Chapter 858 Scarlet Copper Umbrella, Fire Gathering Stage

Zhou Yuan's spirit was sitting on the top of a scarlet red mountain. His spiritual power spread out, stopping the golden fire lotuses that were slowly falling from the sky before drawing them towards him. They floated around his body.


There were already more than twenty golden fire lotuses around Zhou Yuan.


However, using his Spirit to grab and draw the lotuses was too troublesome. According to Zhou Yuan's estimates, he could at most collect a hundred lotuses. Any more would just create a frustrating situation, and you wouldn't have any spare attention for anything else.


Fortunately, Yi Qiushui's spirit flew over an incense stick later.


"The scarlet copper umbrellas are ready!" With a wave of his hand, a flash of scarlet light shot towards Zhou Yuan.


Zhou Yuan's spirit rippled and the scarlet light stopped before him. He looked and saw a scarlet red umbrella within the light. The surface of the umbrella was smooth like a mirror. It was clearly made of wood, but it looked like it was made of copper.


"So this is the Scarlet Copper Umbrella?"


Zhou Yuan was a little curious. His Spirit wrapped itself around the umbrella and opened it. The faint scarlet light immediately spread downwards, enveloping his Spirit. The surrounding heat descended rapidly as if the scarlet light blocked it.


Zhou Yuan swung the umbrella towards the twenty golden fire lotuses around him. The fire lotuses were immediately drawn towards the umbrella, taking the form of small flames as they slowly flowed around the edge of the umbrella, creating a dazzling and beautiful sight.


A look of joy involuntarily appeared on Zhou Yuan's face. Although manually pulling the golden lotus flames had not exhausted a substantial amount of his spiritual power, it was still quite complicated. In comparison, the scarlet copper umbrella made collecting the fire lotuses much easier.


He estimated that this scarlet copper umbrella could temporarily house more than a hundred golden fire lotuses at a time.


It was no wonder that the umbrella was necessary in the Heavenly Flame Ritual. In fact, it was much more convenient to be with them.


"How much longer before we can equip everyone with one?" Zhou Yuan asked.


Once everyone was equipped with a scarlet copper umbrella, they could move freely in the Heavenly Flame Cauldron. After all, there was a limited amount of Heavenly Sun Flames in a particular location, and they needed to constantly move to collect more.


Yi Qiushui replied, “We have crafted a little over three hundred so far, so it should take about half a day to equip each member. In addition to this, I have also come to inform that the fire collection stage is under construction."


Zhou Yuan followed his gaze and found a giant scarlet stage slowly taking shape in the valley below. The stage was also made of scarlet copper wood and scarlet rock, and from a distance it looked like a giant scarlet ball.


This was the fire gathering stage.


Zhou Yuan nodded in approval. “Continue construction. “Those who have been assigned scarlet copper umbrellas can begin to spread out and accumulate the Fire of the Heavenly Sun.”


"What about the Fire Pavilion?" Yi Qiushui asked.


Zhou Yuan said, “Let us observe calmly for the time being. They are a powerful force and we have no choice but to wait for them to act first. Only then will we be able to find a chance to defeat them.”


The Fire Pavilion was much stronger than his Wind Pavilion. They would have zero advantage if they took the initiative to attack.


Yi Qiushui nodded. With nothing more to report, he turned around and jumped down, turning to the other members of the Wind Pavilion to urge them to speed up the construction of the fire gathering stage and the scarlet copper umbrellas.


Zhou Yuan raised his head and looked into the distance as his eyes narrowed slightly. It may seem calm, but a storm was brewing beneath the calm.


For the next half day, no battle broke out in the Heavenly Flame Cauldron. More and more scarlet copper umbrellas were completed and quickly distributed to the Wind Pavilion members.


"Pavilion Master, the fire gathering stage is complete!"


A sliver of joy crossed Zhou Yuan's eyes at this happy voice. His figure moved and appeared in the valley as he looked forward. A giant scarlet ball several meters wide could be seen.


"Pour the flames of the heavenly sun into it." Zhou Yuan waved his hand.


At his command, numerous figures quickly appeared around the scarlet ball. The scarlet copper umbrellas in his hands slowly pointed forward before closing. Golden flames jumped from the umbrella towards its sharp tip, flowing along its body and pouring into the fire-gathering stage.




