Chapter 792 Fifth Heaven

Although Zhou Yuan was now very interested in the Four Spirits Origin Tower, he did not rush to take a look immediately. After all, he had recently joined the Wind Pavilion and there would be a long time in the future.


Next, Ye Bingling took Zhou Yuan to his accommodation. As deputy pavilion master, he was given a nice little multi-story house. The little house was located in the middle of a mountain and was surrounded by fog, which gave it a relaxing atmosphere.


Yi Qiushui was an ordinary Wind Pavilion member, but she received preferential treatment because she was a girl. They gave him a nice cabin that overlooked the water. It was a quiet and simple place.


After settling the two of them, Ye Bingling said goodbye and left. However, just before he left, he arranged for them to visit the Four Spirits Origin Tower the next day.


After seeing off the two girls, Zhou Yuan had a simple meal before sitting on his bed to begin his daily cultivation.


There were only two months left until the selection of the pavilion master. Within these two months, Zhou Yuan needed to do everything he could to increase his strength.


With a swift movement, two high-grade Divine Dwelling medicines appeared. He reached out and grabbed one with each hand. As the deputy master of the Wind Pavilion, he now had a constant flow of medicine from the Divine Dwelling and no longer needed to be thrifty like before.


As Zhou Yuan entered a state of cultivation, the two Divine Dwelling medicines in his hands began to glow. Countless specks of light appeared and poured into Zhou Yuan's body.


The wall between the fourth and fifth heavens in his Divine Dwelling slowly began to thin under the surging Genesis Qi.


After four hours, Zhou Yuan opened his eyes again as the Divine Dwelling medicines in his hands turned into dust.


“The division between the heavens of the Divine Dwelling is finally showing signs of breaking!”


A hint of excitement appeared in Zhou Yuan's eyes. He had worked on this particular barrier for a long time and had consumed many Divine Dwelling medicines in the process. It was good to feel like it was finally approaching perfection.


Once he broke the barrier, the fifth heaven would assimilate with the other four, providing a substantial boost to his Genesis Qi foundations.


Zhou Yuan took a deep breath and did not give up on the rare possibility of a breakthrough. With a wave of his sleeve, a dozen Divine Dwelling medicines appeared and silently fluttered around him.


He closed his eyes again as the dozen Divine Dwelling medicines revolving around him began to glow. Countless spots of Genesis Qi light spread out and flowed into his body through his nose.


The Genesis Qi undulations that spread from his body began to stir violently.


As time passed, the dazzlingly resplendent Divine Dwelling medicines slowly dimmed one by one before finally turning into dust…


When the final medicine of the Divine Dwelling disintegrated, the divider between the fourth and fifth heavens in his Divine Dwelling finally shattered.


The boundless Genesis Qi advanced like a flood in his fourth heaven and poured into the fifth.


A mysterious power rose from the fifth heaven and collided with the incoming Genesis Qi before quickly merging with it.


The fusion resulted in Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi foundation steadily increasing.


Genesis Qi boiled volatilely within the room.


Azure golden light spread from Zhou Yuan's body as a snake's roar echoed faintly. A blue snake seemed to coil around his body as he breathed Genesis Qi.


This scene lasted for an entire time before slowly dissipating.


Zhou Yuan's eyes widened again, inconceivable joy pouring out of them. The corners of his mouth raised slightly as he sensed the Genesis Qi in his Divine Dwelling.


“My Genesis Qi foundations… should have reached eleven million.”


Before breaking through the wall to the fifth heaven of the Divine Dwelling, Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi foundation had been around the eight million level. After assimilating the fifth heaven, he had gained approximately three million Genesis Qi stars.


If Ye Bingling found out about this, she would probably be so shocked that her mouth would hang ajar.


Normally speaking, even a low-grade nine heaven Divine Dwelling owner like her would gain a million Genesis Qi stars when she unlocked a new heaven Divine Dwelling. In contrast, Zhou Yuan had obtained triple that amount!


More importantly, Zhou Yuan was still in the middle stage of Divine Dwelling. When he entered the advanced stage of Divine Dwelling, the higher level Divine Dwelling dividers he broke would provide him with an even greater boost in Genesis Qi.


