Chapter 847 Distorting the truth

When the thin old man appeared in the void, countless people bowed respectfully with a look of astonishment.


“We pay our respects to Grand Elder Xuan Kun.”


Sect Master Xuan Kun waved his hand and looked at Xi Guang with his abyss eyes. He wrinkled his eyebrows. "Xi Guang, when did you forget the rules?"


Hall Master Xi Guang lowered his head and muttered, “Sect Master, I…”


“My Heavenly Spirit Sect is one of the leaders of the Tianyun Region. “As leaders, if we ignore the rules, how can we control the vast Tianyuan region?” said Sect Master Xuan Kun.


Zhou Yuan lowered his head with a frown. Sect Master Xuan Kun was not someone easy to deal with. He seemed to be reprimanding Hall Master Xi Guang, but he was also highlighting the status of the Heavenly Spirit Sect. This was to tell Zhou Yuan's older sister Chi Jing that her Heavenly Spirit Sect was also in charge of the Tianyuan Region and that she could not punish the people of her Heavenly Spirit Sect without approval.


Sect Master Xuan Kun turned to Chi Jing and smiled. "Great Elder Chi Jing, Xi Guang was indeed too reckless, and you are right to teach him a lesson."


“Sect Master Xuan Kun, I am afraid that today's matter cannot be set aside simply for reasons of recklessness. A high and powerful Rising Source expert attempted to assassinate a pavilion master. He is guilty of a terrible crime,” Chi Jing replied indifferently.


Zhou Yuan almost died here, but Sect Master Xuan Kun thought that Xi Guang could leave him with a simple reprimand.


Sect Master Xuan Kun looked at Zhou Yuan, who did not say a word. “I have been informed of the reason for the incident, and the source of this incident should be that the pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion killed Xi Guang's disciple, isn't it?”


“If you really want to talk about the rules, the crime of murdering coworkers should be punished by banishment from the Tianyuan region.”


"Xi Guang should be punished for his recklessness, but you should also not let the ruthless master of the Wind Pavilion leave so lightly."


Zhou Yuan cursed inwardly when he heard the elder slander him, but still responded respectfully, "Sect Master Xuan Kun, I did not intend to kill Fang Ao, but he had set a trap to kill me when I was on a mission. Al In the end, to protect myself, I had no choice but to do it.


Sect Master Xuan Kun smiled. "But this is just your side of the story."


Zhou Yuan calmly explained, “The mission I received was to go to Yu Prefecture to hunt down the severely injured Sky Obscuring Beast. This was reported to the Mission Pavilion, but why did Fang Ao and the others go to the same place? "I really can't think of a reason."


Sect Master Xuan Kun said with a smile: “I sent someone to inquire and found out that Fang Ao and the others had also received the mission to hunt down the Heaven Obscuring Beast. This is also recorded in the Mission Pavilion."


Zhou Yuan was a little surprised. He didn't believe that Fang Ao and the others had also taken on this mission. But given the status of Sect Master Xuan Kun and the power of the Heavenly Spirit Sect, it was not difficult for them to make some changes.


But in the end, although he had doubts, he could not publicly question Sect Master Xuan Kun.


“So, perhaps this matter is not as you describe it. Perhaps you had a dispute with Fang Ao because of the Sky Obscuring Beast and had killed him out of anger?” Sect Master Xuan Kun said indifferently.


Evidently, he intended to blame Zhou Yuan for Fang Ao's death because only when Zhou Yuan was found to be to blame for everything could Xi Guang's anger and recklessness be justified. And even if Xi Guang was punished, it would only be a minor punishment.


On the other hand, Zhou Yuan would be severely punished for his grave crime.


Chi Jing frowned and looked at Xuan Kun. "What Sect Master Xuan Kun said is also just a one-sided statement."


