Chapter 769 Mo Yuan

A huge stone platform stood in the center of Xuanzhou City, endless crowds of people standing around it on all sides, their voices echoing in the skies.


Some well-known figures from the various sects of Xiaoxuan Prefecture gathered on the tall buildings surrounding the stone platform. His presence alone was enough to show the influence of the Prefecture Lord's battle.


And when the Yi clan, led by Yi Qiushui, appeared, they immediately cast their gazes in the direction of the clan.


"The Yi clan actually invited Liu Zhixuan as one of the outside helpers."


“Liu Zhixuan is remarkably talented and is one of the greatest prides among the younger generation of Xiaoxuan Prefecture. He is in no way inferior to Qiu Ling. With your help, the Yi clan will face much less pressure.”


“But Yi Qiushui seems to be still in the middle stage of Divine Dwelling. Since she is a candidate for the Prefecture, she must also enter the battlefield, but she will be at a disadvantage.”


“Yes, not to mention that they also have Zhou Yuan, who is also in the middle stage of Divine Dwelling. That boy has recently achieved quite a bit of fame in Xuanzhou City. We don't know about his other abilities, but his ability to rush to the front is not lacking."


“Two of the Yi clan's five spots were occupied by intermediate Divine Dwelling stage experts. Its disadvantage is too great. On the other hand, it is said that on the Qiu clan’s side, they are all advanced Divine Dwelling experts.”


"If they lost the Prefecture Lord battle, let's see how Yi Qiushui will explain their loss to the Yi clan."




The numerous high-level figures whispered and exchanged glances with each other, while some of the factions with a good relationship with the Yi clan shook their heads in worry. If the Yi clan lost the Prefecture Lord battle, the Qiu clan would gain power and would undoubtedly suppress them, as well as their supporters, in the future.


They did not understand why Yi Qiushui, who was known for his intelligence, was so reckless. He simply shouldn't have let Zhou Yuan enter the battlefield.




While many thoughts were passing through his mind, another cloud of Genesis Qi swept across the sky and landed on the other side of the stone platform.


Towering figures emerged one after another led by the Qiu clan head, Qiu Long.


Behind him were Qiu Ling and the others, all with smiles on their faces.


The moment Qiu Long appeared, he looked at the Yi clan in front of him. He glanced at Yi Qiushui and Liu Zhixuan and then stopped at Zhou Yuan, a small thoughtful smile curling up the corners of his lips.


“Niece Qiushui, my Qiu clan and the Yi clan have always had a good relationship. I didn't want to start this battle. If you are willing to hand over the murderer who killed my son, the Qiu clan will be able to give up the Prefecture Lord battle,” Qiu Long said to Yi Qiushui with a slight smile.


Yi Qiushui's eyes turned icy.


That Qiu Long was really cunning. He was still pretending to be a kind-hearted person right now, but his thoughts were particularly vicious.


If their clan sold Zhou Yuan under such circumstances to protect themselves, their reputation would undoubtedly be destroyed. Even if they won the position of Prefecture Lord, it wouldn't last long.


“Patriarch Qiu Long, Qiu Yang had bad intentions and wanted to kidnap my little sister. His actions were simply despicable. I just don't know if it was directed by someone or if it was his own idea.” Yi Qiushui's voice was clear and crisp.


Qiu Long's face darkened. "Nonsense."


Qiu Ling, dressed all in black, stepped forward with a sneer on his face. “It is useless to say anything now. Let's fight."


After his statement, the atmosphere changed instantly and many held their breath to concentrate.


Yi Qiushui's handsome face was frozen, and he did not utter another word. Her graceful body moved slightly, Genesis Qi flashed and she was the first to appear on the battlefield.


Liu Zhixuan immediately followed her to protect her.


The other two advanced Divine Dwelling experts of the Yi clan quickly followed him.


However, when Zhou Yuan entered the battlefield, there was a burst of laughter in all directions.


Some of the young men and women of the Yi clan blushed in embarrassment and gritted their teeth when they heard the laughter.


Qiu Ling's gaze also stopped on Zhou Yuan's body. He scoffed. “It seems like you are really looking for death.”


"It doesn't matter, now that you are on the battlefield, if you want to resign today, I am afraid it is no longer up to you."


A fierce and malicious look flashed in his eyes. Zhou Yuan had killed his brother, so he would have to pay the price today.


After speaking, he did not pay attention to Zhou Yuan's reaction; instead, he shifted his gaze towards Liu Zhixuan. “Liu Zhixuan, why did your Liu clan come to get into muddy water? Aren't you afraid of losing face before you can please them?"


Liu Zhixuan shook his head. "Qiu Ling, after you joined the Heavenly Spirit Sect, your ability hasn't increased much, but your arrogance has."


Qiu Ling sighed, "You have a death wish."


Before his voice faded, his figure appeared on the battlefield and three figures landed beside him.


The crowd began to argue when these three appeared.


“That is Qiu Ba, Qiu Leibao and Qiu YueQiu. As we all expected, the Qiu clan really sent them. I heard that they have long since entered the advanced stage of Divine Dwelling. And even if they had only established the Divine Dwelling in six heavens, they are not weak.”


The various factions were not surprised by the appearance of the three people, and seemed to have predicted their appearance.


On the other hand, although Yi Qianji, Liu Tianying and the others narrowed their eyes when they saw them, their expressions remained calm and composed. His three opponents were within his expectations. But it was strange that the Qiu clan did not ask for outside help.


Yi Qiushui's beautiful eyes moved back and forth between the four people, but her eyebrows furrowed into a frown, especially when she saw the strange smile on Qiu Ling's face. For some reason, uneasiness was rising in his heart.


"Is Qiushui curious about the last person chosen for my Qiu clan?" Qiu Ling smiled at Yi Qiushui. "Haha, for Qiushui to feel surprised, I had thought a lot."


Qiu Ling cupped one fist in the other and said with a smile, “Big brother, show yourself.”




The moment Qiu Ling's voice faded, a beam of Genesis Qi descended from the sky and landed right in front of Qiu Ling.


The ground began to shake and shock waves visible to the naked eye spread outwards.


People cast countless bewildered glances in that direction.


Such a powerful and imposing aura. Who did the Qiu clan invite?


The smoke and dust dissipated, revealing a thin figure standing nonchalantly in front of Qiu Ling. Although carefree, the figure still gave off a terrifying aura of oppression.


All eyes were fixed on the thin, monkey-like figure, and the crowd immediately fell silent.


At the next moment, a monstrous uproar broke out!


“He is… The heavenly pride of the Heavenly Spirit Sect, Mo Yuan!”


"Isn't he the super heavenly pride on the Divine Dwelling List?"


"The Qiu clan actually invited him, is there any point in continuing the battle?"


"The Yi clan is definitely going to lose."




The high-level figures of various factions had stood up, staring with wide eyes at the thin figure. No one had thought that the Qiu clan would be able to invite the super celestial pride of the Celestial Spirit Sect!


No wonder the Qiu clan was so confident. It turned out that they had a trump card!


And amidst the commotion, the expressions of Yi Qianji, Liu Tianying and the others changed rapidly. They stared at the figure that had appeared. “Mo Yuan? How can it be?!"


Even Yi Qiushui's handsome face turned pale as a chill gradually welled up from his heart.


Facing that slim figure who possesses great fame throughout the Tianyuan region, even she, who was always calm and composed, felt a trace of despair.

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