Chapter 782 Senior Sister Chi Jing

Tianyuan Utopia, Tianyuan Palace.


A majestic and imposing golden palace stood at the highest point of the Tianyuan utopia. As one looked down, numerous floating islands dotted the vast Tianyuan Utopia like points of light.


Security here was very tight and had powerful defenses.


Even if Zhou Yuan was led by Yi Yan, they still underwent many investigations before arriving outside the golden palace.


In front of the palace, Yi Yan straightened his clothes and his relaxed face became more solemn. “This is where Lady Chi Jing takes care of business.”


"Come with me."


He led the group into the golden palace.


Inside the golden palace, the floor was paved with blue stones, and was spacious and simple but imposing and grand.


When they entered, Zhou Yuan immediately noticed multiple eagle gazes moving towards him as if trying to pierce him. Evidently, they were the palace guards.


On the stone steps at the end of the palace hall was a stack of jade official document files. One figure had his head buried in the archives, as if searching for some material.


Sensing that someone had come, the figure raised his head and a voice rang out: "Elder Yi Yan has arrived."


The voice was extremely clear, pleasant but not weak in the slightest. He sounded capable and experienced.


“Lady Chi Jing” Yi Yan said respectfully.


Zhou Yuan's heart pounded as he raised his head to see the figure behind the jade files.


It was a slim woman dressed casually in a long robe. Her skin was fair and her alluring collarbone could be seen at the base of her slender neck. But what was particularly notable was her shoulder-length burgundy hair.


Evidently, his facial features were the type that could withstand careful appreciation. There was a sense of majesty and fierceness in his eyes, and his red lips were slightly raised, giving people a tough feeling.


From his body, Zhou Yuan felt a heroic spirit that was not inferior to any man.


You could say that he is brave and formidable looking.


Zhou Yuan's eyes were completely focused on his chest, which was like a flat land that one could gallop directly on. He finally understood why Master Cang Yuan had told him with a strange expression that he had two 'big brothers'.


Senior Sister Chi Jing was a woman, but no matter whether it was in temperament or appearance, she could be considered an extremely beautiful man.


Zhou Yuan looked at Yi Qiushui and saw that her beautiful face was filled with emotion, her eyes shining with respect and admiration as she looked at Chi Jing.


Chi Jing, who was behind the official files, shifted his gaze to Zhou Yuan and asked, “Are you the Zhou Yuan who has been creating a lot of fuss these days?”


Zhou Yuan nodded.


Chi Jing nodded casually, and his eyes did not stay on Zhou Yuan's body for too long. It was incredibly difficult to tell what he was thinking from his expression. He turned and said to Yi Yan, “Do you want to recommend him as the deputy commander of the Wind Pavilion?”


Chi Jing's slender fingers gently tapped the table as he spoke calmly, "But there is someone who objects."


Yi Yan's brows suddenly wrinkled. "May I ask who?"


"I." Suddenly, a deep voice rang in the palace hall. Yi Yan and Zhou Yuan turned around to see a red-robed old man approaching. Behind the old man was another person who followed him closely. It was Gu Xi.


"Hall Master Gu Yan?" Yi Yan frowned.


The red-robed old man was the hall master of the Scarlet Flame Hall of the Heavenly Spirit Sect, Gu Yan.


Behind Gu Yan, Gu Xi was looking at Zhou Yuan.


Gu Yan arrived at the center of the great hall and gave a cupped fist salute to Chi Jing. “Elder Yi Yan's recommendation does not seem correct. That person’s background is unknown, so how can he take on the position of deputy commander of the Wind Pavilion?”


“The four pavilions were originally designed to attract outstanding young people,” Yi Yan explained. "If Palace Master Gu Yan thinks like this, it might be detrimental to the development of the Four Pavilions."


Gu Yan ignored Yi Yan. After all, her status was higher than his. He simply turned and said to Chi Jing, “Lady Chi Jing, perhaps you can hand this boy over to me for investigation first. “If it passes, it won’t be too late for you to enter the Wind Pavilion.”


