Chapter 799 Punishment

"Ninety origin coins?"


Upon hearing this number, the Jin Teng trio stopped howling in pain. With angry faces, they roared: "You might as well rob us!"


"Isn't that what I'm doing?"


Zhou Yuan shrugged. He gestured towards the trio's arms and legs with the Phoenix Beak Blade and said indifferently, “So you guys don't intend to pay? "Then I will take your arms and legs."


He made a sawing gesture with the blade.


Jin Teng’s complexion turned green with fear as he hurriedly said, “Deputy Pavilion Master Zhou, they only give us 30 Origin Coins a month and we don't have much savings. Where can we find so many coins?”


“Do you think this is a store? Are you still trying to negotiate with me? I can take the limbs you can't pay for.” Zhou Yuan was completely impassive as his eyes slowly turned icy cold.


“Ten breaths. If you can't withdraw the amount within that time, don't bother."


Zhou Yuan closed his eyes slightly as killing intent spread throughout his body.


The Jin Teng trio's expressions fluctuated indeterminately; They clearly did not expect Zhou Yuan to be so unreasonable.


Ten breaths passed in the blink of an eye.


Zhou Yuan opened his eyes. He wasted no time and swung the Phoenix sword in his hand downwards.


Jin Teng could sense Zhou Yuan's cruelty and understood that the latter really intended to cut off his arms and legs. He didn't dare to waste any more time and hurriedly shouted: "I'll pay!"


He patted his space bag and immediately several dozen shiny coins rose from within.


Zhou Yuan waved his sleeve, sucking on the shiny crystal-like origin coins in his hand. His spiritual senses disappeared and they retreated without a change of expression before his icy gaze turned towards the other two.


Lin Zheng and Wu Dao's faces were filled with agony. In the end, they had no choice but to obediently hand over their origin coins, almost going bankrupt to avoid this calamity.


Zhou Yuan took back the coins totaling 270 as uncontrollable joy surged in his heart. He had previously worried about his lack of origin coins, who could have imagined that Santa Claus would suddenly visit him?


Two hundred and seventy coins should be enough for a month of cultivation, right?


With a swift movement, Zhou Yuan sent 50 Origin Coins flying towards Liu Zhixuan. The latter stared at Zhou Yuan blankly.


"Everyone present has a part." Zhou Yuan smiled. Although he had only met Liu Zhixuan a few times before, he had a good impression of him. Furthermore, he had witnessed how Liu Zhixuan would rather be beaten by Jin Teng and his gang than reveal his location.


Liu Zhixuan quickly shook his head.


However, Zhou Yuan pushed the 50 origin coins into his hands.


“They had hurt you. Take this as compensation,” Zhou Yuan said.


Liu Zhixuan let out a bitter laugh. He clearly understood the value of these 50 Origin Coins, and they were definitely overcompensation for his previous beating. However, he also understood that this was a sign of Zhou Yuan's goodwill, so he kept the coins after slight deliberation. "I'll take it as my good luck this time."


After dividing the loot, the two individuals got even closer and smiled at each other.


At this time, Jin Teng asked very cautiously, “Deputy Pavilion Master Zhou, can we leave now?”


Zhou Yuan glanced at them as a strange smile appeared on his face. "Why should you leave?"


Jin Teng was alarmed. "We have already given you origin coins!"


“These origin coins were simply to buy back your arms and legs. When did I say I would let them go?" Zhou Yuan laughed coldly. These bastards, how could I let them escape so easily?


"You!" Anger blossomed on the trio's faces.


But before they could say anything else, Zhou Yuan waved his sleeve. Streams of Genesis Qi whizzed out and bound the three individuals and blocked their mouths.


Liu Zhixuan said in a low voice: “Zhou Yuan, I heard that Lin Zheng and Wu Dao are Chen Beifeng's subordinates. This issue…"


Zhou Yuan nodded slightly as he replied, “May I trouble you to find Deputy Pavilion Master Ye? If you manage to find her, ask her to come to the entrance of the wind tower."


