Chapter 774 Eight million

Above Xuanzhou City, there were two towering figures facing each other, attracting everyone's attention.


There was an atmosphere of excitement in the city. They originally thought that the Qiu clan would certainly gain victory in the Prefecture Lord battle, but who would have thought that there would be such a dramatic change?


Zhou Yuan was thought to be a normal young man, but he turned out to be an Asura who had been hiding his strength.


Therefore, everyone in Xuanzhou City was now very curious as to who would win in the end when Zhou Yuan and Mo Yuan faced each other.






Two different bursts of Genesis Qi were constantly ascending. Each one occupied half of the sky. As the Genesis Qi passed by, the surrounding space trembled violently with rumbles that sounded like thunder.


Sparks sizzled as Zhou Yuan and Mo Yuan's gazes collided.


“Since I entered the advanced stage of the Divine Dwelling, I have not seen anyone from the middle stage of the Divine Dwelling dare to stand in front of me.” Mo Yuan smiled, revealing his white teeth. "I've killed many enemies in the past, but I never expected someone to try to do the same to me?"




The moment his voice fell, a burst of Genesis Qi violently shook the surrounding space. His figure appeared directly above Zhou Yuan, laughing wildly, and his black iron club, enveloped in great power, swung downwards fiercely.


A club shadow sped by, like stars twinkling in the sky. To the naked eye, there were at least seven million stars.


Previously, when Mo Yuan had defeated Yi Qiushui and Liu Zhixuan, although the power of eight million stars Genesis Qi existed, that was only because the attack was strengthened by a high-grade Heaven-level Genesis technique, but now it was completely his own strength.


The Genesis Qi base of seven million Genesis Qi stars was enough to make countless advanced Divine Dwelling experts lose their brilliance.


"If you want to use me as a springboard to strengthen yourself, you must first see if you are qualified!"


Along with Mo Yuan's wild laughter, there were club shadows darkening the sky. The next moment, they bombarded Zhou Yuan under countless horrified gazes, causing the surrounding space to shatter.


“The foundation of seven million stars Genesis Qi… no wonder it is a celestial pride of Hunyuan Heaven.”


Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes and smiled. “If I hadn't made a breakthrough in the Ancestral Dragon Scriptures, my Genesis Qi base really couldn't compare to yours.”


After all, Zhou Yuan was still in the middle stage of Divine Dwelling. Even if he had had extraordinary encounters before, his foundation could only reach five million Genesis Qi stars. But after his breakthrough in the Ancestral Dragon Scriptures, his Genesis Qi had become grade seven World Subduing Heavenly Serpent Qi, and his Genesis Qi base within the Divine Dwellings had also increased greatly.


It was also because of this that he was able to defeat Qing Ling in a single blow.


And if his Ancestral Dragon Scripture had not evolved, he knew that he would inevitably be caught in a bitter and tragic battle against powerful figures of the Divine Dwelling stage like Mo Yuan.


But unfortunately... in this world, there was no 'if'.


Zhou Yuan grabbed the Heavenly Yuan Brush tightly, and the snow-white tip suddenly turned jet black. The Brush's body shook violently, then it met the vast shadows beneath its head.


"Millions of whales!"


The song of ancient whales resonated throughout the world, and numerous images of ancient whales appeared out of nowhere.


Metalic sound!


The shadow of the brush and the shadow of the club suddenly collided. A metallic sound resounded like a thunderstorm, and shock waves visible to the naked swept across the area.


The entire Xuanzhou City shook.


Countless gazes filled with horror and astonishment looked up at the sky, only to see that the shadow of the giant club swinging downwards had unexpectedly frozen in midair. Under the giant club was a black Speckled Brush that unexpectedly resisted his attack. It looked small, but it blocked the club's attack and prevented it from advancing any further.


Ancient images of whales floated around the black brush. Genesis Qi overflowed, revealing countless Genesis Qi stars.


There were at least eight million!


Gasps of surprise suddenly echoed throughout Xuanzhou City as the various factions looked at the scene dumbfounded. An eight million Genesis Qi star base?


His Genesis Qi base was even stronger than Mo Yuan's!


This was amazing!


And the most critical thing was that Zhou Yuan was only at the middle stage of Divine Divine Dwelling! If he entered the advanced stage, wouldn't his Genesis Qi base reach the terrifying level of tens of millions?


