Chapter 830 Cream of the Crop

Tianyuan Utopia.


On one of the smaller floating islands in the outer perimeter.


It was a rather remote location, and its Genesis Qi concentration naturally could not compare to that of the four pavilions. Despite this, it was an extremely attractive location for the many residents of the Tianyuan region, and many would pay incredible prices to live here.


This day, the center of the island was very lively. Countless people came from all over the island and hovered around the outer perimeter, their eyes filled with envy as they watched the several hundred figures that had gathered in the middle.


After numerous tests and selections, these were the ones chosen who would soon enter the four pavilions.


Once they joined the four pavilions, they would abandon their previous status as unaffiliated cultivators and gain not only a powerful patron, but also a place to cultivate on the four islands that had highly concentrated Genesis Qi. Your future prospects would be practically limitless.


“The time has come for the annual hiring of the four pavilions.”


“However, I fear that this year will be no different from the last. "Most of the good seedlings will be taken by the Fire Pavilion."


“What can others do? The Fire Pavilion is the strongest of the four, and the master of the Fire Pavilion, Lu Xiao, is basically the face of the Tianyuan Region's younger generation. “His rally power and influence is top-notch.”


“Tch, what bonding power? Isn't it because they give the largest number of origin coins? After all, none of these newcomers who passed the selections are ordinary. The top three on the Divine Dwelling List might amaze you, but as number nine, Lu Xiao doesn’t have the qualifications.”




Numerous whispers spread around the outer perimeter. The recruitment of newcomers from the four pavilions was carried out here every year, making the place very lively during this period.




Bright figures suddenly appeared in the distant sky. They quickly approached the island and descended towards the center.


These were members of the four pavilions who had come to set up in advance. Soon four giant flags were raised from the stone stages at the four corners.


Shortly after the flags were raised, four figures giving off extraordinary auras arrived and slowly descended.


While secretly hiding the indomitable pride in their eyes, the newcomers restrained their expressions as they looked towards the four figures. They had already done their homework on the four pavilion masters and knew how powerful they were. Not even the slightest trace of disdain was visible even when they looked at the merely intermediate Divine Dwelling stage wind pavilion master , Zhou Yuan.


This was because all of them were also aware of how Zhou Yuan had defeated Chen Beifeng.


Zhou Yuan landed on the stage from which the giant blue flag of the Wind Pavilion rose, and Ye Bingling and Yi Qiushui stepped forward to greet him.


He nodded at the two girls before directing his gaze towards the crowd that consisted of several hundred people. Most practitioners gave off a slight fierce aura, but this was not strange to people like them. They came from various places in Hunyuan Heaven and were mostly unaffiliated cultivators. The unaffiliated practitioners who achieved such cultivation had definitely experienced countless life and death battles.


Maybe some of them lack talent, but they would also be tougher and more determined than the others.


Zhou Yuan's gaze finally looked towards the front of the crowd, where a group of between thirty and forty figures were clearly distinguished from the rest.


From the faint but powerful Genesis Qi undulations that were spreading from their bodies, they were evidently experts who had reached the advanced stage of Divine Dwelling.


Furthermore, all of them were ranked on the Hunyuan Heaven Divine Dwelling List; although they mostly qualified near the bottom.


Every member of this group was a talented genius with great potential. If they were recruited and provided with cultivation resources from the Wind Pavilion, their ranking on the Divine Dwelling List would surely increase in the future.


Zhou Yuan's gaze swept around the group before stopping on the four figures in front. Three men and a lady. He could clearly sense that his Genesis Qi undulations were distinctively stronger than the rest.


Next to Zhou Yuan, Yi Qiushui said in a low voice, “The four of them are the strongest of the new batch. Ling Feng, Feng Si, Yuan Tiegang, and the girl is called Shang Xiaoling."


Zhou Yuan nodded. If these four were in the Wind Pavilion, they would not be weaker than commander-level members.


The recruitment ceremony of the four pavilions is truly something extraordinary. No wonder even Lu Xiao regards it with extreme importance.


As Zhou Yuan and the other three pavilion masters watched the newcomers, the newcomers watched them as well.


Several swept their gazes over Zhou Yuan, probably curious about how he had managed to become a pavilion master despite his intermediate cultivation in the Divine Dwelling stage.


