Chapter 784 Big Sister

The black mottled brush was covered with traces of the passage of time. There were nine ancient Genesis Runes flickering around the body of the brush. Looking at the black brush, even Chi Jing couldn't help but feel a surge of emotion in his heart, and tears blurred his eyes.


Evidently, he recognized the unique weapon that belonged to Cang Yuan.


Chi Jing quickly calmed her emotions and looked at Zhou Yuan with a hint of excitement in her eyes. "Is our master okay?"


After Cang Yuan suddenly left, no matter how hard Chi Jing tried, she couldn't find any news about him. His disappearance led to rumors that Cang Yuan had died, and brought great pressure to the entire Tianyuan region.


But now, she finally received news from Cang Yuan, so how could she not be excited?


Zhou Yuan nodded with a smile. “Our master is fine, but he cannot appear in Hunyuan Heaven. All these years, he has been fighting against the sacred race."


"Sacred race..."


Chi Jing's eyes turned cold. Only the sacred race could force their master not to appear for so many years.


However, knowing that his master was alive, the weight of a huge boulder finally lifted from his mind and a rare smile spread across his face.


He did not doubt whether Zhou Yuan was telling the truth or not, because he knew that both the Primordial Chaos Divine Whetstone Visualization Method and the Heavenly Yuan Brush had to be handed over by his master on his own initiative. These were his greatest treasures. Even if she and her elder brother had their eyes on them for a long time, their master still didn't give them to them in the end.


Therefore, no one in the world could take the Heavenly Yuan Brush away from Cang Yuan without his consent.


"I didn't think I'd have a younger brother." Chi Jing curiously studied Zhou Yuan like a little girl watching her favorite toy.


Zhou Yuan trembled from the look in his eyes.


Chi Jing chuckled, "I had asked our teacher to take in another disciple before so I could teach them, but our teacher's standards were too high and I was disappointed for a long time."


"Lady Chi Jing—" Zhou Yuan laughed dryly.


Chi Jing's expression became stern and she corrected him: "Call me big sister!"


"Senior Sister Chi Jing."


"Say it again."


"Older sister".




"Older sister".




After repeating himself many times in a row, Chi Jing finally revealed a look of satisfaction and said, “Back then, that bastard also forced me to respectfully call him big brother every day. "It's finally revenge."


Zhou Yuan looked confused.


Then go find our big brother to get revenge. What does that have to do with me?


However, he could tell that her attitude towards him was undoubtedly many times better after confirming his identity. It was much friendlier and its previous oppression had completely vanished.


“Little brother, since you are our master's disciple, why do you have to cover it up? If he reveals his identity, no one in the Tianyuan region would dare to touch him. And that Gu Yan wouldn’t dare to make things difficult for you either,” Chi Jing asked. Zhou Yuan did not expose his identity in public and had instead secretly operated the Primordial Chaos Divine Whetstone Visualization Method, which was only noticed by Chi Jing, who had also practiced this spiritual tempering method before.




Obviously, because Zhou Yuan did not want to expose his identity, Chi Jing also did not question him on the spot and instead cautiously sent Yi Yan, Gu Yan and the others before confirming his identity.


“You should know that when our master founded the Tianyuan Region, he established the rule that all of his disciples were qualified to become founding members in charge of the Tianyuan Region. “If you reveal your identity, even if you only possess the strength of the Divine Dwelling stage, you will still become the sixth person in charge of the Tianyuan Region.”


Zhou Yuan smacked his lips when he heard this. When Master Cang Yuan was not present, the founding members were the supreme leaders of the Tianyuan region and could be said to rule the world. No wonder his master rarely accepted disciples. With such an identity, even in front of an expert in the Domain of Law, they would be equal.


However, he finally shook his head and explained, “Our master said that I cannot reveal to the outside world that I am his third disciple. Otherwise , the other supreme sovereigns of Hunyuan Heaven will try to find him through me.”


“When he left, for some reason, he was at odds with the other supreme sovereigns of Hunyuan Heaven, so he needed to prevent them from finding him.”


He didn't say anything about Yaoyao because he knew that this matter involved a lot of things, and he wanted to avoid it if possible.


Chi Jing froze for a moment and then whispered, “I understand. No wonder all these years I have always felt that there is something strange about the way the other regions treated the Tianyuan region.”


However, Chi Jing was somewhat relieved upon seeing the calmness that Zhou Yuan showed towards that position. After all, there were not many people who could resist such a temptation.


His master's vision was as good as ever.


And if Zhou Yuan knew what he was thinking, he would have felt a little embarrassed. In his opinion, although the position was high and powerful, he would not want it if it would bring him mortal danger.


No position was as important as his little life!


“Senior Sister, I came to the Tianyuan Region this time on the orders of our master. There is something I have to ask you for help with, Senior Sister.” Zhou Yuan’s expression had become extremely solemn because this was his true purpose for coming here.


"Our master's mission?" Chi Jing nodded. If, as Zhou Yuan had said before, it was inconvenient for his master to appear himself, then it must be an extremely important matter for him to send his younger junior brother.


“Our master said that the Ancestral Dragon Lantern is controlled by the nine regions in turn. Next time, the Tianyuan Region must control it.”


"Ancestral Dragon Lantern?"


Chi Jing did not expect that his master's mission would be related to that item.


“The Ancestral Dragon Lantern ranks second among the sacred treasures in the world. When that lantern is activated, it can give birth to the Ancestral Dragon's Chaos Flame. This flame has two forms: one is the flame of life and the other is the flame of destruction.”


“The flame of life is a sacred object to strengthen the body. “Once accepted, your master’s body will be unrivaled, and even the legendary Ancestral Dragon item can be born.”


"The flame of destruction can incinerate even saint experts."


A simple sentence already showed his tyrannical power.


Zhou Yuan was also surprised upon hearing this. The Ancestral Dragon Lantern was truly a peerless sacred item. It is no wonder that it is necessary for the nine regions to jointly control it. No one dared to possess it alone.


“The Ancestral Dragon Lantern is jointly managed by the nine regions, and every few years there will be a Meeting of the Nine Regions, where the most prominent region will receive the right to be in charge of the Ancestral Dragon Lantern until the next Meeting of the Ancestral Dragon Lantern. Nine Regions… "


“Then Tianyuan Region has to be the champion of the next Nine Regions Meeting,” Zhou Yuan said.


Chi Jing shook her head in distress. "Do you know what the Tianyuan Region's ranking was at the Nine Regions Meeting last time?"


Zhou Yuan blinked, a bad feeling arising in his heart.


Chi Jing rubbed his forehead and spat out a ranking that made Zhou Yuan's heart sink.



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