Chapter 773 Blue Snake vs. Demon Ape

Zhou Yuan's attack was like lightning. The feeling it gave off was as if it had ended before it began.


Then, when the countless people in Xuanzhou City heard the movement from their side, they looked up in bewilderment only to see deep cracks spreading across the ground… and Qiu Ling lying on the ground covered in blood and struggling to get up.


As a result, the shocked exclamations that Mo Yuan had caused stopped.


What happened? Why was Qiu Ling lying on the ground? What did Zhou Yuan do?


Countless people were asking these three questions in their minds.


But fortunately, someone had witnessed the quick scene. "It seems that Zhou Yuan attacked and then defeated Qiu Ling in one fell swoop?"


The voice trembled with strong uncertainty, and he evidently seemed to wonder if what he saw was wrong.


But the wild footprints on the ground revealed everything clearly.


His voice made the silence fall again. Numerous people looked at the young figure on the battlefield who had almost been ignored from the beginning.


The people of the Yi clan, who were all depressed due to the defeat of Yi Qiushui and Li Zhixuan, looked at the scene in disbelief.


Even Yi Qianji and Liu Tianying's eyes were trembling.


"Did Zhou Yuan manage to defeat Qiu Ling with a single punch?" Liu Tianying couldn't help asking.


It must be said that although Qiu Ling was not as strong as Mo Yuan, he could absolutely be considered a heavenly pride. In time, he might even be ranked on the Divine Dwelling List. Who would have thought that he didn't even have a chance to counter Zhou Yuan's attack?


How strong was Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi base? More importantly, Zhou Yuan was only at the middle stage of Divine Dwelling!


Being able to defeat an advanced Divine Dwelling stage expert like Qiu Ling while he was in the middle Divine Dwelling stage was rarely heard of, even in the entire Hunyuan Heaven.


A person like him would probably be ranked on the Divine Dwelling List once he entered the advanced stage of Divine Dwelling. With a little training, you might even be at the top of the list.


But it was also because of this that Yi Qianji and Liu Tianying, two Heavenly Sun stage experts, could not help but feel dumbfounded by the situation. How could they have overlooked such a powerful person?


It should be said that both of them thought that Zhou Yuan did not dare to give an inch due to fear. But now looking back, it was clear that Zhou Yuan was too lazy to make a move.


It was only now that Liu Ming and the other young men and women of the Yi clan recovered from their shock. Hearing the conversation between Yi Qianji and Liu Tianying, they blushed with embarrassment for a moment.


Especially Liu Ming. He couldn't stand Yi Qiushui giving such importance to Zhou Yuan, so he had even made fun of him before. But now it was obvious that she was too superficial and had not recognized his true strength.


Having witnessed the terrible power in Zhou Yuan's powerful punch that defeated Qiu Ling, no matter how arrogant he was, he could no longer find any reason to act arrogantly because he knew very well that Qiu Ling was similar in strength to his brother Liu. Zhixuan… Since Zhou Yuan could defeat Qiu Ling with a single punch, he could naturally defeat his brother Liu Zhixuan.


"He, he hid his strength too well." Liu Ming blushed with embarrassment.


Yi Qianji and Liu Tianying nodded. "I didn't expect that there would be a heavenly pride like him in another heaven."


Immediately afterwards, both of them were a little excited and the previous gloomy atmosphere faded away. "If this is the case, the Yi clan will not necessarily lose."


From the power of that blow, they knew that Zhou Yuan was qualified to go against Mo Yuan.


The Yi clan will not necessarily lose the prefecture lord battle today!


Compared to the Yi clan's relief, everyone on the Qiu clan's side didn't look so good. The Qiu clan head, Qiu Long, was even glaring at Zhou Yuan.


“That little trash really knows how to hide his strength,” he pronounced darkly.


How could Qiu Long not become enraged after seeing Zhou Yuan ruin the big picture?


“Patriarch, don't worry. Although we have underestimated that child’s strength, Mo Yuan is still here,” an elder of the Qiu clan consoled.


Qiu Long nodded coldly. With Mo Yuan present, although Zhou Yuan had surprised everyone with his strength, he should not be able to turn the tide.


"Hmph, after this, make sure to make that little trash pay the price!" Qiu Long's voice was filled with strong killing intent, but there was also a hint of fear. Although Zhou Yuan didn't consider himself anything right now, once he achieved a breakthrough to the Heavenly Sun stage, he might be a problem for the Qiu clan.


So now that they had offended him, they had to find a way to completely eliminate any future problems.


"Haha, he will die at Mo Yuan's hands very soon." The Qiu clan elder laughed.


Qiu Long nodded gently. Mo Yuan had previously suppressed both Yi Qiushui and Liu Zhixuan alone. The combat strength he had displayed was indeed far beyond the advanced Divine Dwelling stage.


Therefore, he believed that Mo Yuan should have no problem suppressing Zhou Yuan.


Deep in a pit, Yi Qiushui wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth, struggling to get up. Evidently, he had suffered a severe blow and no longer had the power to fight.


"Zhou Yuan."


But right now she couldn't care about herself. Her beautiful eyes looked in the direction of the slender figure in the distance, her heart pounding with emotions.


He had also witnessed Zhou Yuan's attack.


“Qiushui has good eyes to have found such help,” Liu Zhixuan commented bitterly.


Even if he was arrogant and proud, when he saw Zhou Yuan's thunderous method, he also understood that Zhou Yuan was far superior to him. No wonder Yi Qiushui thought so highly of Zhou Yuan.


Yi Qiushui pursed her lips and smiled. Everyone thought he had good vision, but in fact he had just taken a risk. Even she was not sure if Zhou Yuan was hiding his strength.


But it seemed his instincts were right.


Although he also didn't know if Zhou Yuan could win against the incomparably fierce Mo Yuan, at least it still gave them a little hope.


Zhou Yuan also watched from a distance. He looked at Yi Qiushui and seemed to be smiling. Then, his body rose into the air under countless watchful gazes.


He stood in front of Mo Yuan from a distance.


Mo Yuan rested his iron club on his shoulders, making his body appear extremely small and thin, but at that moment it was most likely that no one would dare to underestimate the terrifying power contained in his body. He looked at the place where Qiu Ling was defeated below and then smiled curiously at Zhou Yuan, somewhat interested.


“I didn’t think I would make a mistake, but you are the most cunning person in this Prefecture Lord battle.”


"Hahaha, but this makes it more interesting!"


Mo Yuan raised his head and laughed heartily. He was overflowing with aggressive arrogance as he slowly raised the black iron club and pointed at Zhou Yuan from a distance.


“I haven't really started yet, but those two couldn't hold on. I wonder how long you will last.”


At this moment, Mo Yuan was truly like a ferocious demon ape, arrogant and domineering.


However, in front of him, Zhou Yuan's expression was calm and indifferent. Azure-gold Genesis Qi pulsed around his body, weakly transforming into a blue snake with earth-shaking power.


He squeezed his hand and a tremendous black speckled brush appeared in his hands.


"I won't let you down."


At this moment, the clash between the blue snake and the demonic ape set off a monstrous killing intent.

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