Chapter 775 A Fierce Fight



In the sky, there seemed to be a demonic ape roaring. The next moment, Mo Yuan crossed the air towards Zhou Yuan, his body protected by a tremendous ancient giant ape shadow. The black iron club in his hand fused with the shadow of the club and shot directly towards Zhou Yuan with devastating power.


In Xuanzhou City, many Divine Dwelling stage experts revealed bitter looks when they sensed their Genesis Qi foundation. Compared to an advanced Divine Dwelling expert like Mo Yuan, they were simply unsightly.




As the club shadow approached, the Genesis Qi within Zhou Yuan's body increased dramatically. Eight million Genesis Qi stars shone in the air, dazzling and mysterious.


He tightened his grip around the Heavenly Yuan Brush. As the tip of the brush trembled, the majestic Genesis Qi of blue and gold gathered at the tip before transforming into a tremendous brush shadow that collided head-on with the club shadow pressing down.




A storm of Genesis Qi erupted, distorting the air.


The moment the Brush and the club collided, Zhou Yuan's body shook slightly and he finally staggered back from the impact. Every step he took made the air make a shrill noise.


“If you only have a good Genesis Qi foundation, you will most likely die today!”


Mo Yuan sneered. Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi base was indeed superior to his, but he was from the Celestial Spirit Sect and had mastered all of the best Genesis techniques. Therefore, even if his Genesis Qi base was a little weaker, with the help of the power of the Genesis techniques, he could still significantly multiply his strength.




As his voice faded, the powerful club shadow relentlessly pursued Zhou Yuan, enveloping him with terrifying pressure.


Evidently, he intended to take advantage of the opportunity to completely defeat Zhou Yuan.


Seeing the tremendous sky-darkening club shadow whizzing downwards, Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes and sneered, “Do you think you are the only one who has high-grade Heaven-level Genesis techniques?”


"Omega Holy Spirit Art!"


Zhou Yuan quickly crossed his hands in a hand seal. The next moment, a stream of majestic Genesis Qi quickly condensed into a mysterious shadow. The shadow spread its enormous wings of light, swallowing the Genesis Qi of the universe.


The Genesis Qi that erupted from Zhou Yuan's body also emerged as a result.


Metalic sound!


With the seal of his feet, his figure shot into the sky, and the Heavenly Yuan Brush in his hand transformed into countless arcs of Genesis Qi to meet the club shadows head-on.




Continuous loud noises echoed in the sky. Countless people were shocked to see that every time a brush shadow passed by, the club shadows that filled the sky became clear.


Zhou Yuan's figure also stood motionless in the air and no longer hesitated.


When Mo Yuan saw that Zhou Yuan was stabilizing his attack, his pupils shrank. He looked at the mysterious shadow with light wings. The Genesis Qi emitted from it was in no way weaker than that of the giant ape shadow.


Evidently, what Zhou Yuan used was also a high-grade Heavenly Level Genesis Technique!


"What is that boy's background?"


This question flashed through Mo Yuan's mind, but he immediately snorted coldly, his eyes burning with battle intent. The next moment, he shot out and once again launched an attack.


He didn't believe that he couldn't deal with a Divine Dwelling stage expert!


Zhou Yuan also refused to give up. The two shadows collided repeatedly like lightning above, and every time they crossed paths, it would cause a violent shockwave of Genesis Qi.


In a short period of time, the two had already fought hundreds of rounds.


Neither of them held back. Each attack was incredibly aggressive, making the numerous spectators tremble in fear.


All the Yi clan members were staring unblinkingly at the battle high in the sky. Their expressions seemed extremely tense and nervous. Zhou Yuan was the last hope of the Yi clan.


Yi Qianji and Liu Tianying also had solemn looks on their faces. A moment later, Yi Qianji could help but comment, “Zhou Yuan is not ordinary. His strength is actually comparable to Mo Yuan.”


Naturally, they could tell that Mo Yuan had already shown his full strength, but he still did not have the advantage against Zhou Yuan.


It was a wonderful battle between the snake and the monkey.


