Chapter 787 Storm



The white lion's thunderous roar echoed in the void.


Three figures landed on the high platform under many gazes.


Yi Yan scanned the audience, his gaze stopping on Chen Beifeng and Ye Bingling.


"We pay tribute to Elder Yi Yan." Chen Beifeng and Ye Bingling gave a cupped fist salute. Before becoming the pavilion master, his status would be lower than Yi Yan.


Yi Yan nodded slightly to the two.


Then, Ye Bingling cast her beautiful eyes at the man and woman behind Yi Yan. But she simply glanced at Zhou Yuan before fixing her eyes on Yi Qiushui.


“Is she the new deputy ward teacher? Although she is not weak, she is not strong enough to become a deputy pavilion master,” Ye Bingling muttered to herself as she frowned.


At the same time, Zhou Yuan's gaze also met the thousands of extraordinary young figures in front of him. Seeing so many heaven-proud youths gathered together, he couldn't help but marvel at the fact that Hunyuan Heaven was truly blessed by heaven…




Yi Yan suddenly coughed lightly and drew all eyes towards him. Then he smiled slightly and said, "Presumably, everyone knows that there will be a third pavilion attendant from the Wind Pavilion today."


The smile of the man named Jin Teng grew wider. He had also quickly studied Zhou Yuan and Yi Qiushui, who were behind Yi Yan. He had only looked at Zhou Yuan, who was at the middle stage of Divine Dwelling, but had paid more attention to Yi Qiushui, who was at the late stage of Divine Dwelling.


However, after a cursory glance, he knew that Yi Qiushui's Genesis Qi foundation was not as strong as his own. He quickly got rid of his previous worry because he knew that Yi Qiushui had no qualifications to take over as deputy pavilion master.


And since it wasn't her, who but Jin Teng would be a suitable candidate?


"Next, I would like to introduce you to..."


Yi Yan stroked his beard and stepped to the side to let Zhou Yuan step forward.


Low sounds of disturbance arose in the courtyard, and numerous eyes widened in disbelief.


“This is the third deputy pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion, Zhou Yuan. It was named by Lady Chi Jing.” Yi Yan did not deliberately keep everyone in suspense, and finished speaking in one go.


The smile on Jin Teng's face faded and his face stiffened.


All the commotion in the square suddenly stopped, and only the howling wind could be heard.


With difficulty, Ye Bingling shifted his gaze from Yi Qiushui to Zhou Yuan, whom he had ignored from the beginning. At this moment, he felt a sense of absurdity.


Had someone from the middle stage of the Divine Dwelling become a deputy pavilion master?


Chen Beifeng was similarly looking at Zhou Yuan with a thoughtful smile.


Did Lady Chi Jing want to ruin the Wind Pavilion? Did you think anyone might join?


Zhou Yuan calmly scanned the strangely silent square, and Yi Qiushui revealed a worried expression on his face because he knew very well how arrogant and proud these heavenly prides in the Wind Pavilion were.


It seemed that Zhou Yuan becoming deputy pavilion master would cause quite a storm.


The silence in the square lasted for more than ten breaths before a shocking noise erupted.


"Do not joke! How can someone from the middle stage of the Divine Dwelling become one of the deputy pavilion masters of the Wind Pavilion?”


“What do you think the Wind Pavilion is?! A landfill? This is absolutely ridiculous!"


“This is definitely not Lady Chi Jing's order! Someone has definitely transmitted the wrong order!"


"Get out of the Wind Pavilion!"




All the members of the Wind Pavilion became enraged because they were proud to be part of the Wind Pavilion. They were ferocious wolves, but were they going to be led by a hunting dog? Wasn't that an insult to them?


"Has Lady Chi Jing become senile?"


Hearing this comment, Ye Bingling immediately raised his eyebrow and blurted out, “Impudence.”


She stamped her foot, and icy Genesis Qi suddenly spread outward from her feet. The Genesis Qi roared, shattering the crowd behind her, and then, with a loud bang, it turned into countless sharp icicles surrounding a figure.


