Chapter 846 Law Domain Takes Action



Three silhouettes crossed the sky, producing a sharp whistle of wind.


Zhou Yuan had increased his speed to the extreme, but even so, he still felt the two figures rapidly approaching him. At the moment, he needed to not only get rid of the two Heavenly Sun experts, but also buy time.


How could he not guess that the murder was related to the Fire Pavilion and the Heavenly Spirit Sect? Previously, he would never have thought that they would be so crazy as their actions would undoubtedly draw the public's anger. Even the Celestial Spirit Sect couldn't bear something like that, right?


Thoughts flashed through Zhou Yuan's mind, and the next moment, his expression suddenly changed drastically because he felt the space around him become sticky and his speed decreased sharply. He felt like a mosquito trapped in amber.


“Vacuum solidification? Rising Fountain scenario experts?!” Zhou Yuan's face was full of horror.


To deal with him, a Divine Dwelling stage expert, they had actually sent Nascent Source stage experts? Did they have any shame?


The void in front of Zhou Yuan rippled and a silver-robed figure emerged. A terrifying pressure spread outwards, pressing Zhou Yuan to the point where his bones creaked as if they were about to break.


“You are just a little pavilion master, yet you dare to slander my Heavenly Spirit Sect. No one can protect you today!"


The silver-robed figure's eyes were icy as he extended his palm. It seemed to be a casual palm, but it unexpectedly contained the aura of death. If his palm strike was successful, even Zhou Yuan's spirit would be eliminated on the spot.


Countless observing eyes were filled with astonished disbelief.


"That's Xi Guang, the hall master of the Silver Light Hall!"


"What's going on? Why is Hall Master Xi Guang attacking the Pavilion Master of the Wind Pavilion?"


"Will the Heavenly Spirit Sect really rebel?"


"How is that possible?"




In the distance, there were many fierce silhouettes running. They were the police guards of the Tianyuan utopia. They roared in anger, "Stop!"


Although Hall Master Xi Guang was well known for his bad manners, it was against the law to attack someone in Tianyuan Utopia!


But even with the furious roars of the police guards, Xi Guang's eyes simply flashed as if he hadn't heard them. He slammed his palm down even more fiercely. He had already attacked Zhou Yuan, so only when Zhou Yuan was killed would the matter be minimized. Otherwise, if Zhou Yuan survived, he might bite him frantically, which would be even more troublesome.


The palm enveloped in the aura of death grew rapidly before Zhou Yuan, and an intense smell of death tensed his entire body.




But just when the palm of death was just a few meters away from Zhou Yuan, an indescribable wave of energy rippled in the sky. Then, Zhou Yuan discovered that Xi Quang seemed to have frozen in front of him.


Furthermore, the terrifying Genesis Qi gathered in Xi Guang's palm dissipated without his control. The powerful and endless Genesis Qi in his body also seemed to have been completely sealed, and he could no longer operate them.


"Domain of law?"


A horrified look appeared on Xi Guang's face. Right now, he was like trash without any Genesis Qi. And having him, a Nascent Source stage expert, become this could only be achieved with an omnipotent existence like a Law Domain expert!


A Law Domain expert from the Tianyuan region had taken action?


His palm that was previously wrapped in terrifying Genesis Qi slammed into the top of Zhou Yuan's head, but there was only a soft sound, and the sensation was similar to patting Zhou Yuan's head.


Feeling the palm caressing his head, Zhou Yuan was also surprised. A force of that level couldn't even break his scalp.


What's going on?


Although bewildered, Zhou Yuan reflexively raised his leg and kicked the face of Xi Guang, who seemed to be frozen in front of him.


A black imprint appeared on Xi Guang's face.


And he was sent flying by Zhou Yuan's kick.


Xi Guang quickly stabilized his body and almost burst out with anger. In front of so many people, someone from the Divine Dwelling stage had kicked the hall master of the Silver Light Hall in the face!


But just as he was about to charge towards Zhou Yuan in fury, a clear voice suddenly echoed throughout the world.


