Chapter 828 Fang Ao

"You are just a deputy pavilion master, are you qualified to speak here?"


When Zhou Yuan's cold voice echoed in the hall, a cold light appeared in Fang Ao's sinister eyes. Fang Ao curled his lips, revealing his white teeth. “What arrogance. Don’t you know how much weight the master pavilion of the Wind Pavilion has?”


“Chen Beifeng wouldn't even be ranked in the top five of the Fire Pavilion. Do you think you are very powerful just because you defeated him?”


"If you don't know how much weight you are, I can help you find out!"




As Fang Ao's voice faded, a violent stream of Genesis Qi suddenly erupted from his body, covering the entire area.


"If a deputy pavilion master of the Fire Pavilion is so rude and disrespectful, I don't mind teaching him on behalf of Pavilion Master Lu!" Zhou Yuan's eyes were cold. As before, he did not move an inch, but the powerful golden Genesis Qi pulsed around his body, shaking the void.


Fang Ao's eyes flashed with anger.


However, just as he was about to fight back angrily, Lu Xiao's indifferent voice rang out: "Fang Ao, don't be rude."


Hearing Lu Xiao's voice, Fang Ao gradually calmed down his strong and powerful Genesis Qi. He frowned at Zhou Yuan for a long while before sitting back down with a cold smile. But his expression was still full of provocation.


Lu Xiao turned to Zhou Yuan and explained, "Fang Ao has a fierce temper, so I hope Pavilion Master Zhou Yuan will not take him to heart."


Hearing his calm and indifferent tone, Zhou Yuan snorted coldly. The two of them were just trying to scare him by playing good cop and bad cop. They only wanted to intimidate the newly appointed leader of the Wind Pavilion. If it had been someone normal who found them, their ploy would have succeeded.


Zhou Yuan also withdrew his Genesis Qi and calmly replied, “He is just a deputy pavilion master. "I will not stoop to their level."


Fang Ao's eyelids twitched, a flash of malice in his eyes.


Zhou Yuan paid no attention to him and said, “I have made it very clear, the four pavilions should each have 25% of the newcomers. This is the rule. It has already gone against the rules in the past, but I have no intention of moving forward. However, if you continue to do so, I have no choice but to report this matter to Lady Chi Jing.”


With his hands cupped around his tea, Lu Xiao chuckled, “Well, it seems that Pavilion Master Zhou Yuan has the heart to revitalize the Wind Pavilion. I admire him, so let's follow the rules.”


“Each of the four pavilions has a 25% participation of newcomers.”


Zhou Yuan nodded. "Thank you for your understanding, Pavilion Master Lu."


Lu Xiao smiled. “It's a trivial matter, but what I had told you about before... are you going to think about it again? "My offer will be higher this time."


The matter of purchasing the Wind Mother Rune refinement method?


Zhou Yuan shook his head, his expression unchanged.


The Mother Wind Rune was priceless to the Wind Pavilion, and Lu Xiao should be very clear about this. After all, the Fire Pavilion had risen by selling Mark Capture Rune. But Lu Xiao wanted the Wind Mother Rune because he was worried that the Wind Pavilion would also have a chance to rise.


Seeing Zhou Yuan reject the offer again, Lu Xiao took a deep look at Zhou Yuan and said indifferently: “Pavilion Master Zhou Yuan, the participation of newcomers is actually not the most important thing. "Sometimes, even with participation, it is difficult to attract good seedlings."


There was a hint of threat and warning in his tone of voice.


Zhou Yuan smiled. "Pavilion Master Lu doesn't have to worry about this."


"It seems that Pavilion Master Zhou Yuan is already mentally prepared, so I will wait and see."


There was no wave of emotion on Zhou Yuan's face. He no longer responded since he had achieved his goal of going to the pavilion's keynote lecture.


After negotiating the participation, Lu Xiao discussed other things, but Zhou Yuan was not interested and remained silent throughout the entire process.


The meeting lasted half an hour before ending.


Zhou Yuan was the first to stand up. He gave a cupped fist salute to Lu Xiao, Han Yuan and Mu Liu and left with his people.


Mu Liu also got up and left with a smiling expression.


