Chapter 762 Arriving at Xuanzhou City



Zhou Yuan stared at the third-ranked name on the Divine Dwelling List and fell into a trance for a long while.


A few years ago, Zhou Yuan was just a Heavenly Gate stage youth who had just left the Great Zhou Empire. He just wanted to find a way to fight King Wu.


That was also when Su Youwei was separated from him and taken away by a mysterious old man.


Since then, the two had never seen each other again.


It was only later that Zhou Yuan learned that she had gone to Hunyuan Heaven and, apart from being upset, he could only wish her good luck.


“I didn't expect the thin and weak girl back then to achieve such a status and position in Hunyuan Heaven…” Zhou Yuan sighed, his eyes filled with tears of nostalgia. The first time she saw Su Youwei, the girl was covered in mud. She was dragging her seriously ill grandfather in the heavy rain and knelt in front of a medicine store, crying heartbreakingly for help.


The girl was from an insignificant background. She, like a little plant in the crevices of the desert rocks, grew tenaciously with many difficulties and eventually blossomed with a brilliance that belonged only to her.


From Su Youwei, Zhou Yuan could see a strength that even he could not compare with. Therefore, Zhou Yuan was not surprised by his achievements.


"Youwei, congratulations..."


Zhou Yuan smiled inwardly as if he could hear the girl's voice calling 'Your Highness, Your Highness' constantly ringing in his ears.


However, after so many years, the girl was no longer the same. In terms of status, he was far superior to the prince of a small empire.


He also wondered if things would stay the same if they met again.


Given his current status, it was likely that no one would let her call him Your Highness, right?


"What, have you heard of Su Youwei from the Zixiao region before?" Yi Qiushui asked in puzzlement, seeing that Zhou Yuan's gaze had been fixed on Su Youwei's name for some time.


Zhou Yuan slowly retracted his gaze, laughing, “How could…? I just think that the women of Hunyuan Heaven are really powerful. "There are two women ranked in the top three."


“Wu Yao from Wushen Region and Su Youwei from Zixiao Region are indeed the top talents of Hunyuan Heaven. Even the supreme sovereigns of the two domains attach great importance to them. “His achievements are limitless.”


“But talking about them, it's very interesting. Su Youwei is said to be very gentle and calm, but when she sees Wu Yao, it is as if she transformed into another person. “A battle always breaks out.”


“It feels like there is a deep enmity between the two.”


“It is said that even Wu Yao was quite confused about this and couldn't understand why Su Youwei would be so hostile towards her for no reason. The elders of the Zixiao region have also talked to Su Youwei about this, but it was of little use. The gentle girl was incredibly stubborn about this.”


(NT: I love Youwei, I want her to be my little sister :v)


“The elders of the Zixiao region finally stopped getting involved. Perhaps, in his opinion, it was good that two outstanding talents competed against each other.”


Yi Qiushui covered her mouth and smiled. “So now, the place where Wu Yao and Su Youwei appear at the same time will immediately attract countless attention. Of course, they are also considered the most stunning girls in Hunyuan Heaven, whether in beauty or talent. It is unknown how many people admire them…”


"Thanks to them, many notable talents in Hunyuan Heaven have split into the Wu Yao Party and the Youwei Party."


Even Yi Qiushui, a great beauty, was envious of them. But he also had to admit that Wu Yao and Su Youwei were indeed the two brightest pearls of Hunyuan Heaven's younger generation.


Zhou Yuan couldn't help but scratch his head when he heard this. Others might find Su Youwei's extreme hostility toward Wu Yao inexplicable, but he had a vague idea.


Su Youwei had spent many years in the Great Wu and of course knew of his feud with the Great Wu and the existence of Wu Huang and Wu Yao…


Could it be that Su Youwei was against Wu Yao because of him?


However, Zhou Yuan obviously did not dare to confirm whether this was true or not. After all, it would be quite embarrassing if it weren't so.


Time and environment were enough to change many things. He also couldn't tell if Su Youwei was still the same as before.


Back then, he had also admired and adored Zhou Yuan, but his worldview had expanded greatly after arriving at Hunyuan Heaven and then the Zixiao region. She might even feel a little ridiculous when she thought about the past.


As the thoughts ran through his mind, he smiled slightly. "Maybe it's because they're both so exceptional."


Yi Qiushui nodded. That was a possibility. Once someone reaches such a remarkable level, they may not be very easy to get along with.


Zhou Yuan continued scanning the list. He discovered that the rankers on the list were at least at the advanced Divine Dwelling stage and had established at least eight Divine Dwellings in the heavens.


He couldn't help but exclaim that Hunyuan Heaven deserved to be the strongest heaven. After all, there were probably less than a handful of people in Cangxuan Heaven who could open eight Divine Houses.


“The rankings of the Divine Dwelling List are not absolute as most of it is based on fame, so there is no need to really consider it as a rule of thumb.”


"People ranked in the top ten are not easy to deal with and have many trump cards, but if it is not a life and death battle, who would know who is better than who?"


"At least in my opinion, Wu Yao and Su Youwei are not weaker than Zhao Mushen who is ranked first," Yi Qiushui said with a smile as he put away the list.


Zhou Yuan nodded. In fact, only a life and death battle could truly distinguish who was stronger. The so-called ranking was more of a simple reference.


“Zhou Yuan, keep fighting. When she enters the advanced stage of Divine Dwelling, her name will certainly be on the Divine Dwelling List.” Yi Qiushui made a happy gesture towards Zhou Yuan. The cute action made her look even more sweet and charming.


"I hope what you say comes true." Zhou Yuan smiled indifferently. He didn't care much about whether or not he could be on the so-called Divine Housing List.


He only had two goals. One was to improve his strength and the other was to find a chance to obtain the Ancestral Dragon Lantern. Of course, if there was a chance, he also had to recover the two Sacred Dragon Qi within Wu Yao.


"Miss, we are in Xuanzhou City," Zhao Yue's voice sounded from outside.


Yi Qiushui got off the carriage with Zhou Yuan.


Zhou Yuan looked into the distance only to see that there was a tremendous city on the horizon.


And as he gradually approached the city, his eyes suddenly narrowed. His skin tightened and his eyes stared at the city walls.


Three figures stood with their hands clasped behind their backs. His cold and stern eyes were like swords, boring into them from afar.


Majestic and powerful Genesis Qi was being emitted from their bodies.


They were unexpectedly three Heavenly Sun stage experts!


The clothes on them were exactly the same as Qiu Ji's!


Members of the Qiu clan!


It was at this moment that the middle-aged man in the middle fixed a cold gaze on Zhou Yuan, and a voice filled with murderous intent resounded.


"Yi Qiushui, hand over the bastard who killed my son!"


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