Chapter 785 Meeting of Nine Regions



Zhou Yuan's face stiffened. At this moment he felt that the Ancestral Dragon Lantern was very distant.


Chi Jing pursed her lips. “The Tianyuan region was not so miserable before, but our master suddenly disappeared and rumors of his death spread.”


“This has caused an unstable movement in the Tianyuan region, and people no longer agree. It has become quite problematic because of this. Even if the news about our master is not confirmed, the Tianyuan region will most likely fall from the position of one of the nine regions…”


“This is also the main reason why our elder brother dedicated himself to secluded cultivation. Only when he enters the Saint stage will it be possible to stabilize the Tianyuan region.” Speaking of this, his expression became visibly cold and a palpable oppressive aura spread. It was clear that the pressure she had been under over the years had been enormous.


“I remember our teacher told me that the Nine Regions Meeting is considered a training experience for the younger generation,” Zhou Yuan murmured.


Chi Jing nodded. “The Nine Regions Meeting was at first a kind of social exchange, but most of the high-level figures from each region could not come in person as that would damage their identity and status. So, over time, it became a competition among the younger generations and can now be considered a training experience.”


"Is the younger generation of Tianyuan Region so bad?" Zhou Yuan couldn't help but ask.


"It's not that the younger generation of the Tianyuan region is not good, it's that they are not of the same heart."


Chi Jing frowned. “After our master's disappearance, there has been a movement in the Heavenly Spirit Sect. “They joined forces with the White Clan and the Profound Crystal Clan to form the largest sect in the Tianyuan Region .”


“They now occupy three seats of the five great elders, which is also the reason why the Heavenly Spirit Sect has the greatest power to influence or make decisions in the Tianyuan region today. If our master had not dissuaded the Heavenly Spirit Sect from betraying the Tianyuan Region, I suspect they would want independence.”


“And the most notable young people of the Tianyuan region are all gathered in the four pavilions. Of the four pavilions, only the Wind Pavilion is under my control.


“But even so, they are trying to infiltrate the Wind Pavilion, trying to obtain the Wind Pavilion as well. “This has resulted in the Wind Pavilion’s pavilion master position being vacant all these years.”


Zhou Yuan frowned. From the looks of it, the Tianyuan region was really suffering from internal and external problems. Under these circumstances, it would not be easy to maintain the status of one of the nine regions and, in fact, it would be difficult to compete with the other eight regions.


“In the past there would be a chief pavilion master of the four pavilions, but since our master's disappearance, the Tianyuan region has become chaotic and everyone is competing with each other. There has never been a main pavilion master who can really convince people of the younger generation to join. Given the disunited circumstances, how could they perform well at the Nine Regions Meeting?" Chi Jing said helplessly.


Zhou Yuan's eyes flashed. “Anyway, no matter what, we cannot give up on the Nine Regions Meeting this time. If the four pavilions are not unified, we will reunite them!"


Since the Ancestral Dragon Lantern was linked to stopping Yaoyao's death, Zhou Yuan absolutely would not give up.


Chi Jing looked at Zhou Yuan with admiration. His fighting spirit and courage were truly commendable. Since this was his master's task, he would naturally do his best to help.


"You are brave. Then, before the Nine Regions Meeting, I think I should compete for the position of pavilion master.” Chi Jing nodded, as if this was the most natural thing to do.


"So what should I do?" Zhou Yuan uttered in an embarrassed voice.


“If our master was present, I could have made you the main pavilion master of the four pavilions immediately, but I do not have that authority. Then you must rely on your achievements, and I can only help you push away the waves and make the Heavenly Spirit Sect unable to say anything.”


“I have already appointed you as the deputy pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion, so I think your next task is to become the pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion first.”


"After all, only the four pavilion masters are qualified to compete for the position of chief pavilion master."


“Currently, besides you, there are two other deputy pavilion masters named Chen Beifeng and Ye Bingling respectively. Chen Beifeng was sent by the Heavenly Spirit Sect, and Ye Bingling is one of my people.”


“Some time ago I was going to appoint a commander of the Wind Pavilion as deputy pavilion director, but now that you are here, it can be you.”


"Chen Beifeng and Ye Bingling... how strong are they?" Zhou Yuan asked.


“Mo Yuan, whom you defeated, is ranked in the top 500 on the Hunyuan Heaven Divine Dwelling List, while Chen Beifeng and Ye Bingling are in the top 100. They are also extremely famous sky proud in the Tianyuan region.”


"But you don't have to worry about reaching the Divine Housing List, that's a lot to do."


Zhou Yuan sighed inwardly. As expected, Hunyuan Heaven was indeed the most powerful heaven. Even Mo Yuan only ranked in the 500s. This was simply terrifying.


"So, my main competitor is Chen Beifeng, right?"


“Yes, but Ye Bingling is also arrogant and proud. If he thinks you are not strong enough, he will not obey you,” Chi Jing said with a smile.


Zhou Yuan nodded calmly. If she didn't obey, he would beat her until she did.


“Tomorrow, you will formally serve in the Wind Pavilion. As long as I can win the position of pavilion master and then occupy the position of chief pavilion master in the future, we will dominate the four pavilions. And we will have the qualification to compete with the other eight regions in the Meeting of the Nine Regions.”


"Is there a problem with this?" She looked at Zhou Yuan.


Zhou Yuan pondered for a moment, then suddenly raised the Heavenly Yuan Brush and said, “The Heavenly Yuan Brush is a weapon exclusive to our master, if he used it in the Tianyuan Region, wouldn't anyone notice?”


“You don't need to worry about this. There are many people in the Tianyuan region who respect our master, so his unique weapon is no longer new. There are many Brush-type weapons now .”


“But the nine Genesis Runes on the Heavenly Yuan Brush are very special…”


He took the Heavenly Yuan Brush and gently wiped his slender palm on the body of the Speckled Brush. The nine ancient Genesis Runes immediately disappeared.


“I will hide them. As long as the brush does not fall into the hands of other Law Domain experts, it is impossible to recognize it.”


Zhou Yuan examined it and was relieved to find that the nine ancient Genesis Runes were only obscured, not erased. "Thank you, big sister."


She waved her hand. "It's nothing, it's for our master's mission."


"By the way, do you need me to arrange accommodation for you?"


Zhou Yuan shook his head. "To prevent others from knowing our relationship, we cannot act too close, so I will stay with Elder Yi Yan for now."


“It's because of your beautiful granddaughter, right? Yi Qiushui is not bad, I am also very optimistic about her,” Chi Jing joked. She seemed to have the potential to be a gossip.


Zhou Yuan shook his head helplessly, and they continued to chat for a bit before saying goodbye.


Seeing his back figure as he left, Chi Jing pressed his palm against his chest. An extremely rare look of joy appeared in his eyes, which was completely different from his usual cold and imposing expression.


"My master is fine..."


Finally a great weight was lifted from his head. What had worried him most over the years was finally resolved.


"This younger brother has a pretty good personality."


Chi Jing had a very good impression of Zhou Yuan after their first meeting, but whether Zhou Yuan could successfully establish himself in the Wind Pavilion and take the position of pavilion master, she was not very sure.


After all, numerous notable celestial prides from the Tianyuan region gathered in the Wind Pavilion. They were all arrogant and rebellious, and barely listened. Otherwise, the position of pavilion master would not have been vacant for so long.


But she believed in Zhou Yuan because he had to have outstanding qualities if he could become his master's disciple.


"I can help you endure other pressures, but in the Wind Pavilion, you will have to rely on your own abilities..."


Chi Jing's murmur sounded within the golden palace hall.

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