Chapter 802 Commander Selection

While the four pavilions were still discussing Zhou Yuan, Zhou Yuan had become extremely low-key in the following days. He spent most days traveling around the Wind District, gathering Genesis Marks to complete the Wind Spirit Rune.


And the rest of his time was spent cultivating his own Genesis techniques to improve his combat strength.


Although he kept a low profile, discussions about him also gradually decreased. After all, Zhou Yuan was just a deputy pavilion master of the wind pavilion and was not particularly outstanding among the many deputy pavilion masters among the four pavilions. If he hadn't acted too high-profile, the people in the other three pavilions probably wouldn't have paid attention to him.


Then, Zhou Yuan's heat quickly cooled down.


Zhou Yuan also couldn't ask for anything more than this kind of coldness. After all, he didn't want to subject himself to so much scrutiny either. If Jin Teng and the others hadn't deliberately tried to make trouble, he wouldn't have dealt with it. He could now focus wholeheartedly on cultivating.


But while Zhou Yuan practiced in the wind district every day, the Wind Pavilion was not particularly peaceful.


The cause was the news that Zhou Yuan and Ye Bingling were about to promote three new commanders. The entire Wind Pavilion was shaken when this news was revealed, and many powerful members of the Wind Pavilion were delighted by it. One could say that the position of commander was difficult for ordinary people to obtain. If the position was not assigned directly by the people above, one had to possess outstanding strength and have made great contributions to be promoted in the ordinary way.


But Jin Teng and the others were removed from their positions and there were immediately three commander positions vacant.


At first, some people coveted this position, but those who coveted it also knew that these three positions belonged to Jin Teng and the others. Once Chen Beifeng became the pavilion master, he would inevitably overturn Zhou Yuan's dismissal and the three of them would regain their commander positions. Therefore, although many coveted the position, they could only look at it helplessly and did not dare to stretch out their hands.


But who would have thought that Zhou Yuan and Ye Bingling, two current deputy pavilion masters, would directly rule out the three commander positions?


With this, they undoubtedly had a reasonable excuse to apply for these positions.


Therefore, during this period of time, many of the self-proclaimed qualified competitors gathered in front of Zhou Yuan and Ye Bingling's building. Zhou Yuan publicly handed the matter over to Yi Qiushui and Liu Zhixuan to be in charge, and immediately Yi Qiushui and Liu Zhixuan had become powerful figures of the Wind Pavilion and had numerous social events every day.


But when this matter reached Chen Beifeng's ears, as expected, he was furious. Everyone in the Wind Pavilion knew that he had reserved those three positions, but Zhou Yuan and Ye Bingling dared to use them to win the hearts of the people. They just didn't give it any importance!


Then, Chen Beifeng furiously stormed towards Zhou Yuan and Ye Bingling. The two sides argued fiercely and almost broke out into a fight, but finally Chen Beifeng left angrily because he knew that what Zhou Yuan and Ye Bingling had done was in compliance with the rules. Therefore, it would be of no use even if he objected.


After Chen Beifeng angrily left Zhou Yuan and Ye Bingling, everyone knew that there was no longer any chance of reconciliation between the two sides.


After returning home, Chen Beifeng broke the news that he would not let anyone run for commander. Otherwise, even if they were chosen, he would select the commanders again after becoming the future pavilion master.


As a result, this caused some commotion and discontent in the Wind Pavilion.


Most of the people who were qualified to apply for commander possessed remarkable strength and talent. They had coveted the position of commander for a long period of time. But now that they had a chance, Chen Beifeng wanted to bully them into giving up. This inevitably caused resentment.


But Chen Beifeng's intimidation was not entirely ineffective. Some people were afraid of Chen Beifeng and chose to give up. But they were a minority and did not have great importance. Therefore, Yi Qiushui, after consulting Zhou Yuan and Ye Bingling, decided to begin the commander selection in half a month.


The news was received with much applause. It had to be said that, under Yi Qiushui's machinations, there were many Wind Pavilion members who gradually erased some of the prejudices they had towards Zhou Yuan, and he began to have some followers.


Therefore, Zhou Yuan had firmly gained a foothold.


Half a month arrived quickly under the expectant wait of many members of the Wind Pavilion.




The wind pavilion. The bluestone plaza where Zhou Yuan had become deputy pavilion master was incredibly lively with numerous figures.


Almost all of the members of the Wind Pavilion had gathered here once again.


And on the high platform at the front of the plaza were three figures sitting upright. They were Zhou Yuan, Ye Bingling, and Chen Beifeng, the three deputy pavilion masters.


It was just that Zhou Yuan and Ye Bingling had calm expressions, but Cheng Beifeng's face was full of anger and his eyes were like burning fire, almost shooting out flames.


There were numerous streams of fierce Genesis Qi in the plaza as the figures exchanged blows with each other.


The selection of the commander had begun.


Zhou Yuan, Ye Bingling, and Chen Beifeng, the three deputy pavilion masters, sat quietly watching the competition below. The three most powerful candidates could obtain the three vacant commander positions.


