Chapter 817 Zhou Yuan appears on stage



Powerful Genesis Qi erupted from Chen Beifeng's body like a storm, creating waves in the lake.


His 15 million star Genesis Qi base attracted stunned gazes from the audience.


No one thought that Chen Beifeng would hide his strength so well. Besides Lu Xiao, everyone in the Fire Pavilion was equally surprised.


"Has Chen Beifeng's wind spirit rune reached 80% completion?" Wang Chen was the first to shout in disbelief. It should be said that only a handful of people from the Fire Pavilion had completed 80% of the wind spirit rune. Even Wang Chen had just reached that level.


In the past he had looked down on Chen Beifeng, but now he understood that if Chen Beifeng had not hidden his strength, he might not beat him in a battle.


Similar clamors erupted from the other two pavilions. It was clear how shocking it was to see Chen Beifeng's true strength.


On the Forest Pavilion side, the burly man named Jiang Man came up from the lake again. Covering his mouth, he shouted, “Chen Beifeng hid his strength so well.”


Mu Qingyan's face looked extremely solemn as she sighed, "Ye Bingling is going to lose."


"As I said before, in the Wind Pavilion, only the guy who dresses up as a pig to eat the tiger can beat Chen Beifeng." Mu Liu shrugged.


Hearing this, Mu Qingyan still looked doubtfully in Zhou Yuan's direction. If someone else had said this, she wouldn't have believed it at all, but Mu Liu's perception was always accurate, so she was in a state of half believing and half doubting.


At the highest point of the audience, Chi Jing was emotionlessly watching the scene. “Someone of the advanced stage of Divine Dwelling is actually capable of sealing the Genesis marks obtained from daily practice into the body, and so perfectly? This is actually very interesting.”


Sect Master Xuan Kun narrowed his eyes absently as if he had not heard what Chi Jing said.


"It seems that it is really necessary to cancel the selection of the pavilion master," Chi Jing muttered to herself.


It was only then that Sect Master Xuan Kung’s eyes widened, and with a smile, he replied, “Grand Elder Chi Jing is still a little too young. If you were more serious, you would have already seen through that sealing technique.”


“The pavilion master selection has already begun and cannot be cancelled. Otherwise, it would be against the rules.”


Chi Jing cast a cold glance at the old man. "It's still too early to be happy."


Sect Master Xuan Kun simply smiled and said nothing more. He continued to keep his eyes half closed as if he were falling asleep. From the situation, it was clear that Chen Beifeng had the advantage.




"Dragon Demon Drill!"


Chen Beifeng took a deep breath, watching the gigantic white jade palm fall from the sky. Suddenly, Universe Genesis Qi rapidly poured into his body through his nose, causing his body to expand. Finally, he opened his mouth wide.


Woo! Woo!


A dark yellow wind similar to a roaring Yellow Dragon came out from his mouth. It bared its teeth and brandished its claws as it spun frantically. Its sharp head was like a giant drill, shattering the void.


The Yellow Wind Dragon whizzed and collided head-on with the gigantic white jade palm that was pressing down.




A deafening noise rang out during the collision, causing even the void at the collision point to crack and shatter.


But that collision only lasted a dozen breaths before the gigantic white jade palm was marred with multiple cracks.


Ye Bingling's beautiful face changed dramatically.




Before he could instill more Genesis Qi into his palm, the wind drill erupted with terrifying power. It pierced and tore through the gigantic white jade palm.




There seemed to be a Dragon roar coming from inside the wind drill. As the tip twisted and shattered the void, it quickly appeared in front of Ye Bingling.


Ye Bingling gritted her teeth and quickly retreated.


Seeing this, Chen Beifeng curled his lips into a sneer. He quickly changed the sealing technique and the speed of the wind drill increased drastically. The next moment, like a violent Wind Dragon, the drill slammed into Ye Bingling's beautiful body and the violent Genesis Qi shot into the sky, producing shock waves visible to the naked eye.


Poo Chi!


Ye Bingling suddenly spurted out a gush of blood from the impact. The Genesis Qi around her body quickly faded, and her beautiful body fell from the sky.


The outcome of the battle was already decided.


Around the lake, countless cries of sympathy were heard.


A beam of golden Genesis Qi caught the rapidly falling Ye Bingling and then carried her back to where everyone from the Wind Pavilion was.


"Senior Sister Ye, are you okay?" Yi Qiushi quickly reached out to catch her and asked worriedly.


Ye Bingling's handsome face was deathly pale, and the usual coldly arrogant look in his eyes had long since faded. She seemed to be in a trance, and had evidently not recovered from the shock of being defeated by Chen Beifeng.


“Senior Sister Ye, it’s okay,” Yi Qiushui comforted.


Ye Bingling's eyes gradually turned red. She quickly lowered her head and uttered in a hoarse voice, “I have disappointed everyone, I am not good enough.”


He had been preparing for this battle and working incredibly hard for a long time. I didn't expect to see this result.


Everything was silent and the atmosphere seemed extremely gloomy. Now that Ye Bingling had lost, how could they compete with Chen Beifeng for the position of pavilion master?


In the middle of the lake, Chen Beifeng floated above the square with Genesis Qi and looked mockingly at his side. "If Deputy Pavilion Director Ye no longer has the strength to fight, surrender."


Ye Bingling gritted her teeth and pushed Yi Qiushui away. “I haven't lost. I can still fight."


She was stubbornly unwilling to admit defeat. He knew the severity of the consequences if Chen Beifeng became the pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion.


He had only taken two steps forward when the wounds inside his body caused blood to overflow from the corners of his mouth. The Genesis Qi around his body became extremely weak.


But that was when a palm grabbed Ye Bingling's shoulder from behind, forcing her to stop.


Ye Bingling struggled slightly but found that he couldn't get rid of the hand. She turned her head to see Zhou Yuan standing behind her with a smiling expression.


"Senior Sister Ye, your task is to test his trump cards, and you have already done enough," Zhou Yuan comforted him with a smile.


Ye Bingling bit her lips.


“Also, Senior Sister Ye, you are already very well-known. Let me show up and gain some fame, okay?”


Ye Bingling didn't know whether to laugh or cry.


Did this guy think this place was a theater? If he were not strong enough, he would only embarrass himself. How would I gain fame?


The surrounding people also looked at Zhou Yuan in doubt. They could tell that Zhou Yuan wanted to go on stage.


Even Ye Bingling couldn't win against Chen Beifeng, so what could Zhou Yuan, who was only at the middle stage of Divine Dwelling, do?


However, Ye Bingling's sadness faded a little after Zhou Yuan's funny behavior. She looked at Zhou Yuan with her beautiful eyes and finally sighed: “If you can't beat him, don't force him. Even if Chen Beifeng becomes the pavilion master, he only has some advantages at best.”


Zhou Yuan nodded with a smile, then walked forward and passed Ye Bingling.


Countless bewildered gazes fell on Zhou Yuan.


Above the square, Chen Beifeng chuckled, “Oh? Zhou Yuan, are you planning to go on stage at the time of crisis so that you can put on a wonderful show of reversing the tides?”


Immediately, his smile faded and his eyes turned icy.


"Unfortunately, you have to ask if I will agree first."

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