Chapter 833 The Second Genesis Rune

The result of the newcomer ceremony quickly spread to the four pavilions and, as expected, caused everyone to fall into a dead silence.


Even the members of the Wind Pavilion were so shocked by the news that they were unable to return to their senses for a while.


No one could have predicted that the Wind Pavilion, which had always been called the 'dumping ground' of the newcomer ceremony, would become the biggest winner this time. Their results were so brilliant that even the Fire Pavilion dimmed in comparison…


Of course, even more shocking were the new benefits of the Wind Pavilion and the appearance of the four Mother Runes.


The monthly salary of 70 Origin Coins was the highest since the establishment of the four pavilions!


The members of the Wind Pavilion were madly delighted. As for the other three pavilions, the members of Forest Pavilion were full of envy, while the members of Fire Pavilion and Mountain Pavilion were super jealous. Many complained bitterly and questioned what right the members of the Wind Pavilion had to enjoy such benefits, feeling that it was basically a waste of resources.


However, their jealousy was useless because everyone understood that the appearance of the four Mother Runes gave the Wind Pavilion the confidence to give such benefits. Furthermore, these resources were not granted by superiors, but rather obtained by the Wind Pavilion itself.


Although many were still quite skeptical about the effectiveness of the four Mother Runes, their suspicions were completely dispelled as more and more people personally tasted their sweetness after Wind Pavilion officially began selling them a few days later.


Therefore, the four Mother Runes quickly became explosively popular.




Wind Island. On the top floor of the main rooms pavilion.


Zhou Yuan looked at the cultivation sands around the lake as clear as a mirror. Although members had come here to train in the past, it was nothing compared to this moment: a sea of people currently occupied the place, making it seem extremely popular.


"The members of Wind Pavilion have gone crazy since you introduced that evaluation system of yours, and they have been training like crazy every day." Next to Zhou Yuan, Yi Qiushui was also observing the scene in front of her as her hand covered the faint smile on her face.


"Did anyone raise any objections?" Zhou Yuan asked.


The evaluation was extremely strict, and anyone who did not leave the mark would risk being expelled from the Wind Pavilion. As such, some members had come to the main quarters of the pavilion to complain two days ago.


Yi Qiushui replied, "Definitely, but your objections were useless."


In fact, any objection would be useless because the strict evaluation was accompanied by envious benefits. No one would willingly part with a monthly salary of 70 Origin Coins, even if they had to pay it off by training very hard.


Those who objected were mostly freeloaders anyway, and even without Zhou Yuan's interference, their objections would soon be rejected by even more Wind Pavilion members.


Zhou Yuan gave a small nod of approval before turning around to look at the group of figures behind him. In addition to Xiao Hong, Lu Mingyue, and the other commanders, there were three unfamiliar faces present. They were the new members who had joined the Wind Pavilion a few days ago.


Sheng Xiaoling, Ling Feng and Yuan Tiegang.


Because of their strength, Zhou Yuan gave them deputy commander positions after they joined the Wind Pavilion. Once they were properly established in the Wind Pavilion, he would promote them accordingly.


“Regarding evaluations, if the number of missing members in your sections exceeds a certain threshold, it will affect your performance evaluations as commanders and deputy commanders. So, don’t get distracted and make sure you keep an eye on your teams,” Zhou Yuan said.


Xiao Hong and the others respectfully acknowledged his command. They had shown great enthusiasm ever since they found out about the 10% share they would get from the sales of the four Mother Runes.


After saying his piece, Zhou Yuan waved his hand for them to leave. However, the group refused to move as they looked at him anxiously.


“You shameless scoundrels,” Zhou Yuan cursed in a good-natured manner. How could I not know what they thought? With a swift motion, a dozen pieces of jade shot out.


Xiao Hong and the others hurriedly grabbed the jade pieces as smiles bloomed on their faces. These were high-grade Wind Mother Runes that were 10% more effective than ordinary shares and could not be purchased.


"Thank you, pavilion master!" Upon receiving the high-grade Wind Mother Runes, the group immediately dispersed after showing their gratitude.


After they left, Ye Bingling said in a low voice, “I heard that the Fire Pavilion and the Mountain Pavilion have banned all purchases of the four Mother Runes. The sales of the four Mother Runes only dominate in the Wind Pavilion and the Forest Pavilion.”


