Chapter 812 Crossing Swords with Lu Xiao

Having heard what Zhou Yuan said, even someone with a personality like Lu Xiao would be surprised for a moment. It was only after a long while that Lu Xiao shook his head and smiled. "It seems that Deputy Pavilion Master Zhou Yuan is very ambitious and even looks down on the position of pavilion master of the Fire Pavilion."


Obviously, he didn't really take Zhou Yuan's answer seriously, but thought he used it as an excuse to refuse.


After all, although Zhou Yuan had created the Mother Wind Rune, which could indeed demonstrate his great mastery in Genesis Runes, it was still ridiculous if he thought that he was qualified to compete for the position of master pavilion head because of that.


Zhou Yuan did not explain too much.


"Deputy Pavilion Master Zhou Yuan really doesn't want to think about the Fire Pavilion's offer?"


Lu Xiao smiled as if he was joking. "Even if you don't give the Fire Pavilion face, you should at least give me some face?"


Zhou Yuan's expression remained unchanged, but he felt a little upset inside. Lu Xiao seemed gentle, but his tone was proud and condescending. Perhaps he had the right to be arrogant about his ability, but if he wanted Zhou Yuan to worship him for this, then Lu Xiao had been thinking too much.


“Pavilion Master Lu Xiao no longer needs to persuade me. You should know that Lady Chi Jing personally appointed me to enter the Wind Pavilion as the deputy pavilion master. How could I join the Fire Pavilion?" Zhou Yuan explained calmly.


However, when Lu Xiao heard this, he asked indifferently, “So what? The current pavilion master of the Mountain Pavilion, Han Yuan, was also a member of the Wind Pavilion and was highly regarded by Lady Chi Jing. But in the end he didn't choose that tree. "If he had stayed in the Wind Pavilion, it would have been difficult for him to achieve his current achievements."


“This kind of thankless action is not worth mentioning,” Zhou Yuan commented indifferently.


Lu Xiao let out a smile. “Deputy Pavilion Master Zhou Yuan, you were simply adapting to the circumstances.”


Immediately his eyelids closed and his voice became even more indifferent: "Sometimes, if you go the wrong way, even if you are the most outstanding celestial pride, you will disappear into the crowd."


Zhou Yuan, as if he had not heard Lu Xiao's warning tone of voice, still shook his head calmly.


Following Zhou Yuan's repeated refusal, the smile on Lu Xiao's face faded and his eyes narrowed. “If Deputy Pavilion Director Zhou Yuan is not interested in my previous proposals, there is one more. In fact, I am very interested in the Wind Mother Rune you created.”


"How about this? “I will give you 10,000 origin coins and you will give me the method to refine the Mother Wind Runes.”


"Of course, if you think you already have enough Origin Coins, I can even bring you a high-grade Genesis weapon."


Its purpose was now clearly revealed.


Zhou Yuan sighed, “Pavilion Master Lu, I don't think your calculations are correct. By selling Mother Winds Rune, I can earn hundreds of origin coins every day. As long as this continues, within a month, I will have more than ten thousand origin coins.”


As for high-grade Genesis weapons, although they were rare, he already had the Heavenly Yuan Brush, which would soon advance another level.


Therefore, the conditions offered by Lu Xiao seemed excellent, but in reality they lacked sincerity.


“One can never finish earning Origin Coins. Having enough source coins for one's use is enough; “It’s not good to be too greedy,” Lu Xiao said indifferently.


Zhou Yuan shook his head. “So it seems we don't agree. “I’m sorry, please leave.”


Lu Xiao fixed a cold gaze on Zhou Yuan, but Zhou Yuan was not afraid in the slightest. Zhou Yuan maintained a calm and composed expression.


What a joke. Although Lu Xiao claimed to be the strongest person of the Divine Dwelling stage among the young generation of the Tianyuan Region, he only ranked ninth on the Hunyuan Heaven Divine Dwelling List. Zhou Yuan wasn't even afraid of Wu Yao who was ranked higher, so how could he be afraid of someone who was ranked ninth?


He may not be able to beat him now, but he will never be afraid.


The two looked at each other for a long while, and finally, Lu Xiao nodded expressionlessly. "It's a pity that we don't agree, but I still hope you can think about it rationally."


He reached out and patted Zhou Yuan on the shoulder.


“Young people should not be too impulsive. If you change your mind, you can always come to the Fire Pavilion to find me.”


As his voice faded, his figure undulated slightly and disappeared out of thin air.


