Chapter 807 Wind Mother Rune

Zhou Yuan stared at the wind spirit rune mother body, which exuded a very ancient aura. It was only after a long while that he gradually calmed down. He then sent a request through his Spirit to the divine speckled whetstone. After all, the wind spirit rune mother body existed above the divine whetstone. Without the permission of the divine whetstone, his Spirit would be crushed if he dared to approach.


After receiving Zhou Yuan's request, the divine whetstone did not refuse. As long as he did not touch the question of principles, he generally would not reject Zhou Yuan's requests, because this was an order left by Cang Yuan when he created it.


In a sense, anyone who had practiced the Primordial Chaos Divine Whetstone Visualization Method had the power to control it, but Zhou Yuan was now still too weak to do so. It was currently impossible for him.


When the divine whetstone allowed Zhou Yuan's request, he immediately sat down happily. Then, his spiritual power gradually approached the divinely mottled whetstone.


As his spiritual power approached, Zhou Yuan could feel the terrifying oppressive power brought about by the divine stone. Even though the whetstone had deliberately reduced the pressure, it still caused Zhou Yuan's Spirit power to tremble violently. It was as if his spirit was about to fade away.


Fortunately, Zhou Yuan forcibly resisted its oppressive power, and his spiritual power finally approached the wind spirit rune mother body.


With his spiritual power, he hovered around the wind spirit rune mother body, feeling its mysterious pulsing aura.


This aura was somewhat similar to the Genesis Marks of the Wind Spirit Rune, but much vaster.


Zhou Yuan's spiritual power settled on the top of the wind spirit rune mother body, constantly familiarizing himself with the mother body's aura and operational marks. After almost half an hour, he finally withdrew his spiritual power.


Zhou Yuan's face took on a thoughtful expression. He stretched out his finger and dragged it through the air. Countless Genesis Marks gushed out, gradually forming a complex and dark Genesis Rune in the air. It was the Genesis Rune structure that he had spent a lot of time deriving. But due to the lack of a core material, the Genesis Rune remained lifeless.


Zhou Yuan began to copy the maternal body aura of the wind spirit rune. Zhou Yuan's spirit suddenly surged and his spiritual power quickly gathered in front of him.


At first, the copy failed constantly, but as it continued to fail, he became more and more adept at trying to copy it. After all, the body was in front of his eyes and he could correct the mistakes at any time.


It was unknown how many failures happened before a subtle aura copied by his Spirit finally appeared in front of Zhou Yuan.


The moment a wisp of aura appeared in front of Zhou Yuan, he clearly saw a faint light erupt from the wind spirit rune mother body on the mottled divine whetstone.




Zhou Yuan was delighted, but remained calm and focused. With a thought, the wisp of aura floating in front of him headed towards one of the Genesis Rune projectiles and landed in the most central area and settled.




The moment it began to flow, the lifeless Genesis rune immediately burst into dazzling rays of light, as if it had been resurrected.


Zhou Yuan operated his Spirit to slowly compress the Genesis Rune, finally reducing it to the size of a fist. He quickly took out a blank jade bamboo blade and engraved the fist-sized Genesis Rune on it.


The new Genesis Rune he had created finally formed!


“I finally made it…” Zhou Yuan’s face flushed with excitement. Immediately, his Spirit rolled up the jade bamboo blade, passed through the wind layer, and returned to the main body.


"We're going to try it!"


Zhou Yuan rummaged through his spatial bag for quite a while before finally finding a coin of pitiful origin in a dark corner. It had to have been forgotten.


"Am I already that poor?" Zhou Yuan murmured, took it out, and then quickly burned it.


As the last Origin Coin was burned, a blue wind whizzed from the sky.


Zhou Yuan quickly shattered the jade bamboo. Rays of light emerged and a Genesis Rune appeared on his chest. It wasn't a web pattern like the Mark Capture Rune, but it resembled a small vortex...


The astral spiritual wind enveloped the area and slashed at his body like a sword.


Zhou Yuan is concentrating intensely.


As wisps of astral wind cut into his body, he felt the Genesis Marks contained in the astral spiritual wind.


When they touched his flesh, the Genesis Rune vortex in his chest seemingly reacted.


Then, Zhou Yuan clearly felt that the astral spiritual wind that passed through his body had frozen for a moment. His eyes widened as he saw multiple tiny Genesis Marks separate from the astral spiritual wind and automatically immerse into the Genesis Rune vortex.


Half an hour later, as the astral spiritual wind dispersed, Zhou Yuan widened his eyes.


"The effect is almost 50% higher than usual!" Zhou Yuan exclaimed. Should it be said that the Mark Capture Rune only improved the effect by around 20%, while his Genesis Rune had a 50% increase?!


If the Genesis marks contained in each astral spiritual wind were 100%, then the body could absorb 40% without the use of any external objects. But with the help of Mark Capture Rune, this could reach 60%, and his Genesis Rune could increase the efficiency to 90%!


That 30% increase should not be underestimated. Over time, it would definitely not be a small amount.


This effect simply surprised Zhou Yuan.


"Is this the difference between passive and active methods?" Zhou Yuan couldn't help but smack his lips. He had previously speculated that using the mother body aura of the wind spirit rune as the core of the Genesis rune could have a significant effect on the Genesis marks of the wind spirit rune, but he had still underestimated the strength. attractive aura of the mother's body. to the Genesis markings of the wind spirit rune.


“Fifty percent is too high, this should be because my copy of the wind spirit rune mother body is too perfect. If he were to produce Genesis Runes on a large scale in the future, it doesn't have to be so perfect. Otherwise, I would waste my energy and time."


Zhou Yuan's eyes flickered. The Mark Capture Rune's effect was only 20%, so he felt he could suppress the effect of his Genesis Rune to 40% to sell. As for those with a 50% effect, he could give it to some trustworthy people, such as Ye Bingling, Yi Qiushui, and Liu Zhixuan…


Overall, it was a success.


Zhou Yuan revealed a relieved expression and then sat cross-legged again. His Spirit burst out, breaking through the wind layer and reaching the divine stone.


He needed to mass produce the runes for the next day.


So, for the rest of the night, Zhou Yuan constantly copied the mother body's aura of the wind spirit runes and then created pieces of new jade bamboo strips engraved with Genesis Runes.


When dawn came, more than two hundred jade bamboo leaves floated in front of him.


Zhou Yuan spirit extended his palm and grabbed a jade bamboo slip. He looked at the Genesis Rune engraved on it and a satisfied smile curved his lips.


“I haven't named him yet…”


"I'll call it Windmother Rune."

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