Chapter 815 Mu Liu

“Heavenly Spirit Sect Master Xuan Kun?”


When countless shocked gasps were heard, Zhou Yuan also looked at the stone pillar with a surprised expression. There, he saw a figure standing with his hands clasped behind his back.


He was an old man with a thin body. He was dressed in a large moon-white robe that seemed to be engraved with layers of cloud runes. Beneath the cloud runes there seemed to be the eyes of a giant beast scanning the surroundings, they seemed particularly mysterious.


His face was as calm as a lake and his eyes were unfathomable like an abyss.


He simply stood there, without any Genesis Qi flowing around him, but the entire world seemed to belong to him.


"It is indeed Sect Master Xuan Kun."


Ye Bingling whispered, “He seems like an old and weak elder, but Sect Master Xuan Kun is well-known throughout Hunyuan Heaven. His body strength is almost at the level of a saint. "It can split the universe with a single move."


Zhou Yuan's eyes widened. He had not expected that the weak and thin old man would possess such terrifying body strength.


“Sect Master Xuan Kun’s Thousand Kun Law Domain can transform into thousands of kun. Once he channels the kun into his body, such power is enough to move a continent! "


[TN Note: A legendary giant fish that can transform into a mythological bird]


Zhou Yuan felt his scalp go numb.


Could you move a continent? What kind of terrifying power was that? No wonder after Master Cang Yuan disappeared, Senior Sister Chi Jing was unable to suppress the Heavenly Spirit Sect. It was because that old man possessed such explosive combat strength.


He sighed inwardly as he looked at the stone pillar next to Xuan Kun, where a slender and beautiful figure was standing. Her short burgundy hair fluttering in the wind gave her an indescribable heroic appearance that made countless young women in the world admire and adore her.


She was naturally Chi Jing.


Today two of the five great elders had come. Definitely, great importance was given to this event.


Amid cheers from the crowd, Chi Jing and Sect Master Xuan Kun nodded. Then his clear and strong voice was heard: "There is no need to be so polite."


She looked at the side of the Wind Pavilion, pausing on Zhou Yuan for a moment before continuing, “Today the Wind Pavilion has opened the pavilion master selection after many years. "I hope they do their best and don't let people down."


All the Wind Pavilion disciples were very respectful.


Chi Jing rolled up her sleeve and gathered the Genesis Qi of the universe to form a throne behind her and Sect Master Xuan Kun. He beckoned and said with a slight smile, "I didn't expect Sect Master Xuan Kun to pay attention to the selection of the Wind Pavilion's pavilion master and even come in person."


Sect Master Xuan Kun sat on the throne and said leisurely, "I had nothing to do, so I came to see the little ones."


Chi Jing sneered in his heart when he heard this. This old man probably came to find an excuse to deny the pavilion master's selection results when he loses. The Heavenly Spirit Sect had always been behind the Wind Pavilion.


“When the master was here, Sect Master Xuan Kun was not as enthusiastic as he is now,” Chi Jing commented.


Sect Master Xuan Kun smiled. “If Supreme Sovereign Cang Yuan was present, he would have dominated the world and everything would be under his control.”


“Would I have needed to meddle in something? Now that the supreme sovereign is gone, in order to prevent the Tianyuan region from becoming a disaster, I have no choice but to meddle in other people's affairs. Otherwise, when the great supreme sovereign returns, how do I explain this to him?”


He suddenly paused and said, "I don't know if Chi Jing has received any news from the supreme sovereign recently."


There was no ripple of emotion on Chi Jin’s face as he replied, “Master appears and disappears unpredictably. He'll be back when he's back."


Xuan Kun smiled and said nothing more. His abyss eyes made it difficult for people to know what he was thinking.


At this time, following the arrival of two influential figures, Chi Jing and Sect Master Xuan Kun, the selection of the pavilion master began with much anticipation.


Countless eyes focused on Chen Beifeng and Ye Bingling. As for Zhou Yuan, although he was a deputy pavilion master, no one thought that the selection of the pavilion master would have anything to do with him.


Chen Beifeng really enjoyed the attention. He turned to mock Zhou Yuan and Ye Bingling and suddenly stomped his foot.




The stone pillar creaked around his feet, and his figure shot out, landing heavily on the blue stone platform floating in the middle of the lake. The ferocious force caused countless ripples to spread across the lake.


"Wind Pavilion Deputy Master Chen Beifeng!"


Chen Beifeng's voice was like thunder. His eyes stabbed at Ye Bingling like a sword as he said, “Please enlighten me!”


