Chapter 771 The Secret of Yi Qiushui

Metalic sound!


Above the platform, three figures, all pulsating with terrifying Genesis Qi, collided repeatedly. Metallic noises were heard and a mad storm of Genesis Qi was unleashed.


The three figures were Mo Yuan, Yi Qiushui, and Liu Zhixuan.


At this moment, almost 90% of the people in the entire Xuanzhou City had focused their attention on these three people, and the other three battles were almost ignored.


Everyone knew that today's focus was on Mo Yuan, and the others only served as a contrast.


Almost all of the people present had heard of Mo Yuan's name before, but only very few people had seen him in action. Therefore, they really wanted to see how powerful the super heaven ranked pride on the Divine Dwelling List could be when fighting two people at once.


Shockwaves of Genesis Qi gushed out, destroying the clouds at high altitude, but Mo Yuan's figure remained motionless in the air like a rock, while Liu Zhixuan and Yi Qiushui were destroyed.


From the first contact, Yi Qiushui and Liu Zhixuan already knew that Mo Yuan's Genesis Qi base was extremely powerful.


"So strong, no wonder it is ranked on the Divine Dwelling List!" A solemn expression crossed Liu Zhixuan's face.


"You are not wrong. If you were given a few more years to strengthen your foundation, you would also have a chance to be ranked on the Divine Dwelling List,” Mo Yuan commented indifferently. "But right now, even if you two join forces, you are still no match for me."




His voice faded and his figure suddenly shot out, mysteriously appearing above the two like a ghost. He fiercely swung the black iron club in his hands, and scarlet red Genesis Qi enveloped everything like a sea of flames.


"Scarlet Sea Prairie Fire!"


In the scarlet sea, there were endless club shadows that enveloped the two people.


Feeling the mighty scarlet sea descend from the sky, Liu Zhixuan's face became more and more solemn. "Qiushui, I will try to stop him!"


As he clenched his hand, a long silver and white spear flashed, swallowing the Genesis Qi of the universe. The spear light stretched indefinitely, shattering the surrounding space.


"Heavenly level Genesis Technique, Silver Dragon Transformation!"


The surge of Genesis Qi gushed out, rising sharply as it met the wind, and a faint Dragon roar could vaguely be heard. As Liu Zhixuan's spear swung in the air, a several hundred foot Silver Light Dragon roared out and collided directly with the scarlet sea.




A violent explosion spread to a high altitude.


Countless club shadows, containing astonishing Genesis Qi, bombarded the Silver Light Dragon with thunderous power. In less than ten breaths, the Light Dragon shattered.


"Heavenly Level Genesis Technique, Ten Thousand Stars!"


But the moment the Dragon disintegrated, a sweet voice rang out and a stream of powerful Genesis Qi containing tens of thousands of stars whizzed out. Each star was refined from the most powerful Genesis Qi.




The ten thousand stars of Genesis Qi collided with the scarlet sea, producing frantic explosive noises.


The thousands of stars and the scarlet sea steadily diminished during the collision, but just as both of them were about to disperse completely, an illusory club shadow suddenly accelerated, aiming at Yi Qiushui's face with lightning speed.


Yi Qiushui was slightly startled, but two Divine Dwelling halos instantly appeared in front of her, resisting the shadow of the club.




Shockwaves roared, causing Yi Qiushui's delicate body to tremble until she was directly destroyed.


The exchange of movements between the two sides occurred at lightning speed, which was too fast for most eyes to take in. Gasps of astonishment sounded throughout Xuanzhou City.


In the eyes of many people, Liu Zhixuan and Yi Qiushui's offensives were already terrifyingly strong, but even so, Mo Yuan still had the advantage.


“Mo Yuan's Genesis Qi foundation is too strong. “I estimate that the Genesis Qi in your Divine Dwelling has reached at least six million Genesis Qi stars.”


"It's frightening. It is already incredibly difficult to achieve four million Genesis Qi stars for advanced Divine Dwelling experts.”




There were constant whispers.


On the Yi clan's side, Yi Qianji, Liu Tianying, and the other Heavenly Sun experts all had solemn expressions. The young men next to him, including Liu Ming, were so nervous that their hands were drenched in sweat.


