Chapter 78 - The Old Dean's Revenge

At the end of several days of vacation, Li Luo arrived at the South Wind School again, and standing outside the academy, Li Luo looked at the familiar school gate with a somewhat emotional expression.


After today, he will completely finish his training at the South Wind School, and the memories of all these years will come to an end here.


Regardless of what the future holds for him, Li Luo is clear that these few years of training at the South Wind School have had an indelible impact on him.


Nowadays, he always resists exposing himself in a high profile, precisely because when he first entered the South Wind School, he was too prosperous, and since then the appearance of the void phase has made him understand what it means to have one thought of heaven and another of hell.


Once he had learned this lesson, he instinctively did not want to expose himself, he preferred to hide well and develop in a low profile, so that one day, when he could be crowned marquis or king, he could return and make a slight wave.


Unfortunately, this academic review has made his previous low profile meaningless.


“Damn Shi Kon, damn Song Yunfeng…”


Thinking of this, Li Luo couldn't help but curse, originally he only needed to easily secure a top 10, but these two bastards had to be aggressive, causing him to take the first place.


“And Lu Qing'er too, she was clearly the first…” Li Luo muttered again.


"You're really insensitive, letting yourself win first place and you're still constantly scolding people behind their backs." And at this moment, behind Li Luo, a young girl's clear and pleasant voice suddenly sounded.


When Li Luo turned his head, he saw Lu Qing'er standing behind him. Today she was wearing the school uniform of the South Wind School, under her black short skirt, her slender jade legs were straight, her snow-white stockings reached her knees, and her bare thighs were exposed between the stockings and short skirt. They were white as glass, making people's eyes tremble.


When Li Luo saw Qing'er Lu, he laughed dryly twice.


Lu Qing'er didn't care that he said something bad about her behind her back, and she took two steps forward to walk alongside Li Luo, with a faint smile on her beautiful little face.


As the two walked together, they were the image of a golden girl, and an envious gaze was cast around them.


If it were before, there would inevitably be people who would bitterly mock him, but ever since Li Luo won first place in the Southern Wind School, his reputation was already starting to catch up with Lu Qing'er.


As Li Luo and Lu Qing'er entered the academy, people proactively greeted each other all the way, to which the two nodded their heads in greeting.


As they crossed the boulevard, they suddenly saw the sound of commotion coming from ahead of them, and people continued to gather towards it, forming a human circle.


He vaguely heard the words “Song Yunfeng, you scum, how dare you have the nerve to come to the South Wind School?”


Some surprise arose in Li Luo's eyes, was it Song Yunfeng? This guy still dares to appear in the South Wind School?


He quickened his pace and walked into the crowd with Lu Qing'er, then he saw in the open space of that circle of people, Song Yunfeng, covered in a black robe, looking around with a red face, and beside him There were two Song family guards with alert faces, who had obviously escorted Song Yunfeng all the way.


And on the ground in front of Song Yunfeng, a familiar figure fell to the ground and wailed, blood pouring out of his mouth.


When Li Luo looked, who was that person but Yu Lang?


What is this guy doing here?


"Luo, Sister Qing, you are here, this Song Yunfeng is too arrogant, he betrayed our Southern Wind School and still dares to come back, besides a moment ago Yu Lang only came up to greet him, but ended up being beaten by Song Yunfeng." with a slap and fell to the ground spitting blood, it's simply too much!" There were cadets around who saw Li Luo and Lu Qing'er, and they hurriedly said.


Li Luo was stunned, was this Song Yunfeng so open-minded?


Knowing that he had already offended the public, he still dared to hit someone at the South Wind School?


Li Luo rubbed his nose, feeling that things were not that simple. Especially because... It also involves Yu Long, the challenger.


He looked at Yu Lang who was lamenting on the ground, this acting skill, slightly exaggerated, was still a little worse than Zhao Gao.


"They are lying, when did I hit him, I just told him to leave me alone and I pushed him a little, I didn't use force at all?" Song Yunfeng was so angry that the veins on his forehead were throbbing.