After his departure, in the hall, the smile on Lu Xiao's face instantly faded.




Fang Ao's face was dark. He punched the iron table and even dented it.


“He is simply the pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion. If we were outside, I would have already cut off his head!" Fang Ao's eyes were full of malice.


“This is Tianyuan utopia. Everything must be done according to the rules. If you act directly on him here, he can report you and remove you from your position as deputy pavilion master. At that time you would be the one who loses face,” Lu Xiao said indifferently.


"So we're going to give them back the newcomers' share?" Zhu Lian frowned.


“I said before, the proportion of newcomers is not important.”


“The current base of the Wind Pavilion is full of holes. Even if they have the Wind Mother Rune, they can't change anything. Do you really think they can attract good seedlings? In the end, only 25% of the garbage will be thrown next to you.”


“Later, I will send someone to spread rumors among the newcomers so that they understand the background of the Wind Pavilion. "This way, they would be even more unlikely to recruit good seedlings."


Fang Ao's expression finally relaxed a little when he heard this.


"But it's still very unpleasant." He growled.


Zhu Lian also sneered: "This kid seems to be unwilling to hand over the method of refining the Mother of Wind Rune."


Lu Xiao smiled. “There is no hurry, this is your last fight. There are four months left until the battle of the pavilion master. When I become the main pavilion master, I will have a way to force you to hand it over obediently.”


He looked in the direction Zhou Yuan left, and an icy smile curved his eyes.




Outside the restaurant.


Zhou Yuan stopped his pace and turned to look at Ye Bingling, whose beautiful hand was dripping with blood.


He narrowed his eyes slightly and a touch of coldness flashed in them as he asked, "Are you okay?"


Ye Bingling nodded. "Just a little injury, don't worry."


His handsome face became serious. "Fang Ao is very strong, stronger than Chen Beifeng!"


Zhou Yuan nodded. Previously, when he had resisted Fang Ao's move and faced his sharp Genesis Qi, it was akin to being stabbed by billions of needles, and the attack had made his palm numb. It seemed that what Fang Ao said was true, Chen Beifeng's strength was really not in the top five.


According to his calculation, Fang Ao's Genesis Qi base had at least 15 million Genesis Qi stars, and of course, this was without activating the fire spirit rune.


The experts from the Fire Pavilion had emerged endlessly, and they were much stronger than those from the Wind Pavilion.


"Don't worry, I will receive a reward for you when I have the chance," Zhou Yuan assured. I was going to remember the conflict of the day.


Ye Bingling looked at him and said, “Don't waste your time. That guy is not easy to deal with.”


Zhou Yuan smiled. He had almost completed the polishing of his sixth Divine Dwelling. Once he succeeded, his Genesis Qi base would skyrocket, and at that time, if Fang Ao dared to cause trouble again, it would make him understand what it meant to ask for humiliation.


A sudden laughter sounded behind them… Mu Liu and his group were slowly approaching “Pavilion Master Zhou Yuan, although you took back the newcomers' share this time, given Lu Xiao's personality, he will not leave the matter at that. Be careful."


"Thank you, Pavilion Master Mu, for reminding me."


Mu Liu curiously studied Zhou Yuan and asked, “But I feel like you already have some means to deal with Lu Xiao. "Will there be a good show at the newcomer ceremony in seven days?"


Zhou Yuan was a little surprised upon hearing her words. How did he know? He had never revealed the other three Genesis Runes, and even Ye Bingling and Yi Qiushui did not know about them.


“Heh, it seems I'm right. Interesting."


Mu Liu laughed heartily when he saw the look in Zhou Yuan's eyes. He then shook his head and left with Mu Qingyan and Jiang Man.


"That kind…"


Zhou Yuan looked at Mu Liu suspiciously as he left.


But in the end he shook his head. Mu Liu had guessed that he had a plan to deal with Lu Xiao, but there was no way for him to know that it had to do with the three ancient Genesis Runes...


Zhou Yuan turned his head and looked at the restaurant behind him. A cold smile spread across his mouth.


He originally did not intend to steal the entire Mark Capturing Rune business, but since their opposition was not friendly… they could not blame him for being ruthless.


If you want to play, I'll accompany you until the end.

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