Chapter 855 Another letter

"You...what did you do to me?!"


There was a lost and shocked look on Yi Qiushui's pretty face as she spoke these words. Her spiritual cultivation was only at the early corporeal stage, while Ye Bingling had reached the middle corporeal stage and was much stronger than her. This was something they had both personally tried many times.


However, his spirit needle had shattered Ye Bingling's spirit needle!


Yi Qiushui would not dare to believe it if he had not witnessed it personally.


As such, he could only stare at Zhou Yuan with wide eyes. No one knew her strength better than her. Breaking Ye Bingling's Spirit Needle had to have been because of something Zhou Yuan had done.


Ye Bingling's beautiful but aloof face was also somewhat stunned. Moments later, he suddenly came back to his senses as his fiery eyes locked onto Zhou Yuan.


"How did you do it?!"


Zhou Yuan lightly tapped his palm with the Heavenly Yuan Brush. He did not answer, but inconceivable joy welled up from the depths of his eyes.


Previously, it had only been a stroke of inspiration for him to see if he could use the power of Spirit Devourer by separating the hairs from the Brush. This inspiration originated from the four ancient Genesis Runes. To complete a wind spirit rune, they had to collect Genesis Marks in the Four Spirits Origin Tower.


Although the resulting runes did not have the same level of power as the main rune, they still granted a noticeable advantage.


Spirit Devourer possessed great destructive power towards Spirit and could devour an opponent's Spirit to strengthen itself. If he could find some kind of method to give the Wind Pavilion members this ability, even a weakened version would greatly increase their Spirit combat prowess.


However, separating a Genesis Mark was no simple feat and was something that Zhou Yuan could not accomplish alone. After all, the Four Spirits Origin Tower was only able to do so because of the Mottled Divine Whetstone hidden deep within it.


Fortunately, although Zhou Yuan did not have a divine whetstone, he had the Heavenly Yuan Brush.


It was once a Saint-level artifact and still possessed miraculous powers even though it had been damaged.


Therefore, Zhou Yuan was able to easily borrow the many hairs of the Heavenly Yuan Brush to bestow the power of the Spirit Devouring rune through the Genesis marks. He only needed to wrap the split hair around the target's body, and the user's spiritual attacks would gain a hint of Spirit Devourer's power.


This was how Yi Qiushui had managed to break Ye Bingling's Spirit Needle.


From the test, a single strand of Brush's hair could activate Spirit Devourer's power five times. After five activations, the Genesis mark on the hair would dissipate.


It wasn't much, but it would be enough to cause a reversal if used at a critical juncture.


Furthermore, the Heavenly Yuan Brush had an infinite amount of Brush hairs. Although eliminating several thousand was not without cost, he only needed to rest for a while to fully recover, and there would be no lasting damage.


However, directly using the Brush hairs would certainly attract attention. Although her older sister, Chi Jing, had said that it was not strange for Brush-shaped Genesis Weapons to appear in the Tianyuan region, she felt that she should still exercise caution.


Therefore, if he wanted to use the Genesis Spirit Devourer mark to increase the Wind Pavilion Spirit's battle power, he needed to think of a way to hide it.


Zhou Yuan's eyes became more and more excited as these thoughts swirled in his head. If everything worked, he would no longer fear the Fire Pavilion during the Heavenly Flame Ritual.


Excited, Zhou Yuan could no longer hold back and quickly said to Yi Qiushui and Ye Bingling, “I will leave the Spirit practice to you two. "I will devote myself to isolated cultivation for a few days."


Without waiting for any of them to respond, his figure moved and shot into the air.


Yi Qiushui and Ye Bingling stamped their feet angrily upon seeing that he had run off without explaining anything as usual. In the end, they could only helplessly watch each other.


"It's really very energetic." Ye Bingling's lips curled downwards.


Yi Qiushui nodded. His eyes lit up slightly as he said, “But it seems like he discovered something amazing.”


"Acting so mysteriously, he didn't even tell us anything." Ye Bingling let out an annoyed snort. However, joy soon appeared in his eyes. Zhou Yuan was not someone who shot randomly in the dark. Given his appearance, he had to have thought of something.


After all, the scene of Yi Qiushui breaking his spirit needle had been somewhat miraculous.


"I guess this year's Heavenly Flame Ritual will be quite exciting." Yi Qiushui laughed softly.


Ye Bingling couldn't help but sigh. “He is actually a very capable guy. “If I were the master of the wind pavilion, we would never have reached such heights.”


She was a proud person. Like everyone else, he had seen Zhou Yuan as a rookie when he first arrived at the Wind Pavilion and had not felt that there was anything special about him. She only knew that both of them were subordinates of Lady Chi Jing's camp. However, the more time she spent in contact with him, the more her impression of Zhou Yuan's ability changed, and eventually he completely conquered her.


“No wonder Lady Chi Jing thinks so highly of him. In fact, he is much more capable than me."


Yi Qiushui's eyes fluttered a little as he asked in a low voice, "Have you heard the recent rumors spreading in Tianyuan Utopia?"


Ice instantly gathered on Ye Bingling's pretty face. She also blushed a little as she replied, “Those are just tongue-wagging fools. Lady Chi Jing is the Phoenix of our Tianyuan region, how could this be true?”


Rumors had been circulating in Tianyuan Utopia that Lady Chi Jing regarded Zhou Yuan highly, not because of his ability but because she considered him something of a gigolo.


Yi Qiushui's expression was somewhat uncomfortable, but he nodded.


However, it was inevitable for her to have such thoughts because she clearly understood Zhou Yuan's origins. It had been less than a year since he arrived in the Tianyuan region, and he essentially had no roots here. Despite this, Lady Chi Jing always seemed to think highly of him and had not only granted him the important position of Wind Pavilion Attendant, but had even repeatedly supported him from the background.


One could only admit that Lady Chi Jing treated Zhou Yuan very well.


Could there be some truth to those rumors?


However, he also understood Zhou Yuan's character. He may appear kind and gentle, but in reality he was a proud and firm individual. It was impossible for him to be something like a gigolo. So could they have mutual feelings for each other?


Yi Qiushui shook his head violently as he muttered in his heart, What nonsense am I thinking? Although Zhou Yuan is exceptionally talented, who is Lady Chi Jing? She has seen all kinds of talented heaven prides in the past, so how can someone like Zhou Yuan enter her eyes?


However, once this thought arose, it took root firmly in his heart, refusing to be removed. Yi Qiushui's expression changed rapidly. Only she knew what thoughts were swirling in her head.


Zhou Yuan spent the next few days in secluded cultivation while Yi Qiushui and Ye Bingling took charge of the Wind Pavilion Spirit practice exercises.


Time flowed quickly, and the day of the Heavenly Flame Ritual arrived stealthily in the blink of an eye.

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