Zhou Yuan stared at the place where Lu Xiao disappeared, and his eyes flashed with surprise. Lu Xiao's bodywork technique was quite mysterious. Since he was ranked ninth on the Divine Dwelling List, he was indeed not someone easy to deal with.


"I wonder how it compares to the Art of Heavenly Shadows."


Zhou Yuan muttered to himself. The Heavenly Shadow Art was naturally the Genesis technique of the Snow Lotus Peak bodywork of the Cangxuan Sect. Back then, Li Qingchan had also brought him a lot of headaches by using this technique.


“Bodywork techniques are actually one of my flaws. When the selection of the pavilion master is over, I should also study the Heavenly Shadow Art." Zhou Yuan's eyes flashed. Lu Xiao's bodywork Genesis Technique made him remember the Heavenly Shadow Art. Otherwise , if he had the chance to face Lu Xiao, he would be at a disadvantage if he only used the Ethereal Form.


Having been rejected several times, Lu Xiao had spoken in a threatening tone of voice at the end, implying that he would not leave this matter like this.


But there was no way for Zhou Yuan to hand over the Mother Wind Rune's refinement method.


Zhou Yuan sneered. Lu Xiao better act wisely. Although the Mother Wind Rune had weakened the income of the Fire Pavilion, it could only be considered a superficial pain, not a pain that cut deeply. But if Lu Xiao really forced him to take out the Mother Fire Runes, Mother Forest Runes, and Mother Mountain Runes, the Fire Pavilion's business would really collapse.


On a stone platform suspended at the exit of the wind district.


Lu Xiao's figure flashed and Chen Beifeng, who was waiting there, immediately greeted him with a respectful attitude.


"Pavilion Master, what did Zhou Yuan say?" Chen Beifeng asked, evidently aware of Lu Xiao's purpose of coming to the wind district.


Lu Xiao's handsome face was a little dark, but it faded very soon, and he replied indifferently: "He refused."


Chen Beifeng was surprised. "That boy is extremely bold!" he said through clenched teeth.


This guy even dared to reject Lu Xiao's personal proposal. He's just too arrogant. I have never seen anyone in the four pavilions who dare not give Lu Xiao face.


"Capable people are destined to be arrogant." Lu Xiao's face was expressionless, but a sarcastic smile tugged at the corners of his mouth.


In truth, when he said that he would give the position of pavilion master of the Fire Pavilion to Zhou Yuan, it was just bait. Even if Zhou Yuan came to the Fire Pavilion, at most he would be a deputy pavilion master. There was not much hope for him to become the pavilion master.


But to his surprise, Zhou Yuan was indifferent to the position.


"And?" Chen Beifeng sounded a little anxious. If Zhou Yuan was allowed to control the Wind Mother Runes, it would greatly affect his prestige in the Wind Pavilion.


An icy coldness flashed across Lu Xiao's eyes as he said, “Since he doesn't know what's good for him, he can't blame me for being ruthless.”


"Chen Beifeng."


Chen Beifeng responded immediately.


“There is still more than half a month before the pavilion master selection of the Wind Pavilion. This time you must win and have Zhou Yuan hand over the method for refining the Mother Wind Rune. "You can't enjoy such an important object alone."


“If you keep it to yourself, you will inevitably attract criticism. The same goes for the Mark Capture Rune in the Fire Pavilion, which is in fact used for the benefits of the Fire Pavilion members.”


“When you obtain the refining method of the Mother Wind Rune, you can leak it secretly and then find someone to spread rumors that Zhou Yuan was dissatisfied with the handover of the refining method and had deliberately leaked it. In this way, he would lose his place in the Wind Pavilion."


Hearing Lu Xiao speak so indifferently, Chen Beifeng felt like his robe was drenched in cold sweat; This method was really too cruel, and it would be almost impossible for Zhou Yuan to recover.


Chen Beifeng soon nodded enthusiastically. He said without the slightest hesitation: “Pavilion Master Lu is really brilliant!”


Zhou Yuan had offended Lu Xiao, which was an extremely foolish action.


Lu Xiao casually waved his hand. “I've already given him face, but he doesn't want it. Therefore, I can only make him fall. I hope you can figure out what you should do before the selection of the pavilion master and come to bow your head. Then maybe I can save him.”


"If you still have the same attitude..."


He shook his head and said nothing more. He came directly out of the wind district.


Someone seeks death, so you can't blame them for not showing mercy.

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