Chapter 766 Taking Advantage

The room became completely silent.


Everyone was looking with remarkable expressions at the sheet of paper on the table. It was obvious that they were stunned by Zhou Yuan's action. No one thought it would be so direct.


It turned out that he acted indifferently and didn't want to get involved because there was no benefit for him?


As the saying goes, you don't act without some incentive.


Even when facing so many gazes, Zhou Yuan's expression did not change in the slightest. He was not close to the Yi clan, so if they wanted him to help them, they naturally had to pay a good price.


How could there be any reason not to pay?


The materials on the sheet of paper were what he needed to evolve into the second stage of the Ancestral Dragon Scripture.


Since Zhou Yuan had recovered his strength, his priority right now was to evolve the Genesis Qi in his body into grade seven Heavenly Serpent Qi.


Once his Genesis Qi evolved, his strength would also skyrocket.


However, the materials needed for the evolution of Genesis Qi were incredibly rare. Now that Zhou Yuan did not have the support of the Cangxuan Sect and could be said to be a loner, it was unknown how much time and effort he would need to expend to gather everything necessary. Therefore, since the Yi clan had something to ask of him, he needed to seize the opportunity.


The silence lasted a long time.


Yi Qianji, who was sitting next to Yi Qiushui, suddenly reached out to grab the piece of paper from a distance and studied it carefully.


His eyelids trembled when he finished reading; some of the materials written on it were of considerable value.


But he didn't say much, and simply passed the paper around for the other Yi clan members to see.


Finally, the note arrived in Yi Qiushui's hand.


"Haha, little friend, your price is not low at all." Sitting below Yi Qianji was another Heavenly Sun expert from the Yi clan. He forced a smile on his face.


“The total value of these materials is more than enough to invite a famous advanced expert in the Divine Dwelling stage.” Liu Ming couldn't help but sneer, and looked angrily at Zhou Yuan.


“You are only in the middle stage of Divine Dwelling. Why do you think you deserve this price?"


Liu Tianying did not stop him from speaking because he also felt that the young man in front of him was excessively arrogant.


A mid-stage Divine Dwelling expert was not worth that price even if he had defeated Xu Feng.


If it weren't for Yi Qiushui's unexpected suggestion, they wouldn't have thought of giving Zhou Yuan one of the Yi clan's external assistance places and making him participate in the battle. In his opinion, he was simply not strong enough.


But in the end, the boy they looked down on made unreasonable demands and tried to take advantage of the Yi clan.


If the matter of the Yi clan inviting a mid-Divine Dwelling stage expert at such a high cost spread, the Yi clan would probably become a joke and cause outsiders to think that the Yi clan was in a desperate situation and I would try anything.


The other Yi clansmen whispered to each other as they looked at Zhou Yuan with cold and unkind gazes.


However, Zhou Yuan still remained indifferent. He responded with a smile. "You get what you pay for."


Everyone was so angry that they found it ridiculous too. This guy is really shameless!


Aren't you simply in the middle stage of Divine Dwelling?


Sitting in the main seat, Yi Qiushui, who had not said a word, tapped the table with her slender fingers and made a noise that caused the hall to immediately fall silent.


It was obvious that Yi Qiushui was highly respected in the Yi clan.


This can be seen from the fact that Yi Qianji and another Heavenly Sun expert from the Yi clan had never refuted her. Of course, this was also naturally related to the fact that his grandfather held an important elder position in the Tianyuan Region.


Yi Qiushui's clear eyes were fixed on Zhou Yuan as she remarked, "Brother Zhou, your price is really not low."


Zhou Yuan let out a long sigh. He certainly knew that the materials he needed were incredibly valuable. If the Yi clan were not short of people, even if he recommended himself, they would have simply ignored him.


But I had no choice. Without those materials, it would be difficult for his Ancestral Dragon Scripture to enter the second realm.


He frowned and hesitated whether to remove some materials.


