Chapter 852 Mu Liu's Visit

There was no secret that could be kept forever in the four pavilions, so when the first day of Spirit training exercises in the Wind Pavilion ended, the horrible results of the training soon spread throughout the four pavilions.


“Haha, Zhou Yuan is really being too unrealistic. Do you really think that with the poor foundation of your Wind Pavilion you can compete with my Fire Pavilion in the Heavenly Flame Ritual?” Zhu Lian, in the main pavilion building of the Fire Pavilion, couldn't help but burst into laughter.


The other deputy pavilion masters wore mocking smiles. Zhou Yuan had made great changes to the Wind Pavilion in the past few months and had even created four Mother Runes. If this continued, the Wind Pavilion would have a chance to continue strengthening.


But the dominion of the Spirit's power could not be changed overnight. The Wind Pavilion had always been last in the Heavenly Flame Ritual in previous years!


But now that Zhou Yuan suddenly wanted them to improve, how would it be so easy?


"Although the Wind Pavilion Spirit's mastery of power is bad, Zhou Yuan is cunning and should not be underestimated," Lu Xiao reminded, his face calm.


Zhu Lian nodded. “Don't worry, the Fire Pavilion has also started practicing. "I'll keep an eye on them."


When they were in Yu Prefecture, he was so scared by Zhou Yuan that he had fled in panic. Thinking about it now, he understood that based on combat strength alone he could not be compared to Zhou Yuan and it would be difficult for him to return to Zhou Yuan in normal situations, but the Heavenly Flame Ritual gave him a great opportunity.


In this event where the power of the Spirit was the most important, his role was even greater than Lu Xiao's.


This time, he could avenge the insult he had suffered and properly humiliate Zhou Yuan!


Although Zhou Yuan was said to possess powerful abilities, the Fire Pavilion had an absolute advantage in the Heavenly Flame Ritual. In a situation like that, no matter what Zhou Yuan did, Zhu Lian would suppress him.


"By the way, what did the Forest Pavilion say?" Zhu Lian asked, looking at Lu Xiao.


Naturally, he was talking about the matter of allying with the Mountain Pavilion and the Forest Pavilion in the Heavenly Flame Ritual to crush the Wind Pavilion.


Lu Xiao said indifferently: “I haven't heard from you yet, but I think Mu Liu is a smart person and should know that my Fire Pavilion will surely beat the Wind Pavilion this time. If you don't see this, then don't blame us for ordering them too."


Zhu Lian nodded. This was forcing the Forest Pavilion to be with them. If Mu Liu was indecisive and couldn't make a decision, after clearing the Wind Pavilion, the Forest Pavilion would be his next target.


During the Heavenly Flame Ritual of previous years, the Fire Pavilion had a small deal and had left a mouthful of meat for the Forest Pavilion, but the situation was different this year. If the Forest Pavilion made a reckless decision, they would be left with cold leftovers, like the Wind Pavilion. No, this year they wouldn't even keep a bite!


Over a period of time, the four pavilions had become much quieter because everyone was preparing for the upcoming Heavenly Flame Ritual.


In order to attract the many Heavenly Pride cultivators from Hunyuan Heaven to the Tianyuan Region, Supreme Sovereign Cang Yuan had set up two very attractive cultivation training benefits. The first was obviously the Four Spirits Origin Tower, and the other was the annual Heavenly Flame Ritual.


The Four Spirits Origin Tower depended on one person's cultivation, while the Heavenly Flame Ritual focused more on a group as a whole. Obviously, this was deliberately created by Supreme Sovereign Cang Yuan, perhaps to create a sense of teamwork.


However, to become the bait used by the Tianyuan Region to attract heavenly prides from other regions, the effect of the Heavenly Flame Ritual was naturally beyond imagination. Ninety-nine Heavenly Sun stage experts were required to provide the Heavenly Sun Flame with its full strength, and the effect of the Heavenly Sun Flame, after growth and purification in the Heavenly Sun Cauldron, would be increased. to an unimaginable level.


Once absorbed and refined, the Heavenly Sun Flame would not only strengthen the body strength, but also nourish the Genesis Qi, making it purer and stronger.


Faced with a previous cultivation resource that only Heavenly Sun stage experts could possess, even someone as strong as Lu Xiao would salivate, so why wouldn't other people?


Furthermore, for many members of the four pavilions, the appeal of the Chief Pavilion Master Battle was not as great as the Heavenly Flame Ritual.


Although the battle for the position of chief pavilion master would determine the person with the greatest glory, there were only a handful of people who could fight for him, and 99% would only be spectators. But the Heavenly Flame Ritual was different. It was a grand ceremony that looked at one's pavilion as a whole.


Everyone had to participate in the competition.


Therefore, although the four pavilions had calmed down and calmed down for a period of time, everyone could feel that there was an undercurrent surging beneath the calm.


Ten days later.


Wind Pavilion, the roof of its main pavilion building.


The sky was darkening, but the Wind Pavilion members were still practicing their Spirit in the surrounding training fields. After ten days of training, most of the members did not look as pathetic as they did ten days before.


However, in Zhou Yuan's eyes, their Spirit control was still very rough and at most, they could barely form the Spirit into needles to attack.


Of course, Zhou Yuan also knew that he couldn't judge them from his point of view alone. After all, the number of times these people only used Spirit power and not Genesis Qi was terrifyingly few.


