Chapter 859 Eliminating Wang Chen

Several thousand Spirits flew past at low altitude. As they passed by, both the golden fire lotuses slowly falling in the sky and the flames coming out of the cracks in the ground were cleared.


Zhou Yuan stood in the air as he looked at the fire gathering stage in the center of the group. The fiery golden flame inside had grown larger and hotter. The total number of golden fire lotuses gathered had already exceeded ten thousand.


Regarding this gathering speed, Zhou Yuan nodded in satisfaction.


However, he soon turned his gaze back, where Wang Chen, not daring to get too close, was following closely behind with a group of about a thousand Fire Pavilion Spirits.


Ice flashed across Zhou Yuan's eyes. He knew that Wang Chen was watching his every move. He didn't know why, but he had a faint feeling that something was wrong.


Zhou Yuan suddenly asked, "Qiushui, how long has it been since we entered the Heavenly Flame Cauldron?"


Yi Qiushui immediately replied: "It's been almost a day."


Zhou Yuan lightly tapped his fingers in the air as he slowly said, “Right now, even if they have many members, the Fire Pavilion should be fully equipped with scarlet copper umbrellas, right?”


Yi Qiushui nodded. "It should be."


"Then why haven't we seen signs of the Fire Pavilion's main force yet?" Zhou Yuan's eyes flashed thoughtfully.


Yi Qiushui was surprised as a look of unease crossed his eyes. In fact, shouldn't the Fire Pavilion finish them off the moment they were fully equipped? Why had there been no activity until now besides sending a thousand members to observe them?


What was Lu Xiao planning?


Zhou Yuan's eyes flickered thoughtfully. Moments later, he said decisively, "No matter what Lu Xiao's plans are, we will devour Wang Chen's group first!"


This group continued to buzz before his eyes; It would be a shame if he didn't devour them.


Yi Qiushui raised his eyebrows. “But Wang Chen is being very cautious and has kept a certain distance from us. Once we show signs of attack, it will retreat immediately before returning to follow us once we stop."


Zhou Yuan laughed softly. "Then we will cut off their retreat and give them no chance to run."


"As?" Yi Qiushui's long eyelashes flickered.


Zhou Yuan smiled. "Have you noticed that some members of our group are missing?"


Yi Qiushui was surprised by these words. He looked and sure enough, he discovered that several hundred Spirits had disappeared from the main group. His heart trembled as he said, “Did you intentionally spend more time than usual in the mountains along the way to hide some of our members?”


Zhou Yuan nodded. “I hid a few dozen on each mountain. Wang Chen can't know because he is too far away. Therefore, he probably doesn't know yet that he's already been surrounded."


Joy emerged in Yi Qiushui's eyes as he pursed his lips into a smile. "The pavilion master is so cunning."


Once they cut off the escape routes of Wang Chen's group, more than a thousand members would be easily devoured by the Wind Pavilion. This would cut off some of the Fire Pavilion's power.


Zhou Yuan chuckled. Soon after, he waved his hand and the several thousand advancing Spirits stopped. He turned around and shot towards Wang Chen's group, spiritual power humming and rippling the space around him.


Several thousand Spirits quickly followed them, creating an alarmingly imposing sight.


Wang Chen's side immediately sensed his movement.


"Humph, you fools, do you really think I will send myself to my door?"


Wang Chen chuckled coldly as he ordered without hesitation, “Withdraw!”


More than a thousand spirits began to retreat instantly, clearly having no intention of fighting the Wind Pavilion. Their mission was to guard the Wind Pavilion and not get into a fight.


One group advanced while the other retreated, but eventually some distance was maintained. The first one found it very difficult to get close.


Wang Chen couldn't help but laugh as he mockingly looked at Zhou Yuan who was chasing after them. He felt the euphoria of a cat playing with a mouse. Zhou Yuan's reputation had risen rapidly among the four pavilions recently, and he was no longer less influential than the other three pavilion masters. And? All Zhou Yuan can do now is eat my dust.




However, as he laughed, the power of the Spirit suddenly exploded in front of him. Layers of invisible barriers formed, obstructing their path.


Wang Chen's laughter stopped abruptly as he looked in horror at the several hundred figures standing before him. "How can this be? When did they come after us?"


"Quickly! