Chapter 819 The Impact of a Complete Wind Spirit Rune

The powerful blue and gold Genesis Qi flooded the sky and earth, revealing countless Genesis Qi stars as it shone above the void. An oppressive pressure spread from Zhou Yuan's body and made many people feel like they were being suffocated. He created stormy waves from the calm and silent lake.


And around the lake, countless people were dumbfounded by this scene.


Even people like Lu Xiao and Han Yuan entered a trance state.


Their gazes were almost frozen on the complete ancient Genesis rune on the back of Zhou Yuan's hand…


Is that... a complete Spiritual Wind Rune?


"How is that possible?! How could he have finished refining an entire Wind Spiritual Rune in just two months?!" Han Yuan asked as he finally recovered from the shock.


The corners of Lu Xiao's eyes were still twitching, and his originally confident face had darkened a lot. Even he did not expect to see this move from Zhou Yuan.


“He is the one who created the Wind Mother Rune. From this, it is already clear that his Spirit is not weak at all. If he could solve the problem of blood and Qi, then together with the origin coins obtained by selling the Mother Wind Runes, his wind spirit rune refinement would be faster than that of ordinary people," Lu Xiao analyzed after taking a deep breath…


"It still shouldn't be so fast!" Han Yuan argued. Over the years, Zhou Yuan was not the only one who met those conditions.


Lu Xiao didn't say anything else, because he knew it would be useless. Regardless of the reason, what Zhou Yuan had done was enough to cause a stir.


He had refined the wind spirit rune in two months! This speed was unheard of in the entire Tianyuan region!


His face darkened. He originally thought that Zhou Yuan was no one he could knead however he wanted, but now he realized that there was a mistake in his assessment.




"Did you complete the wind spirit rune in two months?"


On the Forest Pavilion side, Mu Qingyan's mouth dropped and shocked disbelief filled her small face. “Isn't it too fast?”


“And how his wind spirit rune caused an increase of three million Genesis Qi stars!”


Mu Liu was similarly shocked for a moment before smacking his lips and exclaiming, “That kid is really cunning. Although I felt like I was hiding something, I never thought it would be a complete Wind Spirit Rune!”


“As for the growth of three million Genesis Qi stars, it is not too surprising. “This shows that the refined wind spirit rune is perfect, and extremely talented people have also achieved it before.”


“But he is the first person who can refine a complete Wind Spiritual Rune, a perfect one, no less, in just two months.”


“This guy is smarter than I thought. We should stay away from him,” Mu Liu shook his head and said seriously.


Mu Qingyan's eyes lit up. “I don't think it's that bad. If our Forest Pavilion joins forces with the Wind Pavilion, we won't have to be afraid of Liu Xiao and Han Yuan!"


Mu Liu shook his head repeatedly. “I still feel like nothing good will come of being around that guy. "He might even betray us."


However, Mu Qingyan still shot him a glance and said, “Your objection is invalid because I have the final say in the Forest Pavilion!”


A bitter look appeared on Mu Liu's handsome face as he muttered, "I'm the pavilion master, so you have to show me some face."


Mu Qingyan snorted and no longer paid attention to him. She cast her beautiful eyes onto the battlefield.




On the Wind Pavilion side, everyone was still in shock and silence.


A long time later, Ye Bingling was the first to blink. She uttered in an uncertain voice, “That is a complete Wind Spirit Rune?”


Yi Qiushui, Liu Zhixuan and others exchanged glances and then nodded uncertainly. "Although I don't know if it's real, Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi base has skyrocketed..."


Ye Bingling took a deep breath and replied, "Indeed."


She looked at Zhou Yuan with a complicated look in her beautiful eyes and bit her red lips. “That guy…turned out to be that strong, but he had been hiding behind me and watching me make a fool of myself. I can not stand it!"


But although he said that he couldn't bear it, Yi Qiushui and the others could feel that Ye Bingling's tense body had relaxed a lot, and there was a relieved joy between his eyebrows. In any case, it was countless times better for the position of pavilion master to fall on Zhou Yuan's head than on Chen Beifeng's.


Now, Zhou Yuan, who had revealed a complete Wind Spiritual Rune and whose Genesis Qi base had risen to 14 million, possessed enough strength to counter Chen Beifeng.




Everyone around the entire lake was still in a state of shock brought on by the complete wind spirit rune.


That scene similarly captured the attention of the two influential figures at the top of the audience.


Sect Master Xuan Kun, who seemed to be asleep, suddenly opened his eyes and focused on Zhou Yuan. His deep, abyss-like eyes wavered slightly, and he commented, “Then it turns out that Grand Elder Chi Jing is also prepared.”


He already knew that the deputy pavilion master who joined the Wind Pavilion two months ago was someone Chi Jing thought highly of and had prepared for that day.


No wonder he had allowed the selection of the pavilion master to continue…


Leaning on the throne, he smiled slightly. “Of the four pavilions, the Wind Pavilion is still in my hands. If you want, you can talk to me. "You don't need to do ridiculous things."


Sect Master Xuan Kun smiled. “I dare not do it; Otherwise, if Supreme Sovereign Cang Yuan returns, he will think that I am bullying Grand Elder Chi Jing.”


Chi Jing's expression remained unchanged, and he only sneered coldly inwardly. This old bastard lives a life of prostitution, but he's still waiting for a monument for his chastity.


This time, if it weren't for Zhou Yuan, the Wind Pavilion would have fallen into the hands of the Heavenly Spirit Sect.


But he was not surprised that Zhou Yuan had refined a complete Wind Spiritual Rune in two months, because he had also practiced the Primordial Chaos Divine Whetstone Visualization Method before and knew what was at the core of the Origin Tower. the Four Spirits… And not even Sect Master Xuan Kun and the others were able to enter that place.




On the platform that all eyes were watching.


Chen Beifeng finally recovered from the shock. He looked at the complete wind spirit rune on the back of Zhou Yuan's hand, and his face began to twist, and his voice became hoarse, "How could you refine a complete wind spirit rune in two months?"


He had still been teasing Zhou Yuan before, but who would have imagined that in the blink of an eye, those taunts would turn into a slap in the face?


Zhou Yuan's 14 million Genesis Qi base was no longer much weaker than his own.


Furthermore, he could clearly sense that Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi was of a higher rank than his Confusing Wind Genesis Qi! In other words, even if Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi foundation was a little weaker than his, if they fought, Zhou Yuan would not necessarily lose.


The original gap between the two sides had caused people to lose all hope, but Zhou Yuan had bridged the gap in an unimaginable way.


Even after hearing Chen Beifeng's hysterical voice, Zhou Yuan still ignored him. Zhou Yuan felt tsunami-like Genesis Qi in his body and took a deep breath before raising his hand again.


A Sword Orb emerged.




A sword cry sounded.


"Do you want to take another sword of mine?"

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