Zhou Yuan was not surprised. After all, Lu Xiao would not idly watch the four Mother Runes crash into the Mark Capture Rune market.


"They can't stop it."


Zhou Yuan shook his head. “Although several members of the Fire Pavilion are from the Heavenly Spirit Sect, the majority are not. Lu Xiao's forceful methods will only work temporarily, and if this continues, the majority will only begin to resent him more and more. Once resentment reaches a certain point, you will no longer be able to suppress them.”


“What can he do when the Mother Runes are twice as effective as the Mark Capture Rune?


“Forbidding one from using the Mother Runes is like wasting cultivation time. “For members of the four pavilions like us, time is the most precious resource, and hindering our cultivation is like killing our parents.”


Yi Qiushui nodded his head. "That's right. Lu Xiao can't stop him. If he still has any common sense, he will either turn a blind eye to this matter or... lower the price of the Mark Capturing Rune."


“But even if he does that, he wouldn't be able to shake the place of the Mother Runes.”


"If you want to blame someone, you can only blame Zhou Yuan for creating the Mother Runes, which are much more effective than his Mark Capturing Rune."


Yi Qiushui pursed his lips into a smile as he looked at Zhou Yuan in admiration.


Lu Xiao should have far surpassed Zhou Yuan in both strength and reputation, but the latter had somehow suppressed the former in this most recent power struggle. Lu Xiao was probably feeling extremely grumpy, but there was honestly nothing he could do.


Ye Bingling also nodded. However, he soon began to worry. "We have the advantage for now, but I'm still worried about the main pavilion master's battle in four months..."


Yi Qiushui's expression became more serious. In fact, this was an important topic. If Lu Xiao became the main pavilion master, it would be a big problem for them as he would even have the right to interfere in their Wind Pavilion affairs.


For example, Lu Xiao could criticize the evaluation and benefits that Zhou Yuan had set to undermine his influence.


Zhou Yuan's eyes narrowed as he calmly said, "We can only try our best to deny it."


Ye Bingling let out a bitter laugh. How could it be so easy? Lu Xiao was not like Chen Beifeng, and was ranked ninth on the Hunyuan Heaven Divine Dwelling List. If they were not members of the Tianyuan Region, he could have easily crushed the Wind Pavilion by force.


However, he also understood that they could not give up no matter what.


"Since the current situation has stabilized, I need to start focusing all my energy on my training." Zhou Yuan chuckled. He had been busy crafting the four Mother Runes and had not had much time to train. If he didn't start now, it would be impossible for him to stop Lu Xiao in four months.


Yi Qiushui said, “Okay, training is the most important thing now. “If you managed to reach the advanced stage of Divine Dwelling, you might not have to fear Lu Xiao.”


Ye Bingling also looked over and suddenly asked, “Since you have completed the wind spirit rune, you should choose a second Genesis Rune to work on. Which one do you have in mind?”


Only after completing one of the four ancient Genesis Runes would a pavilion member be allowed to enter the other three districts.


Zhou Yuan thought about it.


The wood spirit rune could increase recovery, but it was not very useful to Zhou Yuan since he had the Taiyi Green Wood Mark. The mountain spirit rune could greatly amplify his defensive capabilities, but it was definitely not a priority since he had the Mythical Saint Body and the Azure Serpent Form.


Therefore, only the fire spirit rune remained.


The fire spirit rune would grant a hidden explosive force to one's Genesis Qi and amplify its destructive capabilities. This was extremely suitable for Zhou Yuan.


Of course, he would have to enter the Fire District of the Fire Pavilion to start cultivating the fire spirit rune. But Zhou Yuan was not worried. After all, this was Tianyuan's utopia, and Lu Xiao would not dare to do anything no matter how much he hated Zhou Yuan. Otherwise, he may not be able to maintain his position as the master of the Fire Pavilion.


Did he really believe that Zhou Yuan had no backing in the Tianyuan region?


Of course, Zhou Yuan knew that he still had to be careful.


As various thoughts swirled in his head, Zhou Yuan made up his mind and smiled at the two girls.


"My second Ancient Genesis Rune will be the fire spirit rune."

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