Seeing Zhou Yuan's appearance, Liu Zhixuan understood that he was not going to take things casually. However, this would certainly offend Chen Beifeng. Chen Beifeng was currently the most favored competitor for the Wind Pavilion Master position and was extremely popular in the Wind Pavilion. He was far from being comparable to Jin Teng and the rest.


However, Liu Zhixuan finally said nothing more on the topic. In the short period that he had known Zhou Yuan, Liu Zhixuan knew that Zhou Yuan was not someone who would change his mind easily.


"It's okay, you should be a little more careful." Liu Zhixuan nodded before his figure rose into the air.


Zhou Yuan sent Liu Zhixuan away with his eyes before coldly looking at the still fighting trio. With an icy laugh, he began to fly towards the entrance of the wind district while towing the trio behind him.


The sight of him dragging three struggling figures was exceptionally eye-catching and naturally attracted countless shocked gazes.


"That's... Deputy Pavilion Master Zhou?"


“What is he dragging? Do they look like three people?”


"Huh, they look a little familiar..."


"Aren't they commanders Jin Teng, Wu Dao, and Lin Zheng?"


Oh my god, what happened? Why is Deputy Pavilion Director Zhou Yuan dragging them around like kites?!"


"Commanders Wu Dao and Lin Zheng are in Deputy Pavilion Master Chen Beifeng's camp... to think that Deputy Pavilion Master Zhou Yuan actually dares to touch them?"


“Quickly, let's follow them. There will surely be some entertainment later!"




Zhou Yuan shamelessly dragged the trio through the wind district, causing quite a stir among the many members of the Wind Pavilion. For a time, everyone put aside their training and hurriedly followed him from a distance.


Zhou Yuan's expression remained composed as he cast a glance at the growing crowd. He was going to blow this thing up and let everyone know the consequences of defying him.


Zhou Yuan soon arrived at the stone platform at the entrance of the wind district. Numerous members of the Wind Pavilion had already gathered there, but he ignored them as he grabbed the trio and left the wind district.


Four Spirits Origin Tower. Outside the wind tower.


Zhou Yuan saw an even larger crowd when he walked out. Even the members of the other three pavilions had heard the news and had come to watch.


With the Jin Teng trio in his hands, Zhou Yuan's gaze swept over the area as he solemnly said, “Jin Teng, Lin Zheng, and Wu Dao have committed a serious offense against their superior in the wind district. In fact, they dared to attack me, but eventually they each lost an arm and were captured. They don't respect the rules of my Wind Pavilion!"


These words instantly caused countless gasps of surprise.


Look after look looked at Zhou Yuan in amazement: firstly because the Jin Teng trio actually had the nerve to openly attack a deputy pavilion master, secondly because Zhou Yuan was able to triumph over them and even take an arm of each. How strong was he?!


It seemed like this new pavilion master had been holding back the day before!


Traces of respect had already begun to emerge in several gazes as the gathered members looked towards Zhou Yuan.


Zhou Yuan asked calmly, "Does anyone know what punishment awaits those who try to assassinate their superior in the Wind Pavilion?"


The crowd was silent for a moment before one person said in a low voice, "According to the rules of the Wind Pavilion, any commander who commits such a crime will be stripped of his position and prohibited from entering the wind district." for a year"


Zhou Yuan shouted, “Since there is such a rule, I will follow it accordingly!


"From now on, all three of you will be stripped of your position as commander!"


All the members of the Wind Pavilion gasped. To think that he would actually remove the positions of three Wind Pavilion commanders. This was no small matter. Deputy Pavilion Director Zhou might seem kind, but it turned out that he was very cruel when he got angry.




However, a thunderous roar immediately erupted as the last word left Zhou Yuan's mouth.


“Zhou Yuan, since when have you become the one who dictates what happens in the Wind Pavilion!”


"You dare to slander my men, do you think that I, Chen Beifeng, do not exist?"


A glowing figure arrived from the sky, its eyes burning with rage. His icy gaze locked onto Zhou Yuan as he suddenly thrust out his palm. Genesis Qi surged with unstoppable momentum, turning into a giant torrent that charged towards Zhou Yuan with petrifying power.


"Release them!"

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