Chapter 82 – Finding Mo Ling again

The voice that suddenly reached her ears made Lu Qing'er freeze, and then a joyful look came out of her eyes as she turned her head to look at Li Luo who appeared behind her.


The young woman's smiling face was a far cry from her expressionless face from before.


"This fly swatter of yours is very expensive, isn't it? Trying to scam me?" Lu Qing'er laughed.


"I can't help it, you have too big a fly here, I suspect he is a pervert." Li Luo said with a look of circumstance.


The corners of Lu Qing'er's lips couldn't help but curl up.


At this moment, Mo Ling's face was gloomy as he stared at Li Luo and said, "Li Luo, do you want trouble that bad?"


"What do you care if I talk to a classmate?" Li Luo laughed.


Mo Ling said indifferently: "Then I still consider myself your superior, are you so rude? With this kind of attitude, I am afraid that you will suffer a big loss when you go to the Xuanxing Holy Academy."


"Then I'll take a few extra guards." Li Luo laughed.


A flash of anger flashed across Mo Ling's eyes. Of course he knew that Li Luo was making fun of what had happened earlier in the Qingfeng House, but he understood that getting angry at this moment would be of no use, so he forced himself to lower his face. anger and said: "Li Luo, just laugh, when today is over, my Ink House's Wonderful Spiritual Light Water will dominate Tianshu County, and you, Xi Yang House, will not be able to mix in here, I'm afraid."


When the words fell, he waved his sleeve with a direct sneer.


Li Luo looked at his back, shook his head with a smile, and said to Lu Qing'er, "How did you attract those wild bees and butterflies?"


Lu Qing'er raised her eyebrows slightly and looked at him contemptuously: "What nonsense, what does it have to do with me, I was just strolling here, who knew that this person would appear so upset."


She was a little angry because Li Luo had said that she had invited that hateful thing.


Seeing this, Li Luo hurried to remedy the situation: "Badly said, badly said, with Qing'er's temperament and face, she is like that water lily in the lake, she is just unlucky to encounter a piece of cow dung floating in the water."


Lu Qing'er gave him a blank look, and then her brows furrowed slightly as she said in a low voice, "The Ink House has reached an agreement with the Song Family, and I'm afraid they will make a move on this big deal today." festival".


The words are spoken with a hint of concern.


"Don't worry, I've got it under control." Li Luo didn't seem worried, he just waved his hand.


When Lu Qing'er saw this, she was a little taken aback but did not ask any more questions, instead her eyes turned and stared at Li Luo: "Have you achieved the Ninth Seal?"


"Do you have ten seals?" Li Luo also asked rhetorically, because the two of them were close, so he also vaguely felt the faint cold Qi emanating from Lu Qing'er's body, which seemed to be even colder than before.


That is clearly a result of the resonance force becoming strong.


The previous Lu Qing'er was a ninth seal, and it was normal for her to break through to the tenth seal after this month.


Lu Qing'er nodded gently, as the weather was a bit hot and the sun was burning, so she was carrying a small white umbrella, and as the two of them strolled casually at this moment, she tilted it slightly towards Li Luo's side as she It said, "I should be able to reach the first stage of the Resonance Master realm before entering the Xuan Xing Sacred Academy."


"Awesome". Li Luo gave a thumbs up and was full of praise.


"You should also work harder, don't see us as one of the best in Tianshu County, but when you arrive at Xuanxing Sacred Academy and meet the new students from those other strong counties, you will know how fierce the competition is."


"I have heard that when you first enter the Xuanxing Holy Academy, there will be a class division competition, and the ferocity of that fight can far surpass this so-called Academy Grand Examination." Lu Qing'er warned seriously.


Li Luo nodded, of course he wouldn't underestimate those other new students of Xuanxing Sacred Academy, because he really didn't have that qualification, Tianshu County's strength was only in the middle of Great Xia's hundred counties, if he thought that winning The first place in Tianshu County would be able to break through the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, so he was truly possessed by Yu Lang.


And as the two of them strolled leisurely, that Mo Ling was filled with melancholy as he approached the Songzi House and then saw Song Qiuyu on the rooftop, towering over the crowd of people there.


"Who pissed you off again?" Song Qiuyu looked at him and laughed.


"Meeting that Li Luo again, damn it." Mo Ling gritted his teeth and said.


"There's nothing to be angry about, when today is over, I think, he'll regret treating you like that." Song Qiu Yu said calmly.


Mo Ling nodded, his expression then relaxed a little and said, “It's all ready here, right?”


"Yan Lingqing and I are similar in strength, but with this secret medicine from your Mo family, I will definitely be able to defeat her this time, hehehe, I am really looking forward to it, that little hoof used to be very proud, I want to see how good she will look after being defeated." for me this time…” Song Qiuyu said with a delicate laugh.


Hearing Song Qiuyu's soft laughter and looking at her slender waist, Mo Ling felt a little ticklish and then reached out to circle her small waist.


But Song Qiuyu dodged it with a gentle twist of the waist and blurted out, "If my father sees this, I'm afraid you won't be able to leave Tianshu County until you are ready for marriage."


Mo Ling hurriedly said, "I wouldn't mind making a marriage contract right away, just in case you don't."


"Let's hope we find a good time." Song Qiuyu smiled. Mo Ling could only nod his head.


Song Qiuyu looked at the shop below again, but there was a sneer in those eyes. Naturally, he had seen the scene where Mo Ling had harassed Lu Qing'er at the venue.


But right now, we have to use the power of the House of Ink to confront the House of Xi Yang, so we'll hold off for now and throw in the spare wheel when we have a better target later.


While Song Qiuyu was turning his thoughts in his mind, a bell suddenly rang in that establishment, and immediately the atmosphere in the establishment became bustling.


Song Qiuyu's cheeks also had a tinge of anticipation appearing on them, the satiety test he had been waiting for was finally here.


And in the compound, when the bell rang, Li Luo and Lu Qing'er also followed the flow of people and headed towards the central area of the compound.


Among the crowd, Li Luo saw that in the Xi Yang House, Yan Lingqing had already taken the stage, her slender and thin figure, her silver-rimmed glasses, and her long flowing hair, attracting attention.


"Is it true that your House Luolan recruits people based on their face value first? That grand housekeeper Cai Wei is charming and charming, and this president of House Xi Yang is also cold and delicate." When Lu Qing'er saw Yan Lingqing, she sized her up for a moment and then laughed lightly.


Li Luo was speechless, but for a moment there was no way to reply, after all, Cai Wei and Yan Lingqing's facial quality was really there, if people didn't know that this was arranged by Jiang Qing'e, I would I'm afraid they would really think that he, the young master of the house, was a bit despicable and unethical.


"I'm going to second uncle's side first, do you want to accompany me?" Lu Qing'er pointed to a booth where the Golden Dragon Treasure House was located. Although the Golden Dragon Treasure House was not a Spiritual Light Water House, they were considered channelers, so they were also concerned about these types of grand festivals.


Li Luo smiled and shook his head: "I have to go up."


He pointed to the center of the room.


Astonishment surfaced on Lu Qing'er's pretty face: "Are you going to compete in a tempering resonance art?"


"I'm just going to help Sister Ling Qing as an assistant, and gain some knowledge on the side, after all, I'm also a tempering master." Li Luo laughed.


"I'll be cheering you on."


Lu Qing'er laughed lightly, her thick brush eyelashes blinking gently, releasing some interest before she waved her small hand and calmly walked away with her small white umbrella.


At this moment, Li Luo also walked onto the stage and walked towards Yan Lingqing.

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