Chapter 801 Commander Position

Zhou Yuan's dismissal of the three Wind Pavilion commanders soon spread throughout the Wind Pavilion, which undoubtedly caused much commotion.


“The new deputy pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion is very bold. "He even directly fired three commanders at once."


“Haha, I don't think I'm brave, but reckless. That kid hasn't even settled in the Wind Pavilion, but he has already angered Chen Beifeng. "It is said that it even caused Fire Pavilion vice master Wang Chen to lose face."


“Within the Fire Pavilion, the celestial prides of the Celestial Spirit Sect occupy most of the important positions. Since a deputy pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion has offended Wang Chen, the Fire Pavilion will most likely give them some attitude.”


“In addition, Deputy Pavilion Master Chen Beifeng of the Wind Pavilion has also said that when he wins the position of pavilion master, he will issue an order to invalidate Zhou Yuan's dismissal. At that time, Jin Teng and the others will regain their commander positions.”


“Chen Beifeng is the most favorable candidate for pavilion master. “Ye Bingling may not be able to compete with him.”


"Yes, once Chen Beifeng wins the position of pavilion master, Zhou Yuan will most likely have to pay for his behavior."




There was endless discussion these days. Zhou Yuan was originally only known within the Wind Pavilion, but after this matter, almost everyone in the four pavilions had heard about the Wind Pavilion's new deputy pavilion master. You could also say that he rose to fame as a result of this.


Of course, his reputation was praised as much as it was belittled because many people knew that if Chen Beifeng won the position of pavilion master in two months, Zhou Yuan's behavior would probably become a joke.


In a small building in the mountains.


"You have become famous in the four pavilions."


Ye Bingling leaned her slender and graceful body against a wooden fence, looking at Zhou Yuan with a frown. "But Chen Beifeng has said that when he wins, he will overturn all the decisions you have made."


If Zhou Yuan's dismissal order were rescinded, it would undoubtedly send a signal to everyone that Zhou Yuan's orders have no effect on the Wind Pavilion, which would be fatal for a deputy pavilion master.


“Senior Sister Ye, you are also a strong candidate for pavilion master. Can you beat Chen Beifeng?" Yi Qiushui asked curiously.


Now that Zhou Yuan had angered Chen Beifeng and Yi Qiushui was close to Zhou Yuan, he naturally did not want to see Chen Beifeng win the match. At this moment, he knew that only Ye Bingling could compete against Chen Beifeng.


“Yes, Senior Sister Ye, your voice in the Wind Pavilion is in no way weaker than Chen Beifeng,” Liu Zhixuan repeated.


Ye Bingling murmured, “Chen Beifeng is very strong. In the pavilion master selection, I only have a forty percent chance of winning, while he has sixty.”


It was clear that he was at a slight disadvantage.


But she still looked at Zhou Yuan and assured him, “But you don't have to worry too much, I will try my best to stop him. As long as he does not take over the position of pavilion master, he cannot cause waves.”


Lady Chi Jing had arranged for Zhou Yuan to come to the Wind Pavilion, so in a way, he was on the same side as her, meaning that she would help him regardless.


Zhou Yuan laughed, "It won't be easy for him to ascend to the position of pavilion master, and even if Senior Sister Ye doesn't stop him, I won't let him succeed either."


Ye Bingling shook her head. He clearly thought that Zhou Yuan had said this to save face. Although Zhou Yuan had become stronger, there was still a huge gap between him and Cheng Beifeng. In selecting the pavilion master, she could only rely on herself.


“It is said that Chen Beifeng has been tying up people recently, especially the remaining commanders of the Wind Pavilion. He wants to build a force for him to ascend to the position of pavilion master,” Liu Zhixuan explained. Having been in the Wind Pavilion these days, he had met many people and learned a lot of information.


Zhou Yuan wrinkled his eyebrows.


That Chen Beifeng is really troublesome.


If Zhou Yuan allowed him to catch the people from the Wind Pavilion, it would undoubtedly improve Chen Beifeng's chances of ascending to the position of pavilion master. Furthermore, the commanders were the highest powers of each pavilion. If everyone joined his side, even if Zhou Yuan became the pavilion master, no one would listen to him and that would limit him somewhat in the future.


Ye Bingling also frowned. She didn't know what to do either. He usually only focused on cultivating and simply didn't know how to win people's hearts.


"This is actually not difficult." Yi Qiushui smiled suddenly. “Winning people's hearts is nothing more than giving benefits to others. It just so happens that Jin Teng and the others have been fired, so there are three vacant commander positions. “We can use Senior Sister Ye and Zhou Yuan’s name to promote three new commanders in the Wind Pavilion.”


"Of course, to be precise, it is in the hands of Senior Sister Ye and Zhou Yuan, because according to the rules, the pavilion master must agree with the new commander, but now that the position is vacant, the attached pavilion, the teachers will have to vote to decide.”


“We have two of the three deputy pavilion masters on our side, so no matter how Chen Beifeng votes, he can't win against us.”


“I think other people should know that if they want to be at the top, they have to first occupy a position, and once they assume the position of commander, they should know that Chen Beifeng will try to find a way to restore Jin Teng and the positions.” from others when he becomes pavilion master. This means that he will regain the commander positions.”


“And having tasted the sweetness of the commander's position, the newly appointed will most likely not give it up so easily. At that time, in order to maintain their position, they will choose to become staunch supporters of Senior Sister Ye and Zhou Yuan.”


Zhou Yuan and Ye Bingling were shocked at first by what Yi Qiushui had said. After thinking about it, his eyes lit up.


This plan was really wonderful. They could win the hearts of the people by using the vacant positions. This would anger Cheng Beifeng and more importantly, he would not be able to use the same method against them. Otherwise, he would disappoint Jin Teng, Lin Zheng, and Wu Dao.


"Junior Sister Yi is indeed the smartest person I know." Ye Bingling smiled at Yi Qiushui.


Zhou Yuan also gave a thumbs up. It was no wonder that he could help the Yi family manage Xiaoxuan Prefecture in an orderly manner at such a young age. "Let's do that then, but we'll have to bother Qiushui and Brother Liu with this matter."


Yi Qiushui nodded with a smile. “Leave the little things to us. You two should focus on improving your strength. After all, the most important thing is to win the position of pavilion master.”


As long as one of them becomes the pavilion master, even if the people supported Chen Beifeng, they would still be able to slowly crush them.


Ye Bingling of course agreed to this plan. He turned to Zhou Yuan and reminded him, “Strength is always the most important thing. Don't be complacent just because you defeated Jin Teng and the others. There are many people more powerful than them in the four pavilions. In the next period of time, you must practice correctly.”


In his opinion, Zhou Yuan had acted in a way that was too high profile. Not only had he offended Chen Beifeng, but he had also angered Wang Chen of the Fire Pavilion.


After reminding Zhou Yuan, he did not wait for his reaction and left.


Yi Qiushui looked at Zhou Yuan standing there speechless, then laughed loudly and left with Liu Zhixuan.


Zhou Yuan shook his head helplessly, but he also knew that Ye Bingling's reminder was for his own good. Otherwise, given his cold personality, why would he tell her so much?


But what he said was true: strength was the most important thing.


With his current strength, it would not be easy to defeat Chen Beifeng, and more importantly, his goal was not only to become the pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion, but to become the main pavilion master of the four pavilions.


Zhou Yuan took a deep breath. He had decided to complete at least half of the wind spirit rune before the pavilion master selection. It seems like they need to devote all my energy to the wind district for a period of time.


Only in this way could he ensure that there would be no problem preventing him from becoming the pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion!

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