“How can a hall master of the Heavenly Spirit Sect do whatever he wants in the utopia of Tianyuan? Are you treating the rules made by my master, the supreme sovereign, as nothing?”


Hearing the clear and indifferent voice, Xi Guang immediately turned pale. He trembled all over and abruptly raised his head to see a slender figure in the void. The bright burgundy hair and heroic appearance directly revealed his identity.


"Pay your respects to Grand Elder Chi Jing!"


On the Little Yuan Island below, countless figures bowed respectfully.


"Lady Chi Jing." Xi Guang also hurriedly saluted with a cupped fist. He never expected that a great elder would appear so quickly, let alone why this kind of matter would attract the attention of a great elder!


Isn't it enough that the police guards come?


Chi Jing looked at Xi Guang, anger shining in the depths of his eyes. She and Zhou Yuan had practiced the Primal Chaos Divine Whetstone Visualization Method, so their Spirits were connected in a special way. This was the reason why he was able to detect Zhou Yuan's spirit undulating violently and came over immediately.


If Zhou Yuan hadn't practiced the Primordial Chaos Divine Whetstone Visualization Method, Xi Guang would have gotten what he wanted.


“Do you, Hall Master Xi Guang, want to explain what you were doing? If you break the rules, even if you are a hall master of the Heavenly Spirit Sect, you will still be punished today,” Chi Jing said coldly.


Xi Guang quickly wanted to speak.


However, Zhou Yuan was the first to shout, “Lady Chi Jing, a few days ago, I was on a mission and was attacked by Deputy Pavilion Master Fang Ao and a few others. Then today, Hall Master Xi Guang tried to assassinate me. He sees the rules set by Supreme Sovereign Cang Yuan as nothing, which is equivalent to rebelling. I suspect that the Silver Light Hall intends to slander the Heavenly Spirit Sect and betray the Tianyuan Region. I hope Lady Chi Jing understands!"


Hearing his words, countless people gasped loudly.


Xi Guang's face darkened with anger. "How absurd. Lady Chi Jing, Zhou Yuan murdered your co-workers and killed my disciple Fang Ao. I just wanted to capture him to find out the reason!"


“They both have their own sides of the story, so I won't deal with this matter for now. But you, Hall Master Xi Guang, have violated the rules of Tianyuan Utopia, and the entire world has witnessed this. "You have to be punished for your crime."


He stretched out his slender finger, pointing at Xi Guang.


Immediately, a chain of Genesis Qi formed and tightened directly around Xi Guang's body. Chained by Genesis Qi, even Xi Guang, a Nascent Source stage expert, was unable to put up any resistance.


Zhou Yuan let out a shocked cry. When Xi Guang attacked him, even his imposing manner almost crushed him. But now Xi Guang was like a child in front of his older sister Chi Jing, waiting to be punished.


A Law Domain expert was truly terrifying.


Xi Guang was enraged that Chi Jing had directly restrained him, but he did not dare to scold her and had no choice but to suppress his anger. “Lady Chi Jing, I am not satisfied with how this matter is being handled. “I want to see Sect Master Xuan Kun!”


“Don't worry, I have already sent someone to inform him. “I also want to hear how Sect Master Xuan Kun would punish someone who violated the rules set by Supreme Sovereign Cang Yuan in Tianyuan Utopia.”


The corners of Xi Guang's mouth twitched slightly. He didn't understand why Chi Jing, who was relatively kind in the past, would have such a big reaction this time.


Did he really want to create a bad relationship with the Heavenly Spirit Sect because of a little pavilion master from the Wind Pavilion?


He couldn't understand what Chi Jing was thinking and didn't dare to say anything else. He could only remain silent.


With his silence, the atmosphere became incredibly tense, and many sensitive people had realized that the day's event would cause quite a stir.


The silence lasted a long time. The void rippled, and then a thin old man appeared under countless astonished eyes. After his appearance, the Genesis Qi between heaven and earth became increasingly heavier.


Sect Master Xuan Kun, one of the Five Great Elders of the Tianyuan Region, had appeared.

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