Chapter 79 Vacation

Today, the South Wind School held a graduation ceremony, and this year's class of students will officially finish their training, and then go to other higher education institutions in Great Xia, either to continue their training, or to change to other professions, and from then on, they will be on different sides of the world, and may not meet again.


And after the Grand Ceremony, Li Luo, Lu Qing'er, Yu Lang and Zhao Gao were called to their courtyard alone by the old dean.


“This time, for the Great School Exam, the four of you have preserved the number one school signature for the South Wind School, so to speak I thank you.” The old dean pruned the flowers and plants in the courtyard, then turned to look at the four of them and smiled.


Zhao Gao scratched his head, he really understood that he hadn't contributed much, he had only been in Li Luo's light.


On the contrary, Yu Lang was smiling and smiling, with a ruthless look, as if he had really spilled blood and blocked knives for the South Wind School.


Li Luo laughed: "Old Dean, if you just call us to thank us verbally, it is not very necessary."


The old dean said in an unpleasant voice: "In the eyes of you little ones, I'm just an old stingy man, aren't I?"


Yu Lang said angrily: “Dean, you are the person I respect the most, I will not allow you to talk about yourself like that, I suggest you remove the word dead!”


The old dean raised the scissors in his hand and was about to cut off the lower half of Yu Lang's body, causing Yu Lang to jump back two steps with a white face and frightened eyes.




The old dean grunted and said, "From now on, all of you will be considered to have left the South Wind School, and within two months you will head to the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, which is a place with which you little things "They could only dream, but no matter how far they could go in the future, they will always be the students who leave my South Wind School."


"But although your results this time are not bad, don't let it make you arrogant, because only when you wait until the Xuanxing Holy Academy will you know how vast this Great Xia really is and how deep the hidden dragons and crouching tigers are." .


"Of course... If you can be like Jiang Qing'e, then forget what I said."


The few present nodded at the old dean's admonition, because apart from Yu Lang, who was very disoriented, the other three were still very stable, especially Li Luo, who, if not for this big exam, would probably still be hiding underground and no one I would know its depth.


When the old dean finished his warning, he reached out his hand and took out from his chest four small glass vials in which was a pale yellow ball from which a faint aroma emanated.


"This is the Bitter Lotus Pill, you can swallow it and refine it when your resonance power reaches ten seals, it can accelerate the coalescence of resonance seeds and increase the chances of coalescence success, it is some extra reward for you for this great exam."


The four of them were a little surprised upon hearing this. Unlike consumable products like Spiritual Light Water, which were consumed in large quantities, pills were a bit scarcer and more expensive, so the old dean was somewhat generous in taking out four Bitter Lotus Pills.


Li Luo and the others had heard of this Bitter Lotus Pill, which was said to require the sap of the Resonance Power Tree as a medicinal elixir, so generally only great universities were capable of refining this item, and For beginners in the Realm of Ten Seals, the Bitter Lotus Pill was considered the best elixir.


After all, many people who condense the resonance seed may fail several times, delaying precious cultivation time, while the Bitter Lotus Pill is able to reduce this probability of failure, and it is clearly precious.


"Old Dean, whoever dares to tell me, Yu Lang, that you are stingy again in the future, I will be the first to get angry with him!" Yu Lang promised with a solemn face.


The old dean gave him a sidelong glance, but was unbothered by this notorious wanker from the South Wind School, and nonchalantly tossed the pills in his hand to the four men.


“Go ahead, although it is a bit annoying, I have to admit that the Xuanxing Sacred Academy is truly the best academy, and there is no academy within the Great Xia that can compare to it.”


"Furthermore, only when you enter the Xuanxing Holy Academy will you be exposed to the reality about this world."


"You have an exciting future ahead of you and I look forward to learning more and more about you here at South Wind School."


Hearing the old dean's faint words, the four of them became a little emotional for a moment, then bowed and bowed to the former before leaving again.


And when Li Luo was about to leave, the old dean looked at his back and suddenly laughed: "Li Luo, good boy, you have not disgraced your parents."


Li Luo's footsteps thumped as he looked at the clouds rolling over the South Wind School, and he inexplicably felt his nose sink a little. He originally thought that he no longer cared about the opinions of the viewers, but these words from the old dean still made him feel that all these efforts he had made were not in vain.


In fact, he understands that it is not what others think that matters to him, it is simply that he does not want to be a stain on his parents.


Because he loved those two old fathers and mothers who didn't seem to be very reliable.


Apparently, they did too.




After finishing his training at the South Wind School, Li Luo returned to his usual work pace again. As he himself said, he did not relax in the slightest about getting first place in the Tianshu County Academy Grand Examination, because no matter what angle he took, it could only be considered a small fight.


After two months of leave, he will go to the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, where he will find out how many young talents there are in this Great Xia.


This time, however, he vowed that when he arrived at the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, he would keep an even lower profile.


And during these two months of vacation, Li Luo set his goal to reach the Ten Seal Realm, and if possible, try to see if he could condense the Resonance Seed and enter the Resonance Master Realm.


In some other counties, it was said that the students of the Realm of Ten Seals had already appeared in the Grand Examination, and if they passed the two-month vacation again, those truly superior students would inevitably possess the strength of the first stage of the Realm of Ten Seals. the Resonance Masters, so Li Luo felt like he couldn't relax.


Of course, all this is not the most important thing, the most important thing is... He is counting the last five years of his life!


At the end of the day, as important as it is to go unnoticed, obviously, your own little life is more important!





And as the vacation time passed quietly, so that about half a month had passed, Li Luo discovered that his resonance power had, as expected, reached the ninth seal.


Furthermore, in the practice of Wonderful Spiritual Light Water, Li Luo's level was also improving by leaps and bounds, and today, he was able to refine a second grade Wonderful Spiritual Light Water, and was considered a qualified master of second degree of tempering.


So overall, this Li Luo is quite satisfied with the improvement he has achieved during this half month of vacation.


However, as his resonance power level gradually approached the Resonance Master realm, Li Luo also began to look through the "Resonanceless Divine Forging Technique" that Li Taixuan and Tantai Lan had left him, Because he had to consider a very important question, that is, when he reached the Resonance Master realm, what attributes should he refine in his second Resonance Palace, and what attributes should he refine as a supplement? What attributes should you perfect in your second resonance palace?

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