Chapter 838 Yu Prefecture

Yu Prefecture was located in the southwestern area of the Tianyuan region. The entire prefecture was plagued by heavy rain all year round and covered in ancient forests. Hence why it was called Yu Prefecture.


Yu Prefecture was one of the weakest among the eight hundred prefectures in the Tianyuan Region. It was said that the prefectural lord had only reached the advanced stage of Divine Dwelling, making him very insignificant in the Tianyuan region.


It was precisely because the Yu Prefecture was weak that they were unable to deal with the Heaven Obscuring Beast's destructive rampage. They could only report this matter to the superiors and wait for Tianyuan Utopia to send a team to exterminate the creature.


Five days later, Zhou Yuan, Ye Bingling and the rest of the team arrived at Yu Prefecture.


The Tianyuan region was too vast. Even with the teleportation arrays of some of the major prefectures, it took quite a while to reach Yu Prefecture from Tianyuan Utopia.




Yu Prefecture.


A torrential rain enveloped the land, accompanied by an endless patter of raindrops.


Zhou Yuan and his team stood on a lush green peak. Genesis Qi surged around their bodies, evaporating any rain that fell within a half-foot radius.


Zhou Yuan was holding a map as he looked at the endless ancient rainforest before him. It was a resident of countless giant trees.


“How is the progress? Have you found the district where the Sky Obscuring Beast has been active?” Ye Bingling asked. They had first visited the prefecture lord upon arriving in Yu Prefecture, and he had given them a map along with recent information about the Sky Obscuring Beast.


According to the information received, Sky Obscuring Beast should be somewhere in the vast rainforest in front of them.


However, the environment was quite terrible, and there were numerous strange Genesis Beasts hidden within. Any negligence would be easily punished, and even a Divine Dwelling stage expert could die. Therefore, Zhou Yuan and the team had been very careful along the way and did not dare to search too openly.


However, this also made his search much less effective. They had been searching the huge rainforest for the past two days, but so far they had not been able to find any clues. The Sky Obscuring Beast was evidently extremely cunning and did not dare to move outdoors due to its injuries.


Zhou Yuan shook his head and said, "Let's venture deeper and continue our search."


After speaking, he leaped forward and his figure soon vanished in the pouring rain.


Ye Bingling, Shang Xiaoling and the others immediately followed.


The search continued for another two days. Just when Zhou Yuan was starting to feel impatient, they finally found some clues.


Zhou Yuan climbed onto the branch of a giant tree as he looked ahead where a huge abyss had appeared. Its pitch-black mouth seemed to greedily swallow the falling rain.


Zhou Yuan could sense a wild aura hidden within the abyss.


It was an aura that felt dangerous even to him.


“This place is probably the resting place of that Heaven Obscuring Beast,” Zhou Yuan said in a low voice.


"We found several suspicious areas earlier, but ultimately determined they were wrong."


Ye Bingling warned: “We must make sure first. If we make a mistake, these Genesis Beasts will certainly hold a grudge and cause us trouble in the future.”


Zhou Yuan nodded his head slightly, but soon realized the difficulty of the situation this time. No one knew what was in the abyss, and taking the risk of venturing out in search of an explorer was clearly not very wise. After all, any of them would be in grave danger if they faced the Sky Obscuring Beast alone, but if they sent more members, the beast would easily detect their presence.


Shang Xiaoling had been silent the entire time, but at this moment he suddenly said, "You can leave the exploration to me."


The others looked towards Zhou Yuan. He hesitated for a moment before nodding in approval.


Shang Xiaoling's hands quickly formed a series of seals as Genesis Qi waved in front of her. "Divine Eye Technique!"


The billowing Genesis Qi converged into a somewhat translucent glowing ball of Genesis Qi that contained a rotating eye.




The eyes disappeared with a flash, but Zhou Yuan could feel an extremely faint ripple moving away from them. As it got further and further away, even Zhou Yuan could no longer sense the presence of the eye.


Space rippled faintly in front of Shang Xiaoling, revealing a mirror. The images flashed through the mirror as if it were connected to the eye.


A look of surprise flashed across Zhou Yuan's face. Although Shang Xiaoling's technique had no offensive capabilities, it could scout the enemy and give them the initiative. This would greatly increase one's ability to survive.


It seems that Shang Xiaoling is very capable.


Zhou Yuan's attention soon turned to the mirror and found that the eye was rapidly approaching the abyss. The eye stealthily looked down from above, finding a complicated maze-like interior.


Everyone held their breath as they watched.


The eye continued to explore and slowly approached the depths of the abyss. A split second later, Zhou Yuan and the others' pupils shrank violently. They had seen a giant black beast resting silently in what appeared to be a cave.


The beast's body was covered in black scales and it had a curved bluish-green horn on its head. The beast's shape was similar to that of a tiger or lion, and they could barely make out a sinister wound on its massive body that cut to the bone.


A powerful pressure spread from the creature. Even through the mirror, it made Zhou Yuan and the rest feel a substantial amount of pressure.


However, joy flowed into his eyes. The giant black beast was exactly as described in the mission report. It was the severely injured Sky Obscuring Beast.


"That is!" Zhou Yuan smiled as if a heavy burden had been lifted from his shoulders.


Shang Xiaoling nodded. With a thought, the eye disappeared into thin air and the mirror in front of them darkened.


Deep in the abyss, the giant black beast suddenly opened its red eyes and raised its head in a bewildered manner. But in the end he found nothing and soon lay down again to rest and recover his wounds.




Outside the abyss, the atmosphere relaxed a little due to the search for the target.


However, Shang Xiaoling said in a low voice, “Pavilion Master, although the Sky Obscuring Beast is still seriously injured, its injuries are lighter than what was described in the mission report. "I think he managed to recover a little bit during this period."


The smiles on everyone's faces immediately disappeared, replaced by serious looks.


They did not dare to forget that Heaven Obscuring Beast was a sixth grade Genesis Beast that was comparable to a Heavenly Sun stage expert. If he were not injured, even all of them together would not be able to shake him.


Since Shang Xiaoling had said that he had somewhat recovered from his injuries, the difficulty of the mission was greater.


Ye Bingling's red lips parted slightly as he said, "When we attack the Sky Obscuring Beast, Zhou Yuan will be the main force, while the rest of us only need to support him."


Although Zhou Yuan was only at the middle stage of Divine Dwelling, his battle prowess was the strongest in the team. With him as the main attacker, the others would be under much less pressure.


Zhou Yuan reminded the group: “Don't worry everyone, if we find that we are not compatible, we can withdraw. There is no need to fight to the death.”


“I will first set some Genesis Rune limits to avoid overtaking other powerful Genesis Beasts when the battle begins.” While speaking, Zhou Yuan cast a glance towards a certain point behind him as a strange smile emerged from the corners of his lips.


The others acknowledged his words with solemn expressions. They were also somewhat nervous, because they knew that the subsequent battle would surely be exceptionally intense.




While Zhou Yuan and his team were making their preparations, several figures appeared in the rainforest some distance away.


They wore long gray robes from which faint glowing runes emerged. The robes covered his entire body and hid his Genesis Qi undulations.


The leader of the group raised his head slightly, revealing his face. It was Fang Ao from the Fire Pavilion.


"It seems that they have found the Sky Obscuring Beast."


An interested smile rose from the corners of his mouth as he said calmly, “Let's watch them fight first and sweep to the end. Hehe, I wonder what kind of expression Zhou Yuan will make then.”


The others laughed softly as toy looks filled their eyes.


Zhou Yuan would never have imagined that there was a fisherman waiting behind him…

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