably tried to stir up trouble and tried to cut some meat on the Tianyuan Region.”


“And these are just external factors. “There is even more internal chaos in the Tianyuan region.”


“There are serious differences between the five seats of the Court of Founding Members. The Heavenly Spirit Sect, the White clan, and the Profound Crystal clan have joined forces, and they currently have a powerful voice. Without a doubt, they have become the temporary ruler of the Tianyuan Region. On the other hand, Lady Chi Jing has joined the Wood Clan and is constantly in conflict with them.”


“The disputes and conflicts have spread to the 900 prefectures of Tianyuan. After all, these 900 prefectures are the foundation of Tianyuan heaven, and only when these prefectures are controlled will they have a lot of resources to use. Therefore, to occupy the position of Lord of the Prefecture, all these years there have been constant conflicts between the two sides. “It has made the Tianyuan region increasingly chaotic.”


Yi Qiushui smiled bitterly. “I must say that without Supreme Sovereign Cang Yuan, the Tianyuan Region would probably deteriorate. "It may even split and lose its position as one of the nine great regions."


Zhou Yuan's face became solemn. As his master Cang Yuan had predicted, the Tianyuan region had inevitably changed after his disappearance.


He felt a headache coming on. To obtain the Ancestral Dragon Lamp, he needed to use the strength of the Tianyuan Region; Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to touch that kind of sacred treasure with his power alone.


Furthermore, if he wanted to take advantage of the Tianyuan Region's strength, the two sides must have at least a very strong relationship. If Chi Jing was in power, cooperation should not be too difficult, given that they had the relationship of elder sister and younger brother and this was Master Cang Yuan's order.


But it was difficult to predict what the Heavenly Spirit Sect, the White clan, and the Profound Crystal clan were thinking. Zhou Yuan did not dare to cooperate with them.


Of course, the most important thing was that the Ancestral Dragon Lantern was controlled by the nine regions in turn. If the Tianyuan Region lost its status as one of the nine great regions due to unrest, it would also lose the right to possess the Ancestral Dragon Lantern.


Without the identity of one of the nine great regions, let alone him, it was very likely that even his elder sister, Chi Jing, would not be able to ask the other eight great regions to give him face. After all, they currently did not have their supreme sovereign with them.


“This is really troublesome…” Zhou Yuan muttered.


Of course, it was also very easy to solve this. As long as Master Cang Yuan showed his face, presumably all the confusion would stop. But it was impossible for Master Cang Yuan to appear since the other supreme sovereigns would find him and have him hand over Yaoyao.


Zhou Yuan's eyes flickered. It seemed that no matter what he should first meet with his older sister Chi Jing to determine the other's identity.


But… this matter was not that easy either, because Master Cang Yuan had told him not to let the outside world know about his identity as his third disciple, as it would attract the attention of the other supreme sovereigns if such a fact were possible. be exposed.


He couldn't reveal his identity to the outside world, so how could he know Chi Jing?


She was one of the tall and powerful figures of the Tianyuan Region. How could he, a small Divine Dwelling expert, have the qualification to meet with her…?


"Brother Zhou Yuan, what are your plans?" Yi Qiushui asked.


Zhou Yuan smiled bitterly, shaking his head. "I really don't have anything on my mind."


“Since you have helped me this time, the Qiu clan will certainly see you as a thorn in their eyes. In these few days, I don’t recommend you go out alone,” Yi Qiushui advised.


If it were before, Yi Qiushui might not have been too persistent in holding Zhou Yuan back, but he had saved them and shown amazing strength, so he naturally did not want Zhou Yuan to risk his life and leave.


Zhou Yuan pondered for a moment, but did not reject Yi Qiushui's good intentions. Although he had recovered his strength, he also understood that the Qiu clan had Heavenly Sun stage experts. Since he had killed Qiu Yang and ruined the Qiu clan's plan, the Qiu clan had to hate him to the core. Therefore, it would not be a good choice for him to leave the Yi clan.


“You can stay at the Yi clan residence for now until my Yi clan calms down first. If I can take the position of Prefecture Lord, then I can go to Tianyuan Palace to meet Lady Chi Jing. If you want to stay in the Tianyuan Region, I can take that opportunity to seek a position for you here,” Yi Qiushui offered with the best of intentions.


Zhou Yuan's heart jumped. “Can you meet… Lady Chi Jing?”


Yi Qiushui smiled slightly. “Our Yi clan is originally under the command of Lady Chi Jing. Its no a secret".


He was not surprised by Zhou Yuan's surprise. After all, Lady Chi Jing was one of the rulers of the Tianyuan region. She possessed extraordinary status and was considered an important and powerful figure in Hunyuan Heaven.


A feeling of joyful surprise arose in Zhou Yuan's heart. This was really unexpected. He couldn't believe that he would get such a harvest through an accident.


"So, I have to ask Qiushui to take care of me," Zhou Yuan laughed.


Yi Qiushui shook his head and said, “With your talent, as long as you reach the advanced stage of Divine Dwelling, you will certainly be ranked on the Hunyuan Heaven Divine Dwelling List. At that time, even Lady Chi Jing will pay attention to you.”


“After all, there are only a few dozen people on that list in the entire Tianyuan region.”


"The Divine Dwelling List?" Zhou Yuan seemed somewhat interested in this. He was not interested in the list, but he wanted to know the strength of a Divine Dwelling expert in Hunyuan Heaven.


Yi Qiushui nodded with a slight smile. “In Hunyuan Heaven, there is a ranking list at each cultivation level, such as the Divine Dwelling List, the Heavenly Sun List, and the Nascent Source List.”


“Anyone who can be ranked on the list is one of the strongest people of that cultivation level. In other words, they are true talents with infinite potential.”


“Of course, almost all of the younger generations are on the Divine Dwelling List, while on the Heavenly Sun List and the Rising Source List are the people of the older generation…”


As he spoke, a golden scroll appeared from Yi Qiushui's hand. He handed it to Zhou Yuan and said, “This is the latest Divine Dwelling List.”


Zhou Yuan unfolded it curiously, and suddenly, a golden light overflowed, revealing three ancient golden characters.


"Divine Dwelling List."


Zhou Yuan scanned the list with his gaze. Several impressive names appeared in his eyes.


"First place on the Divine Dwelling List: Zhao Mushen of the Wanzu Region."


"Second place on the Divine Dwelling List: Wu Yao of the Wushen Region."


Zhou Yuan's gaze stopped at Wu Yao's name. I wasn't too surprised by his ranking. From their previous battle, it was obvious that Wu Yao was indeed a heavenly pride.


He shook his head and continued reading.


However, when he saw that the name was ranked third on the list, he couldn't help but rub his eyes in disbelief. Emotion surged in his heart like a tide.


This was due to the third column...


"Third place on the Divine Dwelling List: Su Youwei of the Zixiao Region."


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