Chapter 80 - Preparations begin for the second Houtian resonance

Loft bedroom.


Sunlight came through the windows and fell on Li Luo's body, who was currently holding a jade slip in his hand, pressing it against his eyebrow, closing his eyes slightly and flipping through the enormous amount of information it contained.


This piece of jade contains the "Resonanceless Divine Forging Technique" left to him by Li Taixuan and Tantai Lan.


After a long while, Li Luo opened his eyes and stretched out his fingers to rub his forehead, but although he was a little mentally exhausted, his eyes were full of exuberance.


After all, Li Luo had been wanting to plan this second Houtian resonance for a long time.


Only when he came into contact with the 'Resonanceless Divine Forging Technique' did Li Luo understand how troublesome it was to forge a Houtian resonance.


For example, if you want to refine a Houtian fire resonance, you have to find various fire energy materials, refine them with specific techniques, refine them, and finally balance the energy they contain, and then use your own soul and blood as a guide. Only when the soul and blood serve as a guide, the formed object can be considered a qualified acquired resonance.


One of the most problematic aspects is the need to find countless materials and try to adapt them to each other until a certain point of balance is reached.


In a sense, it is skilled work and even harder.


Therefore, after reading this "Resonanceless Divine Forging Technique", Li Luo knew that he would have to devote a lot of time to it in the coming years.


But the only good news was that on the back of this jade slip, Li Luo saw some notes left by Li Taixuan and Tantai Lan, which were some of their previous attempts, which was obviously valuable experience that could save Li Luo. in its initial stage a lot of precious time.


And most importantly, he saw a clue left by Li Taixuan and Tantai Lan, that clue was a suggestion for his second Houtian resonance, and they suggested that Li Luo could choose the Wood resonance for his main attribute for this Houtian resonance.


The reason for the choice was actually still the loss of essence and blood, as well as life, from Li Luo's previous refinement of the first Houtian resonance. Although the resonance power of the Light Water Resonance would gradually compensate for these deficits, for safety reasons, the main attribute of the second Houtian resonance should preferably be the Wood resonance.


Because the power of wood resonance, not only has a restorative effect, but also has some special detoxifying effects, which will improve Li Luo's survival. With the triple healing of Water Resonance, Light Resonance, and Wood Resonance, those deficits that Li Luo had before should not affect his foundation.


"Wooden resonance?..."


Li Luo fell into contemplation, originally his vision for the second Houtian resonance was leaning towards the attack category, but now that his old father and mother had recommended the wood resonance, then his vision would have to change a bit.


Li Luo thought about it for a moment, in fact, the Light Water Resonance was not weak in attack power under the increase of his enhanced resonance technique, so it was not impossible if the main attribute of this second Houtian resonance was the wooden resonance.


Furthermore, the resonance arts of wood resonance are mainly based on control, so you can develop more in this in the future, and when you hit someone, you can first control them, and then shoot them into a hornet's nest with a hit of arrow.


Only it seems that instead of looking handsome, he would be perceived as a tormenting pervert...


But it doesn't matter, the handsome aspect is at its peak and one doesn't really need the added benefit of that.


Then, Li Luo made up his mind and formed a hand seal with one hand, urged it with his resonance power, and then struck on the top of the jade slip.




I could only see a ray of light coming out of the jade sheet, which quickly fell and rose against the wind, finally forming a six-hose light wheel about 30 centimeters long.


Many holes are seen in the wheel of light, and with the naked eye, there are a total of one hundred and twenty-eight, divided on both sides of the wheel, eighty-six on one side and forty-two on the other.


More is more dominant, less is less.


And in the center of the wheel there is a crater outlined by a subtle drawing.


This is the "Invisible Small Divine Wheel".


It is the same thing used to refine the auxiliary things needed for Houtian resonance, which is quite troublesome to refine, and with Li Luo's current strength he is unable to do it, but fortunately his old father and mother thought of it and They left him a piece.


From then on, if he wanted to forge a second Houtian resonance, he would have to refine various materials with special techniques, purify them, and then fill in the gaps of this small Invisible Divine Wheel, so that the primary and secondary elements on its left and right sides They would rightly reach a perfect balance in a certain proportion, and finally inject their own soul and essence blood to complete their fusion.


Li Luo gazed at the six-fold light wheel for a long time, and then with a twist of the jade blade, he took it back.


If this primary attribute is the wood phase, what about the secondary attribute? How should I choose?


Li Luo sat at the coffee table, deep in thought.


The sunlight shining from the window gradually bends and turns into a dark red sunset.


