Chapter 836 The Great Competent Manager

"Sky Obscuring Beast?"


In the main pavilion building, Yi Qiushui looked at Zhou Yuan, who had anxiously appeared before her. He was silent for a while before saying, “I've heard of that before. “It is an extremely powerful Genesis Beast, and a peak-level Heaven Obscuring Beast is rated at grade seven.”


"Grade seven?"


Zhou Yuan's expression changed slightly. A grade seven Genesis Beast was equivalent to a human Nascent Source stage expert!


“Of course that is only in regards to the peak existences among the Dark Heaven Beasts. The ordinary ones are sixth grade,” Yi Qiushui said.


"The sixth grade is still equivalent to the Heavenly Sun stage." Zhou Yuan frowned deeply. Even with his numerous trump cards, he could only flee from a Heavenly Sun stage opponent, and was unable to put up any resistance.


“Are there Heaven Obscuring Beast hearts for sale in Tianyuan Utopia?” Zhou Yuan fired his second question.


“Heaven Obscuring Beast Heart?” Yi Qiushui's brows furrowed slightly. “Sky-obscuring beasts are already very rare. You might have some luck if you're looking for his Spirit Beast Crystal, but something like his heart honestly isn't worth that much. Therefore, very few would bother to sell it."


Zhou Yuan was quite disappointed. The Heavenly Yuan Brush had already become clear. He needed a Sky Obscuring Beast heart and not a Sky Obscuring Beast Spiritual Crystal.


This result made Zhou Yuan feel a little gloomy. A live Sky Obscuring Beast was ranked at the sixth grade, and he was currently unable to defeat one, but there also seemed to be no way to purchase a Sky Obscuring Beast heart. What could I do?"


Zhou Yuan sat up as he shook his head and sighed. Would he have to continue delaying the awakening of the sixth rune of the Heavenly Yuan Brush?


Yi Qiushui felt a little helpless. He could only bite his red lips and rack his brains for an idea.


After a long time, Yi Qiushui's expression suddenly changed slightly as if he remembered something. She called a Wind Pavilion guard from the door and gave him some instructions before the guard quickly left.


Seeing this, Zhou Yuan immediately asked briskly, “Have you thought of anything?”


Yi Qiushui rolled her eyes at him and replied, “Grand Pavilion Master, please wait a while and let me make sure before I tell you.”


Zhou Yuan chuckled. It felt good to have people to boss around.


The two waited for a while before the guard quickly returned with a large stack of papers.


Yi Qiushui received the stack and returned to his seat to start looking at them carefully.


Sunlight shone from the window, showering her body. Her neat long black hair reached down to her slim waist. His chest bulged significantly while his face, shaped like a chicken egg and as clean as jade, gave off a certain sweetness and charm.


Zhou Yuan shot him a glance before hastily withdrawing his gaze and reciting Yaoyao's name in his heart a hundred times.


When Zhou Yuan finished his tea, Yi Qiushui finally stretched a little, accentuating his waist lines. A faint smile appeared on his face as he stood up, took one of the pieces of paper and walked over to place it next to Zhou Yuan.


"I found it." She smiled.


Zhou Yuan hurriedly received the paper as his gaze swept over it. It was a mission issued by the Tianyuan Region called "Hunting the Sky Obscuring Beast".


He took a quick look. It seemed that Sky Obscuring Beast traces had been discovered in the southwestern area of the Tianyuan region, threatening the city in the area and resulting in substantial losses.


"A live Sky Obscuring Beast?" Disappointment appeared in Zhou Yuan's eyes.


I couldn't beat a live one!


"Can't you look at it properly?" Yi Quishui said sadly. He took out one side of the mission report and pointed to a certain location while nodding. “A severely injured Sky Obscuring Beast!”