Ye Bingling's pretty face was chilled as her delicate body similarly screamed and landed on the blue stone platform. “Wind Pavilion Deputy Pavilion Master Ye Bingling!”


When these two appeared on the platform in the middle of the lake, the atmosphere suddenly became hot. Countless eyes studied them curiously, because in the opinion of many people, the two on the platform were the most important figures in the selection of the pavilion master.


Not far away, a large number of people gathered. They all belonged to the Forest Pavilion, and in a way, the Forest Pavilion and the Wind Pavilion were close because Chi Jing and the Wood Clan were in some kind of alliance. They had teamed up to counter the Heavenly Spirit Sect, the Profound Crystal Clan, and the White Clan together.


At this moment, there were several figures on the Forest Pavilion side who were also looking at Chen Beifeng and Ye Bingling.


“Boss, who do you think will be given the position of pavilion master? If it were Chen Beifeng’s turn, wouldn’t it be bad for Lady Chi Jing?” said a burly man with a booming voice. His saliva sizzled like snowflakes dancing in the air.


In front of the burly man was a young man with a clear face. The young man stood tall and erect, his robes impeccably clean. It gave an indescribable feeling of cleanliness.


The young man looked at the water stains forming on his clothes as the burly man spoke. The corners of his eyes twitched, and he forcibly resisted the urge to change his clothes on the spot. He showed a gentle smile and said, “Barbarian, I can hear you talking. "You don't have to be so close to me."


The burly man, who was called a barbarian, nodded, and as he spoke, he spat more drops of saliva onto the young man's shoulder. “Oh, but if Chen Beifeng becomes the pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion, won't our Forest Pavilion have to deal with three pavilions? "I'm worried we won't be able to face them."


The young man trembled all over.


The burly man finally noticed his babbling and immediately smiled apologetically. “Sorry, boss. "I'll help you clean it up."


He quickly extended his huge dark hand to caress the young man's shoulder.


As the handsome young man watched the huge dark hand stretch out, the veins on his forehead bulged. In the end, he couldn't take it anymore. He attacked with a lightning-quick kick, sending the burly man flying towards the lake before the dark hand could touch his shoulder.


The young man burst out with anger. “You bastard, I've told you ten thousand times not to spit at me when you talk! You want me to die of anger and then take the position of pavilion master, don't you?”


Many members of the Forest Pavilion tried to hold back, but couldn't help but let out a chuckle, because the young man in front of them was the current pavilion master of the Forest Pavilion, Mu Liu.


Next to Mu Liu, a young maid in a pale green dress laughed openly. She had beautiful facial features, a willow-slender waist, and elegant manners.


His name was Mu Qingyan, the second strongest person in the Forest Pavilion, and the burly man, Jiang Man, was the third strongest.


Everyone in the Forest Pavilion knew that their pavilion master was usually calm and carefree, even in front of Lu Xiao of the Fire Pavilion. But its only flaw was that it was super clean and couldn't tolerate the slightest dirt.


Once she got angry, her so-called excellent self-cultivation would be destroyed, and she would stomp and scream like a harpy.


Mu Qingyan smiled at Mu Liu, whose face had darkened with anger. He was taking out a tissue to wipe his clothes and she said, "So, who do you think will win?"


After cleaning his clothes, Mu Liu finally regained his usual calm. He glanced at Chen Beifeng and Ye Bingling on the battlefield, and half a moment later, he frowned and shifted his gaze to Zhou Yuan, who was in front of the Wind Pavilion members.


He pondered for a moment before saying, “I feel like that guy is somewhat dangerous.”


Mu Qingyan was taken aback for a moment before her beautiful eyes fell on Zhou Yuan and asked with a thoughtful smile, “The new deputy pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion? Isn't he only in the middle stage of Divine Dwelling? Are you sure your senses are not wrong this time?”


He knew that Mu Liu was extremely sensitive to dangerous auras for some reason, but was he really right this time?


“Although that guy seems as friendly as a rabbit, harmless to humans and animals, he exudes a sinister aura. Without a doubt, he is the type to act like a pig to eat a tiger. This kind of person is the most cunning and will never show his true face,” Mu Liu said solemnly.


Then he shrugged. “That's what my feelings tell me, so I don't know if there is something wrong .”


"If I'm not mistaken, he will definitely perform today, because..."


He looked at the two figures standing face to face on the platform in the center of the lake and let out a sigh.


"Ye Bingling is no match for Chen Beifeng."

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