"Father, can you win?" Liu Ming asked nervously.


Liu Tianying murmured: “It's not certain yet. Mo Yuan is also an extraordinary person, so it won’t be easy to beat him.”


Zhou Yuan's performance already exceeded his expectations, but Mo Yuan's reputation in the Tianyuan regions was not weak. So, even Liu Tianying, a Heavenly Sun stage expert, could not guarantee whether Zhou Yuan could really win or not.


“I heard that Mo Yuan has refined the blood essence of the Heavenly Demon Ape, a grade seven Genesis beast. That essence blood has already integrated with his own, and once he fights, his power will skyrocket. His Genesis Qi will constantly rise and be as ferocious as a demonic ape,” Yi Qianji said. "It's his best trump card."


“The Heavenly Demon Ape Blood Essence?” Liu Ming exclaimed. A seventh grade Genesis beast had the strength of the Nascent Source stage!


She looked up at the sky, a worried frown crossing her face.


After all, once Zhou Yuan lost, the Yi clan would have to hand over the position of Prefecture Lord of Xiaoxuan Prefecture.


On the Qiu clan's side, everyone was staring at the sky in a similar manner. Even the clan head, Qiu Long, had a dark expression on his face. Evidently, he did not expect that Zhou Yuan would push Mo Yuan to this state.


"Well, you can jump, but you have underestimated Mo Yuan." Qiu Long sneered.




The fierce battle that took place at high altitude continued and gradually intensified.


However, as the battle stagnated, Zhou Yuan discovered that Mo Yuan's attacks were becoming increasingly stronger and more violent. He narrowed his eyes and looked in their direction. He vaguely saw that Mo Yuan's eyes were gradually turning red.


An indescribable ferocity took hold of him.




The next moment, a monkey-like howl erupted from Mo Yuan's mouth. His eyes had turned completely scarlet, and even the Genesis Qi around him pulsed violently, causing the air to tremble.


"Die!" Mo Yuan let out a sharp cry. The black club emerged from his hand, turning into a black torrent that directly shattered the surrounding space, aiming at Zhou Yuan with lightning speed.


Zhou Yuan shook his arm and the Heavenly Yuan Brush's hair shot up. It formed layer after layer, as if forming a huge net.




The torrent formed by the black iron club repeatedly bombarded the giant net, crushing it in a terrifying arc, and finally broke through to hit Zhou Yuan's body.


Metalic sound!


Zhou Yuan was destroyed with a loud metallic sound.


Gasps of astonishment rose throughout Xuanzhou City.


"Zhou Yuan!" Yi Qiushui also couldn't help but scream.




Mo Yuan's eyes were scarlet red. His body moved slightly and appeared directly behind Zhou Yuan, a smile twisting his lips. With the squeeze of his hand, the black iron club flashed in his hand again.




He swung the black iron club towards Zhou Yuan's body. If the club hit, even a mountain would be crushed.


However, just when the club was only a few centimeters away, a speck of light emerged from Zhou Yuan's palm.


The speck of light expanded with the wind, quickly growing to the size of a fist. A sword cry echoed throughout the world.


"Devil Sweeping Sword Orb!"


Zhou Yuan shook his hand and sent the sword pill. An earth-shattering sword cry suddenly erupted from the sword pill. A sharp sword aura erupted, enveloping the pill until it transformed into a giant sword of light.


His eyes were piercing and cold as he swung the sword and ignored Mo Yuan's fierce club.




"Let's see if you dare to collide directly with me!"


Mo Yuan did not hold back and directly punched Zhou Yuan.


The shadow of the club quickly enlarged before Zhou Yuan. But Zhou Yuan was expressionless; The sword light transformed from the sword pill did not stop in the slightest.


The attacks from both sides were incomparably ruthless, and neither showed any intention of retreating.


Amidst countless horrified voices, as the black club shadow struck Zhou Yuan, the majestic sword formed from Sword Qi slashed out from an extremely complicated angle and pierced Mo Yuan's chest.


At this moment, both sides were desperately fighting with their lives.

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