As more and more flames poured in, a golden flame began to burn on the fire gathering stage. The surrounding scarlet copper turned red, but the heat did not spread due to its insulating properties.


Zhou Yuan also leaned forward and sent the few dozen Heavenly Sun Flames that he had collected in his umbrella into the fire gathering stage.


As the fire within the stage grew, looks of joy were revealed on the faces of several thousand members of the Wind Pavilion. The larger the flame, the more Heavenly Sun Fire they will receive later.




But it was at this moment that Zhou Yuan suddenly raised his head and looked towards a certain place in the distant sky. With a wave of his hand, he said, "Be on your guard!"


Several thousand Spirits immediately went into a state of alert as they formed.


Nearly a thousand spirits appeared in the distant sky. They were from the Fire Pavilion.


At the front of the group was a somewhat familiar figure. It was one of the deputy masters of the Fire Pavilion, Wang Chen.


Zhou Yuan's spirit slowly rose into the air, a chilling expression in his eyes as he looked at Wang Chen and said, "Does the Fire Pavilion believe that such a small group will be able to take on the entire Wind Pavilion?"


Wang Chen looked at Zhou Yuan with disdain and replied, “Pavilion Master Zhou Yuan thinks too much of us. I am simply here by order of our pavilion master. Our ward master would like to give you another chance. If your Wind Pavilion offers us a hundred thousand fire lotuses, our Fire Pavilion will leave you a little face.”


Wang Chen's arrogant words instantly caused fury to color the faces of the Wind Pavilion members. One hundred thousand fire lotuses... Wasn't the Fire Pavilion too greedy? This was equivalent to making the Wind Pavilion operate for free.


Zhou Yuan looked at Wang Chen, but did not show any anger. Instead, he laughed and said, “Deputy Pavilion Master Wang Chen, how about you introduce yourself so we can have a better discussion?”


Wang Chen sneered, “Pavilion Master Zhou Yuan, I hope you will not fail to appreciate our kindness. This is your last chance. Otherwise, we won’t be just a few next time.”


Of course he wouldn't come close. How is it possible that a thousand of them are the entire Wind Pavilion party? This distance was the safest, they could choose to retreat or advance without pressure.


Zhou Yuan shook his head, his eyes filled with contempt.


Wang Chen's expression darkened substantially, but he finally managed to contain his anger. He knew that Zhou Yuan was doing it on purpose. If he succumbed to his emotions and got too close, Zhou Yuan would surely finish them off to cut off the overall power of the Fire Pavilion.


Zhou Yuan shook his head in disappointment. He could no longer bother with Wang Chen and instead looked towards the Wind Pavilion members . "Take advantage of the time to collect as much Heavenly Sun Fire as possible."


He knew that Wang Chan's group was sent by Lu Xiao to keep an eye on them. He had originally believed that Lu Xiao would be eager to cause them trouble, but it seemed that Lu Xiao could still maintain his composure. It was likely that the Fire Pavilion would not attack before equipping all of its members with scarlet copper umbrellas to prevent even a single member of the Wind Pavilion from escaping.


However, Zhou Yuan was not afraid. I was fully prepared and just needed to wait for the perfect opportunity to present itself. As for who would be the last one standing, everyone would only find out after fighting.


Under the command of Zhou Yuan, the Wind Pavilion left behind a thousand members to guard Wang Chen's group, while the others quickly dispersed to gather the Heavenly Sun Flames.


Although golden fire lotuses continuously descended from above, several thousand people were able to quickly empty the surrounding area. The fireball on the fire gathering stage became increasingly larger and brighter.


After collecting all the Heavenly Sun Fire in the nearby area, Zhou Yuan waved his hand, ignoring Wang Chen's group as he led the Wind Pavilion members to other locations to collect the Heavenly Sun Fire.


Several hundred Spirits equipped with scarlet copper umbrellas flew past, and even the fire gathering stage was raised by the joint efforts of numerous Spirits.


Wang Chen's expression darkened even more as he realized that he was being ignored. In the end, he waved his hand as a strange, cold smile rose from the corners of his lips. “Follow them and be sure to constantly report your location to the pavilion master.”


“They can gather all they want for now, but in the end, the fruits of their labor will end up in our hands .”


"When the pavilion master's plan is complete, Zhou Yuan will naturally cry and beg for mercy!"

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