"Mo Yuan is indeed very powerful." Yi Qianji sighed. As a Heavenly Sun expert, he had incredibly sharp eyes and could tell at a glance that Mo Yuan's previous attacks were administered casually. Even so, their attacks were already difficult for Yi Qiushui and Liu Zixuan to withstand together.


Liu Tianying also nodded solemnly. Liu Zhixuan was also at the advanced stage of Divine Dwelling and had similarly established an eight-heaven Divine Dwelling, but compared to Mo Yuan, he was still lacking.


The super proud celestials were backed by major factions and had the best cultivation resources, so it was naturally difficult for ordinary people to compare with them.


Today's Prefecture Lord battle was simply too unfavorable for the Yi clan.


Yi Qianji and Liu Tianying exchanged a glance, a trace of worry flickering in their eyes. Suddenly, they shifted their attention to another battle.


It was the battle between Zhou Yuan and Qiu Ling.


Yi Qianji and Liu Tianying frowned when they saw what was happening. When the battles elsewhere were incredibly fierce, only those two remained motionless. Yi Qianji and Liu Tianying could see an undisguised sneer on Qiu Ling's face.


Zhou Yuan didn't move either. But from the appearance of the battlefield, it seemed that Qiu Ling was in complete control of the situation and that Zhou Yuan did not dare to move even an inch because he feared Qiu Ling's power.


Liu Ming gritted his teeth. Zhou Yuan talked big before, but the moment he sees Qiu Ling, he doesn't even dare to do anything. Why does Sister Qiushui trust him so much?”


The other young men and women of the Yi clan also began to criticize him and express their discontent with him, one after another.


"Qiu Ling is trying to make Zhou Yuan watch Mo Yuan beat Qiushui and Liu Zhixuan," Yi Qianji said.


"He is so young but he has such malicious thoughts." Liu Tianying frowned. This was a method that Qiu Ling was using to attack Zhou Yuan's mental state. And when Yi Qiushui and the others lost, he could admire the look of despair on Zhou Yuan's face.


However, when the two Heavenly Sun experts looked at Zhou Yuan, they could keenly perceive that he did not seem to care about Qiu Ling's actions. Instead, his gaze steadily swept towards Mo Yuan as if analyzing his strength.


But what's the use of analyzing its strength? Anyway, he couldn't participate in that battle.


The two shook their heads, perplexed. They couldn't understand what Zhou Yuan was thinking, and they simply didn't want to pay any more attention to him. Instead, they focused on the main battlefield that occurs at high altitude. They knew that that battle would decide the outcome of the Prefecture Lord's battle...


They could only hope that Qiushui could step forward.


At this moment, the other factions were also carefully watching the fierce fighting occurring at high altitude, but most of them secretly shook their heads. They could clearly tell that the Yi clan was at a disadvantage.


From the looks of it, the Qiu clan was going to win the Prefecture Lord battle.


High in the sky.


The black iron club in Mo Yuan's hand pointed diagonally. Majestic Genesis Qi constantly gushed out from his body like red flames, bringing a powerful oppressive pressure.


The iron club in his hand burned with red flames as he slowly raised it into the air and pointed at Yi Qiushui. "If you continue to hide your strength, I'm afraid that you two really won't last long."


Yi Qiushui tightly pursed her red lips and said in a low voice, “As expected of Mo Yuan. I only made the breakthrough a few days ago, but you've already noticed."


He took a deep breath, and suddenly Genesis Qi roared throughout the world. Rays of light began to gather around the two Divine Dwelling halos behind her, gradually forming into a third Divine Dwelling halo amidst countless shocked exclamations.


The advanced stage of Divine Dwelling!


Zhou Yuan's eyes narrowed slightly. He had already noticed that the Genesis Qi fluctuations in her body were different from before when he saw her before. She, as predicted, had made a breakthrough.


Evidently, the Yi clan had tried their best to win the Prefecture Lord battle.


However, even if Yi Qiushui had entered the advanced stage of Divine Dwelling and joined the factions with Liu Zhixuan, could he really defeat Mo Yuan?


Zhou Yuan secretly shook his head. However, this was still good for determining Mo Yuan's true ability.


Zhou Yuan would never underestimate the super proud celestials on the Hunyuan Heaven Divine Dwelling List. Only when you correctly calculate your own strength, as well as that of your opponent, will you never be defeated.

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