The man surrounded by the icicles turned pale and was afraid to move an inch.


"Whoever dares to insult Lady Chi Jing again should not blame me for being impolite!" Ye Bingling warned, his face frozen.


Seeing Ye Bingling furious, many Wind Pavilion members also froze.


“Deputy Pavilion Master Ye, don’t be angry. They simply couldn't contain their emotions. Naturally, they are full of respect for Lady Chi Jing. Who would dare to insult her?” Jin Teng stepped forward and said calmly.


He glanced at Zhou Yuan on the platform. “But this matter is a bit strange. How can someone from the middle stage of Divine Dwelling be qualified to become a deputy pavilion master?”


“If this matter reaches the ears of the people of the other three pavilions, our Wind Pavilion will truly become a joke.”


"We won't be able to hold our heads up high in the future."


Yi Yan frowned. “Zhou Yuan is only at the middle stage of Divine Dwelling, but he has defeated Mo Yuan who is at the late stage of Divine Dwelling, so his strength should not be judged by his cultivation level.”


Everyone's eyes widened and they turned to look at Zhou Yuan, bewildered.


It was obvious that everyone present knew who Mo Yuan was. After all, he was ranked on the Divine Dwelling List, and although his ranking was not high, he was stronger than most of the people present.


Ye Bingling was also a little surprised.


He defeated Mo Yuan while he was still in the middle stage of Divine Dwelling? Could it be that Zhou Yuan was quite capable?


Jin Teng was surprised at first; He then commented indifferently, “Did he defeat Mo Yuan? "That's pretty impressive."


It was just that he seemed to have spoken in a slightly sarcastic tone.


“Mo Yuan's strength is quite good, but it is not a benchmark. If he can become a deputy pavilion master just because he has defeated Mo Yuan, then there would not only be two deputy pavilion masters after all these years.”


Jin Teng was also ranked on the Divine Dwelling List, and was ranked higher than Mo Yuan. Others might be surprised that Zhou Yuan beat Mo Yuan, but this would not shock him.


Yi Yan's face darkened as he saw that Jin Teng was pestering him incessantly. "Are you trying to go against Lady Chi Jing's orders?"


“I don't dare to do it. Why would I say so much if it weren’t for Lady Chi Jing’s prestige?” Jin Teng explained respectfully.


“All the young people of the Wind Pavilion respect and admire Lady Chi Jing. We don't want a mistake to cause resentment in everyone's hearts. "In the long run, it is not beneficial to the development of the Wind Pavilion."


Yi Yan opened his mouth and was about to speak when Zhou Yuan stepped forward. Zhou Yuan looked Jin Teng straight in the eyes and smiled. “What can I do to prove that I am qualified to be a deputy ward master?”


He could already tell that Jin Teng was doing everything he could to prevent him from taking the position.


Jin Teng's lips curled into a disdainful smile when he saw that Zhou Yuan had finally introduced himself. "It's simple, the people of the Wind Pavilion only focus on strength and not substance."


Zhou Yuan nodded gently. His expression suddenly turned cold the next moment.




A powerful stream of Genesis Qi gushed directly from his body, and two haloes of confusingly colored Divine Dwelling appeared behind him.




He took a step forward.


A pair of mysterious wings of light appeared around his body.


"Omega Holy Spirit Art!"


He turned his palm and a sword pill emerged.


"Devil Sweeping Sword Orb!"


The monstrous sword Qi rose into the sky, causing many Wind Pavilion members to turn pale.




The sword Qi stretched infinitely, wrapped around the sword pill, and turned into a sword of light.


Zhou Yuan still did not stop. He wiped his palm on the sword body, and the Heavenly Serpent Qi diffused and formed blue scales around the sword body!


Sword Qi flooded the world.


Zhou Yuan stared at Jin Teng like a sharp sword, and with a wave of his sleeve, that ray of sword light directly pierced the void under countless shocked gazes. It was aimed directly at Jin Teng!


At the same time, a cold and indifferent voice was heard.


"If you can take this sword, I will let you be the deputy pavilion master!"

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