However, just as he was about to speak, Yi Qiushiu's soft voice rang out once again, "But those materials... my Yi clan can still afford to pay that price."


Zhou Yuan's face lit up in surprise.


The other Yi clan people wanted to stop her by exclaiming their disagreement, but Yi Qiushiu stopped them from speaking.


He looked intently at Zhou Yuan and said, “As long as Brother Zhou can ensure that my clan will not lose in the Prefecture Lord battle, I will not only reward you with these materials, but I will also add one hundred high-grade Divine Dwelling Medicines. ” As a reward".


When this statement came out, not only the Yi clan people exclaimed loudly, even Zhou Yuan was shocked.


One hundred high-grade Divine Dwelling medicines!


Zhou Yuan had originally stored more than a hundred Divine Dwelling medicines, but they were all low-grade and had shattered into pieces in the spatial turbulence.


One hundred high-grade Divine Dwelling medicines were equivalent to five hundred low-grade Divine Dwelling medicines. This reward could be considered incredibly generous for a Divine Dwelling expert.


With those Divine Dwelling medicines as training resources, Zhou Yuan's cultivation speed would undoubtedly increase.


Zhou Yuan licked his lips, a flash of fire burning in the depths of his eyes. Yi Qiushui's offer was not small at all. What Zhou Yuan doubted was whether she was really that optimistic about him.


While Zhou Yuan stood dumbfounded, the others found it difficult to understand Yi Qiushui's behavior.


Even Yi Qianji couldn't help but cough loudly, and asked in a soft voice, “Qiushui, Zhou Yuan is strong, but he is still in the middle stage of Divine Dwelling. How can you ensure that the Yi clan does not lose?”


If it weren't for the fact that Yi Qiushui was always remarkably intelligent, Yi Qianji would have suspected that this incident had too much of an impact on Yi Qiushui and confused her.


Make sure the Yi clan doesn't lose?


Among all the Tianyuan Region's Divine Dwelling experts, only the sky-proud ones who had broken through to the Divine Dwelling List could achieve this.


And all those prides on the Divine Dwelling List had extraordinary backgrounds. Even Qiu Ling, Qiushui, and Liu Zhixuan couldn't compare to them. What qualification did Zhou Yuan have?


“Yes, Sister Qiushui. Although the situation doesn't look good now, you don't have to worry, you still have my brother. With him around, you don't need to be afraid of that Qiu Ling!" Liu Ming nodded repeatedly.


He found it incredibly difficult to understand why Yi Qiushui would think so highly of Zhou Yuan. I had never seen her treat her older brother like that.


In his opinion, his brother was far superior to Zhou Yuan, whose background was unknown.


However, Yi Qiushui did not pay attention to what others thought and continued to stare at Zhou Yuan.


Yi Qiushui's feelings towards Zhou Yuan could be described in one word: Mysterious.


He was clearly just a young man from another heaven, but for some reason, she could sense an imposing and indescribable air from him.


He was very confident.


Even in this unknown place, even in front of the Qiu clan's Heavenly Sun experts, Zhou Yuan had never once panicked.


This showed that he had something up his sleeve.


Since he was not afraid of facing a Heavenly Sun expert and was making such a demand in that situation, Yi Qiushui felt that he was not lying.


Zhou Yuan met Yi Qiushui's gaze, but was somewhat puzzled as to why he would dare to make such a big bet on him.


But none of this mattered to him. As long as he could get the materials, he dared to accept any bet Yi Qiushui made.


So, after a moment of reflection, he nodded directly under the disdainful gazes of Liu Ming and the others.


“I promise you that I will do everything in my power to ensure that your clan wins the battle of the Prefecture Lord.”


"But I hope you can give me the materials in two days."


Yi Qiushui patted the table with his hand and his red lips moved slightly.




As a result, a transaction was completed that seemed extremely ridiculous to everyone in the Yi clan.

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