Chapter 763 The Qiu Clan

On the walls of Xuanzhou City stood three Heavenly Sun stage experts. Powerful Genesis Qi raged around him, causing the air to tremble slightly.


Yi Qiushui's beautiful eyes also swept towards the three figures. His impressive face froze for a moment before he said, “So it is the head of the Qiu clan, Qiu Long. "I, with a humble status, am not worth enough for Patriarch Qiu Long to come out to welcome me."


Among the three Heavenly Sun experts, a tall and burly middle-aged man cast an oppressive gaze at Yi Qiushui. “Niece Qiushui is thinking too much. "I didn't come for you, but for the bastard who killed my son!"


His sinister eyes continued to stare at Zhou Yuan next to Yi Qiushui. "Hand over that person and I will let you enter the city."


It was evident that he had already heard Qiu Ji's entire story and knew that it was Zhou Yuan who had suddenly emerged and ruined the Qiu clan's plan.


Yi Qiushui sneered, "Do I need Patriarch Qiu Long's permission to enter the city?"


“Niece Qiushui, the Yi and Qiu clan's relationship is not bad. When your father was away, my Qiu clan tried their best to cooperate. I hope you don’t let a stranger ruin the relationship between our two families,” Qiu Long deadpanned.


Yi Qiushui commented coldly, “Speaking of this, I have to thank your Qiu clan for the protection along the way.”


When he said the word protection, the corners of his mouth curled up into a sarcastic smile.


“Qiu Ji and the others had no other intention and only wanted to capture the trash that killed Qiu Yang. If you had handed it over, naturally there would be no misunderstanding,” Qiu Long said.


Before waiting for Yi Qiushui to respond, he shifted his gaze to Zhou Yuan. “Boy, kneel down and wait to be captured, then maybe I can let you die painlessly.”


“You killed my son. No one else can protect you!”


Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes. “Although it is my first time here, I did not expect to see a Heavenly Sun expert speak big. Is it because I have never seen the world, or you have never seen the world?"


Although Heavenly Sun stage experts were strong, Zhou Yuan had experienced a holy battle. Compared to an existence like Sheng Yuan, the Qui clan head was like a rich country man, and Sheng Yuan was like the emperor of a kingdom.


“The Heavenly Sun stage may not count for much, but it can still easily squeeze a little trash like you to death.” A malicious gleam flashed in Qiu Long's eyes. "Niece Qiushui, are you really not planning to hand it over?"


Zhou Yuan could hear the suppressed killing intent in Qiu Long's voice. Zhou Yuan's face was calm, but his body was tense, and he had unknowingly taken another two steps back.


He did not have absolute trust in Yi Qiushui. So if she showed the slightest hesitation, he would turn around and run away.


Although he couldn't win against a Heavenly Sun stage expert, he was confident in escaping.


When facing a Heavenly Sun expert at the Divine Dwelling stage, he believed that escaping was not shameful, and being able to flee was actually a mark of one's capabilities.


However, what made Zhou Yuan breathe a sigh of relief was that Yi Qiushui did not respond. Instead, she coldly looked at Qiu Long with her beautiful eyes. His intention was already evident.


"Since Niece Qiushui has already been deceived, I have to act myself!"




As Qiu Long's icy voice faded, powerful Genesis Qi suddenly surged from his body. It was at that moment that a bright and enormous sun rose a hundred meters behind him.


That dazzling sun was formed from the purest Genesis Qi in the universe, and when it appeared, a terrifying Genesis Qi energy covered the sky.


Under that kind of oppressive pressure, Yi Qiushui suddenly felt his body sinking, as if a huge mountain was pressing down.




Qiu Long pushed his palm outwards, causing the Genesis Qi of the universe to pass by and transform into a gigantic Genesis Qi palm over thousands of feet tall. It crashed directly into Zhou Yuan's direction.


The gigantic palm of Genesis Qi was as bright as crystal. It was obvious that he had compressed Genesis Qi to a very terrifying level. A Heavenly Sun expert’s Genesis Qi control was indeed far superior to that of a Divine Dwelling expert.


Qiu Long did not deliberately avoid Yi Qiushui. Although he did not dare to kill her directly in public, he was very happy to make her suffer.


Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes, looking at the giant palm of Genesis Qi at full speed. He was about to retreat frantically when he heard Yi Qiushui say softly, "Don't worry."


His eyes flashed and he stopped, but the Genesis Qi in his body pulsed like a torrent, ready to burst out.


The giant crystal-like palm, with infinite power, crashed down like a mountain.


However, just when that giant palm was only ten feet away from Zhou Yuan and Yi Qiushui, an old and indifferent voice echoed throughout the world, "Qiu Long, you are so powerful and respected, but you came to the city gate?" to bully a child from our Yi clan?


Along with the old voice was a scarlet red arc that spanned the world. There were flames coming out of the scarlet arch, and the temperature of the entire world seemed to rise.




The scarlet bow directly collided with that giant crystal-like palm. The void trembled violently, and both of them bloomed like fireworks before finally dissipating under the violent gusts of wind.


Zhou Yuan raised his head to see two figures standing tall in the air.


In front was an old man with black and white hair. He looked energetic but cold, and next to him was a middle-aged man. Both of them exuded a tremendously powerful Genesis Qi that was not in the least bit weaker than Qiu Long.


They were the Heavenly Sun stage elders of the Qiu clan.


At the same time, numerous silhouettes appeared on the city wall.


The people of Xuanzhou City finally noticed the movement at the city gate.


However, no one tried to intervene or calm things down. The atmosphere in Xuanzhou City was very strange. The position of Prefecture Lord had been vacant since the head of the Yi clan had died in the Thousand Beast Mountain Range. Both the Qiu and Yi families had called all their friends, causing all kinds of open and secret fights, which made the situation in Xuanzhou City extremely lively.


Qiu Long wrinkled his eyebrows when he saw the black and white haired old man. That old man from the Yi clan arrived very quickly.


“So it is Senior Qianji.”


“I already said that I am not targeting niece Qiushui and that I have come for the beast that killed my son. My son died tragically. Should the Yi clan intervene in my revenge?”


Yi Qiushui's beautiful eyes turned icy cold. "Qiu Yang tried to kidnap Dong'er, so he brought it to her himself!"


“Nonsense, niece Qiushui. "Don't think that because my son is dead, you can tarnish his name like that."


He glanced at Yi Qianji in the air and said indifferently, “Elder Qianji, I am also very upset because Prefecture Lord Yi died in the Thousand Beast Mountain Range. These days, my Qiu clan has done everything possible to stabilize Xuanzhou City, and there has been no problem so far. Has my Qiu clan not already given the Yi clan enough face?”


“If your Yi clan wants my son to die tragically because of an irrelevant person, that means you despise us and think your clan is superior. Even though your Yi clan has a stronger background than our Qiu clan, we will not let you trample on us like this.”


"If the Yi clan does not hand over that person, my Qiu clan will have no choice but to fight your Yi clan."


Qiu Long's voice rang throughout the city, reaching the ears of all the forces in Xuanzhou City, and immediately sent a chill down the spines of many experts.


The Yi clan and the Qiu clan had been competing for the position of Prefecture Lord of Xiaoxuan Prefecture during this period of time, but in the end they had not completely torn each other apart. Many people knew that this was because the Qiu clan lacked the means and reason to compete for the Prefectural Lord.


But now, the death of a son of the Qiu clan was the best excuse for Qiu Long to rebel unless the Yi clan handed over Qiu Yang's murderer and thus eased the situation.


Standing in the air, Yi Qianji wrinkled his eyebrows, understanding Qiu Long's intention. He faced a difficult choice. He knew that if they refused to listen to Qiu Long, a battle would really break out between the Yi clan and the Qiu clan.


But their Yi clan was not fully prepared for this.


While Yi Qianji was in deep thought, Yi Qiushui slowly stepped forward under countless watchful gazes. He looked directly at Qiu Long with his bright eyes, and his soft and resolute voice echoed throughout the city.


“Do you really think I don't know what your Qiu clan is planning? No matter how your Qiu clan wants to fight, I will represent the Yi clan to accept it!”


"But, if you want me to hand over a person, no way!"

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