"They can do simple defense and attack," Zhou Yuan muttered to himself. If he were to command them in the center, he could form a large-scale spiritual offensive.


But Zhou Yuan also knew that this alone was not enough to compete with the Fire Pavilion.


Fortunately, Zhou Yuan didn't really give them a chance to win. The key to victory this time was the Spiritual Lantern Art he had prepared.


Thinking of the spirit lantern art, Zhou Yuan looked away from the distance and began to focus his mind on the Cangxuan art that he had been studying for ten days.


The Spiritual Lantern Art was special, because it was a Genesis technique that used the power of the Spirit, and its activation method was not based on Genesis Qi but on one's Spirit.


These ten days of study allowed Zhou Yuan to constantly appreciate the mystery of the Spiritual Lantern Art, and it was this deep research that gave Zhou Yuan some confidence in the upcoming Heavenly Flame Ritual.


Zhou Yuan asked Yi Qiushui to prepare ten sets of materials needed to practice the Spiritual Lantern Art using the profits from the sales of the four Mother Runes. In these ten days, Zhou Yuan tried and failed three times.


But Zhou Yuan was not discouraged by this. As long as he learned from his failures, he was confident that he could master the Spiritual Lantern Art before the Heavenly Flame Ritual.


With this thought in mind, Zhou Yuan closed his eyes again and continued formulating the Spirit Lantern Art's practice method.


However, he had just closed his eyes when his Spirit flashed. His eyes snapped open and he looked towards the forest outside the main pavilion building, saying, "Since Pavilion Master Mu Liu is here, why don't you show yourself?"


As Zhou Yuan's voice faded, the trees swayed slightly, and a figure slowly walked out of the forest and appeared on the roof with a flash.


It was the pavilion master of the Forest Pavilion, Mu Liu.


"It's so late, why has Pavilion Master Mu Liu come to the Wind Pavilion?" Zhou Yuan sounded a little surprised.


Mu Liu, as always, looked incredibly clean and there was not a speck of dust on him. Even his hair seemed to have been washed several times and looked extraordinarily handsome. He scratched his head awkwardly and muttered, "I have been thinking about it for many days and have finally come to find you."


"What's going on?" Zhou Yuan asked in bewilderment.


Mu Liu pursed his lip. “Lu Xiao has allied himself with Mountain Pavilion and plans to completely suppress Wind Pavilion in the Heavenly Flame Ritual. They must want to prevent it from continuing to get stronger. Lu Xiao must be furious this time. “He even asked the Forest Pavilion to join forces with them.”


“He offered us 30% of the Heavenly Sun Flame to join with them and make the Wind Pavilion fail miserably this time!”


"Zhou Yuan, if the three pavilions join forces, no matter how much power you have, it is impossible to turn it around."


Zhou Yuan's pupil shrank slightly. He didn't expect that Lu Xiao would be willing to pay such a price to slow down his cultivation progress.


As Mu Liu had said, if the three pavilions joined forces, any means he had would be useless, including the Spirit Lantern Art.


“Zhou Yuan, although I don't like Lu Xiao, I have to consider the benefits for the many members of the Forest Pavilion. "He made a great offer."


"I understand."


Zhou Yuan nodded. He and Mu Liu were not considered friends, and it was already very kind of him to come to warn him, but he actually had no intention of letting Lu Xiao get entangled in the Forest Pavilion.


"Fire Pavilion's offer is good, but I wonder if Pavilion Master Liu is willing to take the risk?"


"What do you mean?" Mu Liu raised his eyebrow.


Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes, a cold light flickering within them as he said loud and clear: “Our two pavilions will join forces to crush the Fire and Mountain Pavilions and equally share the Heavenly Sun Flame!”


Mu Liu looked surprised. "Even if we join forces, we won't be able to defeat the Fire and Mountain pavilions."


“I will take care of the Fire Pavilion. The Forest Pavilion will only need to block the Mountain Pavilion,” Zhou Yuan said calmly.


"How can the Wind Pavilion beat the Fire Pavilion?" Mu Liu couldn't help but ask.


"We'll have to try." Zhou Yuan smiled.


“It feels like an egg is trying to crush a stone. This is too crazy. "I don't think I can convince the others of the Forest Pavilion."


Zhou Yuan's eyes widened as he said, "If the Forest Pavilion is willing to join forces with us, no matter whether we win in the Heavenly Flame Ritual or not, I can provide 300 high-grade mother runes to the Forest Pavilion." every month in the price of ordinary mother runes."


"Ch" Mu Liu gasped, his eyes burning. "It is said that the four mother runes have a 50% effect?"


He had long heard of the four high-grade mother runes, but unfortunately they were only provided to high-level members of the Wind Pavilion, and it was impossible to purchase any!


Zhou Yuan nodded.


Mu Liu's expression changed uncontrollably. He stood paralyzed for more than a dozen breaths, and finally, a fierce gleam flashed in his eyes.


That bastard Lu Xiao thinks he can make me, Mu Liu, surrender just by throwing a few bones? You underestimated me!


“Since you dare to propose such a crazy plan, you must have something. My intuition is always very accurate. Good…"


"This time, I, Mu Liu, will join your crazy plan!"


"It is already decided!"

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