Li Luo finally exhaled, then nonchalantly picked up the pen on the coffee table and gently wrote two words on the white paper in front of him.






This is the attribute that has been thought of for the second Houtian resonance, with wood being the main one and earth being the secondary one.


Wood-earth resonance!


Since the strong point of the wood resonance is the control system, give it the latest in that, and the best complement of the wood resonance is undoubtedly the ground resonance.


If the power of the wood resonance and the power of the ground resonance are added together, the achieved control effect should be a little stronger.


And with that being said, the Water Resonance and light want to fit quite well with the wood resonance.


And the power of earth resonance is good at defense, which also improves Li Luo's survivability...


For these reasons, he allowed Li Luo to decide the attributes of the second Houtian resonance.


Once decided, Li Luo did not hesitate any longer and immediately got up from the room, looked for Cai Wei in the old mansion and made his request.


"Does the young master need all kinds of materials with wood and earth energy?" Although Cai Wei felt a little strange at this kind of request from Li Luo, she responded after thinking about it.


"There are some stocks in the treasury of the old mansion, I will upload them for you, and if they are not enough, I will arrange for someone to go to the market to buy them for you."


These materials are also worth a lot of money, but now that the Xi Yang House's income is rising, he has been able to share a lot of pressure for Cai Wei, so he no longer has to hate breaking a heavenly gold in half like at the beginning.


"Thank you, Sister Cai Wei."


Li Luo waved his hand with a smile and turned to leave, without disturbing Cai Wei's office.


Cai Wei's beautiful eyes looked at Li Luo's leaving back and she also smiled lightly as she felt that Li Luo seemed to be in a very good mood today.


In a whirlwind, he put away the account book carefully and personally left to do what Li Luo had ordered.


With Cai Wei's amazing efficiency in getting things done, two hours later, the first batch of materials was delivered directly to Li Luo's room.


In the attic.


Li Luo took out a greenish plant from a jade box, and on the top of the branches and leaves of the plant, greenish flowers were born, flowers like wind chimes.


This is the Wood Bell Flower, an exotic flower that contains the energy of the wood attribute.


Li Luo silently recited the mantra of the Resonanceless Divine Forging Technique in his heart, as his fingers formed a seal and activated his own resonance power.




After a few moments, a flame thin as a thumb formed in the palm of his hand, very special and somewhat transparent in color, as if it contained no energetic properties.


"This is the Little Fire without resonance?"


There was some curiosity in Li Luo's eyes, this flame, in fact, was the core of the Small Resonanceless Divine Forging Technique, only the materials refined by this flame could be used to forge the resonances of the afterlife.


However, Li Luo's own resonance power was too weak, so the little resonance-free fire he expelled was just a mere wisp.


"Ugh, do it with what you've got."


Li Luo shook his head helplessly, then plucked a wooden bell flower and set it on fire with a small, non-resonant fire, charring it.


However, the first time he refined it, Li Luo failed to master the fire, so he directly burned it to ashes.


It's okay, failure is the mother of success.


A second, a third, a fourth, a wind chime flower, all burned to ashes.


"No? Is it that difficult?" Li Luo was a little speechless, but he couldn't do anything but take it as a learning from experience and continue grabbing another copy of the ingredients and start refining.


And after burning several ingredients one after another, Li Luo finally got some feeling, and finally, he managed to refine a strange herb that contained earth attribute energy.


It was a brown liquid, and when Li Luo placed it in the first hole on one side of the Wheel of Light, that hole lit up and a small light spread out and linked with an adjacent hole.


Seeing this, Li Luo was overjoyed and refined another material, finally placing the refined product into the light-bound hole.


However, this time, right at the moment when that second energy liquid was introduced, the six-fold light wheel emitted a subtle vibration, as if it was trying to push the object out.


This is a rejection reaction.


Li Luo hurriedly took it out, which meant that this material was not suitable for forging Houtian resonance.


Next, Li Luo tried several more materials one after another before finding something that was not repelled and filling in the hole that was connected by light.


As this second hole fills, another light extends and connects to a third hole...


Obviously, when Li Luo had filled all the holes in the wheel and balanced both sides of the winner, the forging of the second Houtian resonance was considered complete.


But after one night, until Li Luo exhausted his resonance power, he had only filled four holes in the Wheel of Light.


Obviously, this is a time-consuming matter.


However, Li Luo was in no hurry, after all, he still had time before reaching the Resonance Master stage. Before that, I had plenty of time to experiment with various materials and fill the wheel to perfection.


And by then, it will be the day when this second Houtian resonance, the resonance of Wood and Earth, becomes a reality.


At this, Li Luo expressed great expectation.

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