Looking at the fierce battle below, Chen Beifeng clenched his hands so tightly that even his veins were swelling. I knew that that day was just a decoration. Zhou Yuan and Ye Bingling would have been able to decide the winners even if he hadn't come. After all, according to the rules, his vote couldn't win over both of them.


"That bastard!"


Chen Beifeng cast a sidelong glance at Zhou Yuan and couldn't help but curse in his mind. He originally didn't care much about Zhou Yuan. After all, Zhou Yuan's strength posed no challenge to him. But Chen Beifeng had not thought that Zhou Yuan would have been able to push him to such a state after only less than a month.


Therefore, Chen Beifeng's hatred towards Zhou Yuan was even stronger than his hatred towards his former rival, Ye Bingling.


The competition lasted half a day before ending.


The three winners were two men and one woman.


Xiao Hong, Li Fa and Lu Mingyue.


These three people previously held the position of deputy commander and possessed incredible strength, but they had not been promoted before due to the limited number of commander positions. Now that there were vacant positions, the three of them naturally took advantage of it.


Under many envious gazes, the three of them stepped forward and bowed respectfully to the three deputy pavilion masters. His eyes were visibly filled with emotion.


Zhou Yuan smiled at the three people. "Since you three stood out, your strength speaks for itself and you are well qualified to be promoted to commander."


"Thank you, Deputy Pavilion Director Zhou!" The three of them hurriedly bowed.


Ye Bingling also nodded and agreed.


The three of them continued to show their gratitude.


Then, many gazes fell on Chen Beifeng, who did not say a word.


The atmosphere became a little awkward.


A trace of anger flashed across the eyes of Xiao Hong and the other two, but they dared not say anything.


Zhou Yuan calmly commented: "You are recognized by two of the three deputy pavilion masters, so all three of you will be promoted to commanders."


Xiao Hong and the others immediately bowed to Zhou Yuan. His attitude was particularly respectful. They completely understood that Chen Beifeng did not like them taking the position of commander, and if it were not for Zhou Yuan and Ye Bingling, they would have had to say goodbye to the position of commander.


Although Chen Beifeng had great prestige in the Wind Pavilion and was expected to become the pavilion master, blocking someone's path was the same as killing one's parents. How would Xiao Hong and the others give up?


And… although Chen Beifeng had an advantage in selecting the pavilion master, it was not a certainty. What if Ye Bingling won?


When Zhou Yuan took over the announcement, the atmosphere began to vibrate again. Although only three people were promoted, Zhou Yuan's move undoubtedly made a good impression on many Wind Pavilion members.


Chen Beifeng sat down from the chair expressionlessly. Anyone could feel the fury in his heart. He glanced at Zhou Yuan and Ye Bingling and uttered indifferently, “You two should stop wasting time. Do you really think this can cause me problems?”


"When I become the master of the Wind Pavilion, you will understand how childish your actions are."


Zhou Yuan smiled. "From your words, it seems that the position of pavilion master is already in your pocket."


Chen Beifeng looked at Zhou Yuan with a touch of mockery and disdain. "If Ye Bingling wasn't here, would he be worthy of causing me trouble?"


Ye Bingling snorted and was about to speak, but Chen Beifeng waved disdainfully. He didn't want to waste time saying anything else. His figure moved, forming an arc of Genesis Qi and crossed the air.


"There is one more month until the selection of the pavilion master, I hope you can still laugh!"


His cold voice sounded from a distance.


Zhou Yuan's expression was incredibly calm, and Chen Beifeng's ridicule had not angered him in the slightest. Ye Bingling commented, “I feel that Chen Beifeng has become stronger. "It seems that I also have to practice with all my strength during this period of time."


He didn't stay any longer and ran away.


Zhou Yuan watched the beautiful figure as she left. He then looked at the back of his hand to see a faint blue light gathering. An incomplete Genesis Rune appeared faintly.


After training for more than half a month, the wind spirit rune was close to 30% completed, which was much faster than he expected.


"I would like to see if he would still be so arrogant when he loses the pavilion master selection."


He looked in the direction of Chen Beifeng's departure with a calm expression. In truth, he was currently not very worried about the threat Chen Beifeng posed because compared to Chen Beifeng, he was more worried about the origin coins.


The speed of completing the wind spirit rune had exceeded his expectations, and similarly, the consumption of origin coins also exceeded his expectations.


The origin coins he had obtained from Jin Teng and the others would probably run out before he completed half of the wind spirit rune. In addition to this, after witnessing the remarkable formation speed of the wind spirit rune, Zhou Yuan could no longer be satisfied with just half a rune. Maybe I can try something more impactful.


Thinking of this, Zhou Yuan sighed sadly. He hoped to survive until he received his assistant ward master's salary the following month. Otherwise, he would have to borrow Ye Bingling… but that would be really embarrassing.


“Looks like I have to find a way to earn Origin Coins…” he murmured hopefully.

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