He didn't want to come to South Wind School this time, but that old dean had sent a message to the Song family earlier, saying that any student who couldn't be present in person to receive an acceptance slot would be considered to have automatically resigned.


So Song Yunfeng could only come knowing full well that he would be inundated with countless furious curses if he came.


Li Luo and Lu Qing'er looked at each other thoughtfully, both of them ignored Song Yunfeng because they felt that in this case, he was afraid that there was a big and careful hand behind the scenes pressing.


As expected, a group of men from the school's security team arrived quickly, and then rushed towards Song Yunfeng and his two guards in a fierce and merciless manner.


"What are you doing?!" The two guards shouted angrily.


"Dare to hit a student of the South Wind School, are you tired of living?" The group of vigilantes set off, and immediately the resonance force broke out directly, swarming and quickly accosting the two guards, while even that Song Yunfeng was hit.


And at that moment, behind that, a line of school tutors came flanking the old dean.


Their faces were tinged with anger, especially that of the old dean, a roar came from afar: "Yunfeng, this is too much, do you think I am already dead? So little respect for the rules of the South Wind School?"


The old dean appeared with an iron face, and the crushing anger made many students shrink their necks.


When Song Yunfeng saw the old dean, his heart sank and he felt some unease.


The old dean swept his gaze across the field, then saw Yu Lang who was lying on the ground wailing, and immediately said angrily: "Song Yunfeng, I didn't expect you to be so heartless, how dare you hit your classmate?" class to death?!"


Song Yunfeng was equally angry and aggrieved, it was too much, I just pushed Yu Lang a little and you said that he was directly incapacitated, it was simply unjustified ah.


However, the old dean did not want to pay attention to his aggrieved and angry look and directly roared: “From now on, deprive Song Yunfeng of his status as a student of the South Wind School and expel him directly!”


"Throw them out!"


Hearing this, the School House's security team immediately responded, before picking up Song Yunfeng and the two guards and heading outside the School House.


Song Yunfeng was still struggling angrily: "I'm not convinced, you can't kick me out of the South Wind School, I haven't broken the rules at all!"


The old dean coldly growled with an expressionless face and said, "If you don't like it, go ahead and sue Xuanxing Sacred Academy, and after Xuanxing Sacred Academy orders the dismissal of my expulsion, it won't be too late for you to come in." at the Xuanxing Sacred Academy then."


Song Yunfeng's angry voice became farther and farther away and finally disappeared completely.


Witnessing the scene, Li Luo whispered to Lu Qing'er, "This is too fake an act."


Lu Qing'er laughed lightly and said, "If Song Yunfeng had entered the top ten, then his acceptance position would have been impossible to remove even if the old dean had not done so, but unfortunately, he was kicked out of the top ten by you." , so that way, the old dean would have had every means to prevent him from getting this extra position."


"If I were the dean of another academy, I might have to keep some rules in mind, but this old dean of ours is very careful, and would rather not lose face than give that breath of anger."


When Song Yunfeng was thrown out, the surrounding crowd, after a moment of silence, suddenly burst into tacit applause.


The old dean waved his hand in triumph and dismissed the crowd, then walked over and kicked the crying Yu Lang, saying with disgust: "Your acting skills need to be honed, if I didn't have a thick skin, I really wouldn't be able to." to bear it."


Yu Lang quickly stood up and shouted, "Old Dean, I didn't even prepare for this sudden mission of yours, after all, this excitement has to have time to brew."


The old dean grunted, but he was clearly in good spirits, a small smile on his pale face.


"I can put up with the cadets who do not contribute to the honor of my South Wind School, but I cannot put up with those cadets who eat their way out of school and who continue trying to harm their classmates."


"When I meet this kind of person, I won't let him gain the slightest advantage over the South Wind School, no matter if it brings me trouble."


Li Luo laughed lightly, this old dean had the impression of being petty and stingy in the minds of many apprentices, but today he felt that this character of the old dean was still very cute.


At the very least, expelling Song Yunfeng from the South Wind School by ignoring the rules was really… It made people feel as if all their thoughts became permeable at once.

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