“At this rate, my Genesis Qi foundation will probably reach thirty million when I unlock the nine heavens of Divine Dwelling and reach the peak of the advanced stage of Divine Dwelling.” Even Zhou Yuan himself couldn't help but be surprised by those thoughts.


A base of thirty million Genesis Qi stars . What kind of concept was this?


Even without using any Genesis techniques, that overwhelming amount of Genesis Qi alone could crush some advanced Divine Dwelling stage experts!


At this very moment, Zhou Yuan finally felt the benefits of his Chaos Divine Dwelling variant.


“I wonder whose Genesis Qi foundation will be greater compared to the legendary ten Divine Dwellings of Youwei?” Zhou Yuan was very curious to know.


However, he soon discarded these useless thoughts.


"Although eleven million is not weak, it probably cannot match Chen Beifeng and Ye Bingling." A thoughtful look emerged on Zhou Yuan's face. Although he had yet to see Chen Beifeng or Ye Bingling in action, he could sense from the brief contact with Ye Bingling that his Genesis Qi foundations had probably surpassed eleven million.


An advanced Divine Dwelling expert with a nine-heaven Divine Dwelling was not to be underestimated, even if it was a low-grade nine-heaven Divine Dwelling.


Although his advancement in cultivation had narrowed the gap between them, it had not allowed him to surpass them. This was still not enough insurance for the selection of the pavilion master in two months.


"I'll go take a look at the Four Spirits Origin Tower tomorrow first."


Anticipation surged in Zhou Yuan's heart. He had a feeling that the Four Spirits Origin Tower would not let him down.




Early in the morning of the next day.


When Zhou Yuan opened his doors, he saw three figures standing on the misty cliff in front of him. The first two were Ye Bingling and Yi Qiushui. He was a little surprised when he saw the third figure, which turned out to be Liu Zhixuan from before.


Liu Qiushui smiled and explained upon seeing Zhou Yuan emerge: "Liu Zhixuan is also a newcomer to the Wind Pavilion, so he will join us today."


Zhou Yuan nodded and smiled at Liu Zhixuan. Although he and Qiu Ling were disciples of noble clans in Xiaoxuan Prefecture, Zhou Yuan had a completely different impression of him compared to Qiu Ling.


“I never expected that Brother Zhou Yuan would become a deputy master of the Wind Pavilion in the few days since we met. If I had known, I would have tried to flatter him more while we were in Xuanzhou City.” Liu Zhixuan clasped his fists with a smile on his handsome face.


Zhou Yuan showed a helpless smile in response to their taunts.


Ye Bingling had not spoken from the beginning; although there was a trace of curiosity in his icy eyes as he looked at Zhou Yuan. He could feel a slight sense of danger from him.


The Genesis Qi in his body rippled a little, instinctively warding off him.


One must know that Zhou Yuan was unable to make his Genesis Qi involuntarily adopt that posture the day before.


Zhou Yuan's gaze changed, as he had sensed the slightest changes in Ye Bingling. He immediately realized that it was because he had not completely suppressed his Genesis Qi due to his recent advancement in cultivation, allowing him to detect something.


As such, he quickly composed himself and the countless dazzling stars in his Divine Dwelling slowly fell silent.


The weak aura that had been seeping out immediately disappeared.


Ye Bingling's eyes flashed slightly before she cast a meaningful look at Zhou Yuan. In the end, she didn't comment on it and said, “Let's go. "I will take you to the Four Spirits Origin Tower."


He rose into the air as his voice rang out.


Zhou Yuan, Yi Qiushui, and Liu Zhixuan hurriedly followed him.


The group of four turned into glowing silhouettes as they left Wind Island, passing through layer after layer of wind as they headed southeast. They saw countless figures on the road that were evidently heading to the same destination.


After half a time of incense stick, a small floating island appeared before their sights.


Countless figures emerged from all directions, landing on the island one after another. It was clearly a very popular place.


As they got closer, Zhou Yuan was finally able to make out a single large structure looming over the floating island.


The structure had four corners, each with a giant tower. Long stone steps extended from the giant towers and met in the center where a large circular plaza could be seen.


Ye Bingling pointed at the peculiar structure as he looked towards the Zhou Yuan trio with a slight smile.


"Welcome to the Four Spirits Origin Tower."

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