As both sides sized each other up, on the Fire Pavilion side, Lu Xiao slowly walked forward in a calm and confident manner as he said, “Everyone, let the newcomer ceremony begin. I won't elaborate on the rules. Each pavilion will announce its benefits and the newcomer will be able to freely choose his pavilion.”


“Newcomers can make their decisions voluntarily, and no one can force them otherwise! Anyone who breaks the rules will have their fees reduced."


Towards the end, he seemed to involuntarily glance at Zhou Yuan.


Zhou Yuan simply chuckled, not paying attention to Lu Xiao's action.


When Lu Xiao's voice rang out, an air of excitement suddenly swept over the crowd. The gazes of several newcomers darted towards the four pavilions, but overall, the Fire Pavilion was clearly the most popular, while the Wind Pavilion seemed somewhat lonely.


However, no one made their decision yet because they were waiting for the four pavilions to announce their benefits.


The mountain pavilion master, Han Yuan, was the first to step forward. With a slight smile, he said, “Mountain Pavilion members will receive 30 origin coins and 60 high-quality Divine Dwelling medicines every month. But we only accept those in the top 250.”


There were around 500 newcomers in total, and they had already been ranked in the previous selections.


The Mountain Pavilion was only recruiting from the top 250. In other words, half of the newcomers did not have the qualifications to join. Of course, if they failed to meet the quota, they would naturally relax their conditions a bit.


As a result, disappointment arose in several people who could not meet the requirement.


After Han Yuan finished, Forest Pavilion master Mu Liu also stepped forward and said, “Forest Pavilion members will receive 28 origin coins and 55 high-grade Divine Dwelling medicines every month. Our hiring criterion is the top 300."


The benefits of the Forest Pavilion were slightly worse than those of the Mountain Pavilion, but its restriction was relaxed by 50 positions.


Lu Xiao looked towards Zhou Yuan with a slight smile. “Do you want to go first, Pavilion Master Zhou Yuan? If I go first, it may not be so good for your Wind Pavilion later.”


His expression contained some hints of mockery.


However, Zhou Yuan shook his head. “Pavilion Master Lu Xiao does not need to show such consideration towards me. I'm also interested in knowing how much the Fire Pavilion will offer."


He didn't intend to go first because he was preparing to act accordingly after seeing what Lu Xiao had.


Lu Xiao laughed softly and said, "Since that is the case, don't blame me later for not giving you any chance."


His gaze turned to the crowd. As he looked at the numerous expectant gazes, he announced indifferently, “Previously, members of my Fire Pavilion could receive 40 origin coins every month.”


These words immediately ignited the fire of desire in the eyes of many newcomers.


Lu Xiao’s tone suddenly changed: “But that’s the past. Starting today, my Fire Pavilion has decided to increase that number by 10, so each member will receive 50 coins per month."




The whole place seemed to explode. Even the expressions of the elite group of Divine Dwelling List ranks in front changed.


Cheers erupted from the members of the Fire Pavilion as they looked proudly at everyone.


“Of course, although being a member of the Fire Pavilion has enormous benefits, our conditions are also quite strict. This time we will only include the top 180.”


The excited atmosphere instantly fell silent as several people's faces dimmed. Only the top 180 out of 500, this prerequisite was the strictest so far.


After Lu Xiao finished, he looked at Zhou Yuan with a shallow smile. "Pavilion Master Zhou Yuan, now it's your turn."


Zhou Yuan smiled and slowly walked forward.


However, the crowd was still immersed in the shock of Lu Xiao's words, and no one paid much attention to the wind pavilion master for a while. Furthermore, they had already done their research and knew that the Wind Pavilion had the least benefits of the four. Therefore, it was probably the one that attracted them the least.


Zhou Yuan took a few steps forward, ignoring the clearly worried newcomers as he calmly said, “I will first talk about our recruitment criteria. This year, the Wind Pavilion only wants the best of the harvest. Therefore, we will only recruit the top 150.”


His words made the entire place become deathly silent.


Even the three pavilion masters, Lu Xiao, Han Yuan, and Mu Liu, looked on in shock.


In fact, Lu Xiao and Han Yuan almost burst out laughing.


What had they just heard?


Was the Wind Pavilion only recruiting the top 150? The usual dump, the Wind Pavilion, only wanted the best of the crop?


Strange expressions appeared on the faces of the newcomers.


Was the new master of the wind pavilion crazy?

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