Yi Yan was visibly angry.


If Zhou Yuan fell into Gu Yan's hand, there was no telling what he would suffer.


Chi Jing furrowed his thin eyebrows slightly, saying, “There is no need for an investigation, but Zhou Yuan is new here, so some might not be happy if he immediately serves as deputy commander. You can first be temporarily accepted as a member of the Wind Pavilion. “If you make enough achievements in the future, you will have a chance to be promoted.”


Both sides seemed relieved at the same time but also a little disappointed.


Yi Yan and Yi Qiushui were happy that Zhou Yuan could finally be accepted into the Wind Pavilion, but they were disappointed that he was only an ordinary member of the pavilion, which was far from the position of deputy commander.


On the other hand, although Gu Yan was disappointed that he could not deal with Zhou Yuan directly, he could accept the fact that Zhou Yuan only became an ordinary member, because it would not be difficult for them to make things difficult for an ordinary member of the Pavilion of the Wind.


Gu Xi, who was behind Gu Yan, looked at Zhou Yuan maliciously, coldly mocking himself, Don't think that we can't do anything to you after you enter the Wind Pavilion.


Both Yi Yan and Gu Yan were silent for a long while, and in the end, neither of them objected, because they both knew that Chi Jing was experienced in handling matters. He had made both of them take a step back and had also heard the initial demands from both sides. It would be insensitive for them to make another request.


Let alone Yi Yan, even the Hall Master of the Heavenly Spirit Sect, Gu Yan, would not dare to anger Chi Jing.


Seeing that things were settled and Chi Jing seemed to want to ask everyone to leave, Zhou Yuan suddenly became anxious. If he didn't take advantage of this opportunity, he might not be able to see Chi Jing again.


Immediately, he took a large step forward and spoke loudly and clearly: “Lady Chi Jing, I believe that I am competent enough for the position of deputy commander.”


Even Yi Yan's expression changed abruptly when he heard this. "Disrespectful!"


How could Zhou Yuan recommend himself on such an occasion? If he angered Lady Chi Jing, he might even lose the chance to join the Wind Pavilion.


He looked worriedly at Chi Jing and as expected, saw her frowning at the shameless Zhou Yuan.


Gu Yan couldn't help but laugh, “This kid doesn't know the vastness of the sky. If he is allowed to join the Wind Pavilion, he will only drag down the young talents of the Tianyuan region.


"I beg Lady Chi Jing to expel him from Tianyuan Utopia!"


Yi Yan hurriedly explained: "Lady Chi Jing, Zhou Yuan did not mean to offend."


Seeing that Chi Jing was about to speak, Zhou Yuan took a deep breath and secretly activated the Primordial Chaos Divine Whetstone Visualization Method.


Chi Jing's face darkened slightly. In fact, she was somewhat dissatisfied with Zhou Yuan's behavior because she was already protecting him with her decisions. He initially planned to promote Zhou Yuan in the future if he performed well. At that time, no one could say anything or oppose him, but Zhou Yuan's forced self-recommendation seemed too impolite.


So she planned to give him a little punishment.


"Impudence," he said in a lower tone.


Yi Yan knew that Chi Jing had become a little angry.


However, just as he was about to continue, he suddenly saw a flash between Zhou Yuan's eyebrows. Then he felt something that made his body suddenly stiff.


He immediately stopped the words that were on the tip of his tongue, even biting his tongue in the process.


Pain and shock appeared simultaneously in his heart. At this moment, even someone like Chi Jing had a blank expression on his face. Then he suddenly slapped the documents with his palms.








Chi Jing's eyes widened.


Yi Qiushui clenched her hands tightly, panic rising within her.


Lady Chi Jing was furious?


Just when everyone was waiting for Chi Jing to burst into rage, he finally calmed his emotions. His voice rang.


"You are not bad! I admire you!"


"You will be the deputy director of the Wind Pavilion!"


The entire palace hall fell silent.

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