“It is said that this Sky Obscuring Beast escaped from Xiaomang Prefecture. He previously fought with the prefectural lord and suffered serious injuries. However, his vitality is extremely strong, allowing him to escape from Xiaomang Prefecture and sneak into Yu Prefecture. Yu Prefecture is one of the smallest prefectures and ranks last among the several hundred prefectures in the Tianyuan region. “Yu Prefecture does not have the strength to kill even a severely injured Sky Obscuring Beast and therefore reported this matter to the higher-ups.”


"A severely injured Sky Obscuring Beast?"


Zhou Yuan's expression finally changed. Soon after he asked hesitantly, “But even a severely injured Heaven Obscuring Beast is not an existence that the Divine Dwelling stage can contend with, right?”


Yi Qiushui replied, “Do you see the seal there? “It is a black Divine Dwelling seal, which means that this mission is within the capabilities of the Divine Dwelling stage.”


“In the Tianyuan region, missions are classified into green, red, and black levels. The black seal naturally means that this mission is the highest level among the Divine Dwelling category and will definitely be difficult.”


“A mission like this would be a challenge even for several advanced experts in the Divine Dwelling stage.”


He looked at Zhou Yuan as he slowly said, “But if you want to quickly obtain a Heaven Obscuring Beast heart, this is probably the only way.”


Zhou Yuan nodded slightly in response. After a brief silence, a decisive look finally appeared on his face. "I'll have to try no matter how hard it is."


"Idiot, you can't be planning to go alone, right?"


Yi Qiushui crossed his arms over his chest, pushing his already protruding chest even higher as he laughed softly and said, “Although it is true that you are very strong, it is not that I look down on you, but you cannot face it alone…”


Zhou Yuan was taken aback for a moment before saying, "You mean I should find others to help me?"


Yi Qiushui nodded. “Zhou Yuan, you are no longer the lone wolf who landed in Xiaoxuan Prefecture but the master of the Wind Pavilion!”


“Although our Wind Pavilion is not as strong as the other pavilions, we are still able to gather a dozen advanced Divine Dwelling stage experts. Of course, having too many team members will only make things more problematic, so what you need is an elite force.”


He retrieved a sheet of paper on which several fancy words could be seen. Evidently, it was written by her before and contained several names.


“I know that you are usually busy with your cultivation and have no time for Wind Pavilion affairs, so you probably don't know our members. Therefore, I have already selected a team for you.”


“Including Senior Sister Ye, the team consists of seven members who are the strongest among the experts in our Wind Pavilion's Divine Dwelling stage. Carrying them with you will make your life much easier. "I've already sent someone to inform you, and they should arrive soon."


She turned her head to the side, her long hair hanging down her cheek as she smiled. “Although it is a private matter and infringing on everyone's cultivation time is a bit inappropriate, no one will object given your current influence in the Wind Pavilion.”


"Of course, if our grand pavilion master can reward everyone with some high-grade Wind Mother Runes if the mission is a success, I'm sure everyone will be very happy."


Zhou Yuan's eyes almost bulged out as he looked at Yi Qiushui, who was smiling confidently.


Yi Qiushui blushed slightly under his gaze. He put his hands to his face as he murmured, "Why are you looking at me like that?"


Zhou Yuan sighed and said, "Qiushui, it is really my luck to have met you when I came to the Tianyuan Region."


Zhou Yuan had finally experienced what it was like to have an excellent internal affairs manager. All he had done was notify him of his wish, and Yi Qiushui had prepared everything for him. The only thing left for him was to leave with his team.


It was an incredible and refreshing feeling of tranquility.


He was a little unable to imagine what he would do if the Wind Pavilion did not have Yi Qiushui. If he had to handle all the affairs of the pavilion, he would probably explode on the spot.


He was already completely inseparable from Yi Qiushui.


' If Yaoyao hadn't already filled my heart, I might...cough, cough. It doesn't matter, I can't have such dangerous thoughts. It can really lead to my death.'


When Yaoyao's fairy-like face crossed his mind, a pair of distracted and lake-calm eyes seemed to see straight into his heart. He shook uncontrollably as he chanted “Yaoyao is the most beautiful” a thousand times.

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