Chapter 839 Trap

“That Zhou Yuan seems to be arranging a Genesis Rune boundary.”


In the rain-covered world, Zhu Lian looked into the distance with squinted eyes. He could vaguely feel that there were subtle movements of Genesis Qi.


"What limit?" Fang Ao asked with a frown.


“It should be a kind of boundary that blocks the perception of the outside world. He must be worried that the battle against the Sky Obscuring Beast will attract other Genesis Beasts in the forest,” Zhu Lian explained.


Fang Ao relaxed his eyebrows and sneered, “That boy is quite sharp.”


"But unfortunately, it would never occur to Zhou Yuan that what he should be most cautious of was not other Genesis Beasts, but a group of fishermen hiding in the dark and watching carefully!"


He looked at Zhu Lian and reminded him, "I will take action with others, and you will provide support from behind."


A hint of discontent flashed in Zhu Lian's eyes. How could he not perceive the trace of contempt in Fang Ao's tone of voice? Fang Ao had been competing with him for the number two position in the Fire Pavilion for a long time. Furthermore, he had always looked down on him because he only possessed the strength of the initial stage of Divine Dwelling.


This brawny fool should think about whether the Fire Pavilion could have developed to this level over the years if it weren't for the Mark Capture Rune. Without it, how would it become the state it is today?


Based on the contribution, Fang Ao was not even qualified to carry shoes for him.


But Zhu Lian didn't say anything in the end. He simply grunted because he understood that he would not benefit much if he participated in a battle of that level, given that his strength was only at the initial stage of Divine Dwelling.


Fang Ao also didn't care about Zhu Lian's attitude. As long as he successfully completes the task, it will be a great achievement, and he might even become the number two person of the Fire Pavilion. Furthermore, once Lu Xiao won the position of head pavilion master in three months, the position of pavilion master would be vacant and could possibly fall to him.


As they fought and plotted against each other, in the distance the boundary of the Genesis Rune had formed. It suddenly covered an area and distorted the area, making it difficult for people to see inside the boundary.


"There should be a fight soon." Fang Ao smiled, his eyes shining with anticipation.


Although the Genesis Rune boundary could block most of the movements inside, with careful perception, they could still detect what was happening. Therefore, they could judge how the battle was progressing from a distance.


Just as Fang Ao had imagined, soon after the Genesis Rune boundary was formed, there were already strange movements.


It was a collision of powerful Genesis Qi.


Vaguely, Fang Ao also seemed to hear the roar of an angry beast.


"I really want to see how miserable they are right now." Fang Ao stretched his back. Even if the Heaven Obscuring Beast was seriously injured, it was still a sixth grade Genesis Beast. If Zhou Yuan and the others wanted to kill him, they would certainly have to pay a heavy price.


But unfortunately, since he was a fisherman, he naturally had to make his appearance at the last moment.


On the Fire Pavilion side, besides Fang Ao and Zhu Lian, there were five other people following them. They were all Fire Pavilion elites with the strength of the advanced stage of Divine Dwelling. One after another, everyone burst into laughter upon hearing Fang Ao's ridicule.


It could be seen that the atmosphere was very casual, and they really didn't give any importance to Zhou Yuan and the others.


After all, given their strength, it wouldn't be difficult for them to swallow Zhou Yuan and the others in a battle, not to mention that they were currently fishermen acting in the dark. They were confident in the success of this task.


Fang Ao sat comfortably on a tree stump, staring into the distance with narrowed eyes like a poisonous snake. He carefully sensed the waves of Genesis Qi that were constantly being released. Although he couldn't see the situation inside, a clear picture emerged in his mind.


Like a dog, that boy must be being chased by the Sky Obscuring Beast now, right?


Fang Ao calculated the time, and almost an hour later, he suddenly stood up.


“It's almost time. Both sides should be exhausted by now.” He smiled calmly as if everything was under control.


"Come on!"


Zhu Lian could only stand alone and watch them leave, with a dissatisfied expression.


Under the cover of heavy rain, Fang Ao and his group of people silently approached the boundary of Genesis Rune. Upon close observation, the boundary in front of them was like an invisible barrier and was indeed difficult to discover without a careful look.


“That kid’s mastery of Genesis Runes is quite good,” Fang Ao said with a cold smile.


He extended his hand and Genesis Qi visibly gathered in his palm. He stroked the Genesis Rune boundary in front of him.


Immediately, he easily broke the limit. He waved his hand and several people behind him burst in.


The moment they entered, Fang Ao looked forward and was immediately shocked for a moment.


Inside was not the mess I had imagined. Instead, it was peaceful. In particular, they could not see the shadow of the Sky Obscuring Beast, and no matter how they looked around, it did not seem like a battle had occurred.


What was the movement you had perceived before?


"What's going on? Where are the people?!" the several people behind Fang Ao asked in bewilderment.


Fang Ao was silent for a long while; then his face changed drastically. “This is bad, it's a trap! Came back!"


He turned around and slammed his palm on the boundary of the Genesis Rune.




But this time, the Genesis Rune boundary seemed to have changed, and powerful Genesis Qi burst out to block Fang Ao's palm strike.


"Quickly, destroy the limit together!" Fang Ao ordered, his face ashen.


But just as they were about to do so, a sudden burst of laughter sounded, "Are you leaving so soon?"


Fang Ao turned around only to see the void not far away rippling and several figures appearing. Who else would it be besides Zhou Yuan? And behind Zhou Yuan, Ye Bingling and the others were also looking at them in shock.


Fang Ao gritted his teeth, "Zhou Yuan, did you know that we were following you?"


Zhou Yuan smiled. Lu Xiao's investigation into him was very secretive, and he really wouldn't have noticed given his identity and influence, but he wasn't alone!


He had his older sister. Although his older sister had placed him in the Wind Pavilion to develop, she was still very worried about her younger younger brother's safety.


So when Lu Xiao learned of his whereabouts, Chi Jing naturally informed Zhou Yuan of the matter and told him to act carefully.


This led to the good spectacle unfolding before them.


"Zhou Yuan, withdraw the limit of the Genesis Rune!" Fang Ao thundered.


“Deputy Pavilion Master Fang Ao must be here to watch the show? The good show has just begun, it would be a shame to leave so early.” Zhou Yuan's mouth curved into a strange smile.


"What do you want?" Fang Ao felt a little uncomfortable.




Zhou Yuan snapped his fingers.




It was at this moment that a loud explosion of Genesis Qi sounded in the distant abyss, and then, an angry beast roared fiercely and deafeningly.


Zhou Yuan's hand seal changed. Clouds and mist rolled in and quickly covered their figures. They immediately disappeared at the boundary.




But the expressions of Fang Ao and the others changed drastically when they saw a huge black shadow rising from the abyss. His pair of scarlet eyes were directly fixed on Fang Ao and the others.


He was also aware of the Genesis Rune boundary surrounding the area and therefore felt that this was the encirclement and suppression of the Tianyuan region and that Fang Ao and others were obviously the culprits.


Fang Ao and the others felt a chill rise to their heads from the soles of their feet as they met the beast's crimson eyes, which were filled with rage.


How could they not understand that they had fallen into Zhou Yuan's trap!


Who said that the fisherman takes advantage of the fight between the snipe and the clam? They claimed to be the fishermen, but they did not expect that the fishermen watching the battle would suddenly be forcibly dragged into the battle circle. As a result, there was a direct exchange in the identities of the fishermen and the prey.


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