Sect Master Xuan Kun had not expected Chi Jing to respond. After all, for people at their level, there had to be things they could give up. Even if he abandoned the Wind Pavilion master, there might be other gains, but this time Chi Jing showed no signs of relenting.


“This is not just one side's statement. Not everyone on Fang Ao's side died this time. Zhu Lian managed to escape.” Sect Master Xuan Kun smiled.


He shook his sleeve. The space twisted and a figure appeared. It was Zhu Lian.


"Zhu Lian, tell us what happened."


Zhu Lian nodded quickly. He pointed at Zhou Yuan and shouted in rage. His words were exactly the same as what Xuan Kun said. They took the mission to hunt the Sky Obscuring Beast in Yu Prefecture, but were ambushed by Zhou Yuan and his people. In the end, Fang Ao and the others died.


Evidently, they were distorting the truth.


“Other people from the Wind Pavilion were also with me,” Zhou Yuan explained.


“They are also suspicious. How can his words be trustworthy?"


Chi Jing shook his head. “If Fang Ao and his people had gone to kill Zhou Yuan, then Zhu Lian is also a suspect. His words are also unreliable."


Zhou Yuan frowned. Sect Master Xuan Kun was very cunning. If Chi Jing wasn't there to fully support him, he really might have been forced to take the blame.


“Therefore, this matter is a bit problematic. After all, there is no proof,” Sect Master Xuan Kun said with a smile.


Both Chi Jing and Zhou Yuan understood that the old man was deliberately messing things up so that no one could severely punish Xi Guang for what he had done.


That bothered Zhou Yuan a little. After all, Xi Guang had almost killed him. If Xi Guang was just reprimanded and let go, it would be really unfair. Zhou Yuan was not the kind of person who would let things be like this.


Furthermore, the way the other side tried to distort the truth made him feel extremely uncomfortable.


He was silent for a moment and then said, "What if I have proof?"


Xuan Kun was silent for a moment and then looked at Zhou Yuan, asking, "What evidence?"


Zhou Yuan smiled slightly. “In fact, not everyone in Fang Ao's group died. "I captured one of the remaining members, but to be safe I didn't bring him back to the Tianyuan region."


Zhu Lian's expression changed dramatically.


Hall Master Xi Quang also shuddered inwardly and then cast an angry look at Zhu Lian. Didn't this guy say that everyone was dead?


Zhou Yuan turned to Zhu Lian with a smile. “Since we don't know who is telling the truth, I suggest we directly search for the Spirits of Deputy Pavilion Master Zhu Lian and the person I captured. Given the powers of the great elders, I believe you can find the information you want without harming them too much.”


Zhu Lian paled.


Hall Master Xi Guang's expression also changed.


Sect Master Xuan Kun was silent for a long while before saying, “If you have proof, why did you only say it now?”


“Because I like to be nice to people, but if they force me, I have no choice but to act. I hope you get some unexpected information from this.”


He looked at Chi Jing and Sect Master Xuan Kun. “Do you want to search for his spirit? If you do, I can tell people to bring that person.”


Chi Jing said without hesitation.


Sect Master Xuan Kun carefully studied the expression on Zhou Yuan's face because even he was not sure whether Zhou Yuan's words were true or false. But if Zhou Yuan really handed over the person and asked Chi Jing to search for his Spirit, everything would be exposed.


And at that time, it would even affect Lu Xiao. Lu Xiao was the master of the Fire Pavilion and was expected to compete for the position of chief pavilion master. Xuan Kun had no intention of dropping it here.


So, should I bet whether there was someone in Zhou Yuan's hands or not?


Facing Sect Master Xuan Kun's terrifying gaze, Zhou Yuan was surprisingly calm. He cursed inwardly: If we were to compare identity and status, then I am on equal footing with you! Do you think you can scare me?!


Sect Master Xuan Kun was silent for a long while before he expressionlessly withdrew his gaze. An indifferent voice sounded.


"This matter was done by Fang Ao alone and has nothing to do with other people."

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