Although the Genesis Qi foundation alone could not represent absolute strength, it was ultimately a great advantage in itself.


Everyone on the Yi clan side, including Yi Qianji, Liu Tianying, and Yi Qiushui, were still in a state of shock and disbelief. They had already overestimated Zhou Yuan's strength as much as possible, but no one expected him to possess such a powerful Genesis Qi base.


The people on the Qiu clan's side paled. Patriarch Qiu Long hissed through clenched teeth, “I underestimated that child. To possess such a foundation at the middle stage of Divine Dwelling, I truly don’t know how many fortuitous opportunities he must have had.”


“But even though the Genesis Qi foundation is important, Mo Yuan is a direct disciple of the Heavenly Spirit Sect. Once he unleashes his true power, the gap between them can no longer be made up by a mere million Genesis Qi stars!”


The other Qiu clan elders nodded repeatedly. Even if he had a powerful Genesis Qi base, his strength also depended on how it was used.


High up in the sky, Mo Yuan's pupils shrank. A solemn look appeared on his arrogant face.


“Eight million stars of Genesis Qi as a base…”


“Unbelievable, if you were at the advanced stage of Divine Dwelling, I would be inferior to you.”


"But, a powerful Genesis Qi base alone doesn't mean much!"


Mo Yuan knew that if strength was based on Genesis Qi foundation alone, then in the entire Hunyuan Heaven, Su Youwei of the Zixiao region would be the strongest person because he had opened a rare Yin and Yang Qi Housing when he was still in the Nourishing Qi Stage. And once he reached the Divine Dwelling stage, his Divine Dwellings had mutated and opened ten Divine Dwellings, which rarely happened in the world!


His Genesis Qi base was unrivaled. Even Zhao Mushen and Wu Yao, who ranked higher than her on the Divine Dwelling List, could not compare to her in terms of their Genesis Qi base.


But if they were to fight each other, Zhao Mushen and Wu Yao's fighting powers probably wouldn't be weaker than hers.


Mo Yuan's eyes became sharp and piercing. He raised his head and roared towards the sky while performing a hand seal with both hands at lightning speed. The powerful Genesis Qi of the universe gathered like a storm, and eventually transformed into a waning crescent moon about a hundred feet in the sky.


The waning moon sprinkled endless moonlight onto the ground, which turned into the purest Genesis Qi and entered Mo Yuan's body in an endless stream.


“That is a high-grade Heavenly Level Genesis Technique from the Heavenly Spirit Sect, the Moon Genesis Technique!”


“This technique will provide a continuous flow of Genesis Qi to support its caster. With this technique, Mo Yuan's Genesis Qi will be greatly strengthened!"


The Genesis Qi within Mo Yuan's body continued to rise steadily. He clasped his hands and roared again: “Heavenly Mountainous Ape Transformation!”


Genesis Qi surged, and a tremendous and incomparably ancient ape-like shadow took shape. The level of ferocity was much higher than the previous battle against Yi Qiushui and Liu Zhixuan.


Genesis Qi burst into the entire place.


Countless people visibly paled upon seeing the change. Mo Yuan was indeed worthy of being ranked on the Divine Dwelling List. He had performed two high-grade Heavenly Genesis techniques one after another, which clearly showed the powerful foundation of the Heavenly Spirit Sect.


After all, even in the Tianyuan region, high-grade Heaven-level Genesis techniques were considered the best skills. Even influential families like the Yi and Qiu families only possessed one Heaven-level Genesis Technique each.


"Haha, since you have made me reveal two high-grade Heavenly Level Genesis Techniques at the same time, even if you lose today, it is enough to make you known throughout the Tianyuan Region!"


Having performed two high-grade Heavenly Level Genesis Techniques, Mo Yuan felt a destructive power flooding his body. He stood in the air, looking at Zhou Yuan sternly as his laughter shook the world.


It was only then that he managed to suppress all the fear that Zhou Yuan's eight million Genesis Qi foundation had brought him.


Zhou Yuan looked at the arrogant Mo Yuan with a bright smile.


"Thank you very much for helping me become famous."


Mo Yuan crossed the air, his howl shaking the air.


"Let's first see if you can live beyond today!"

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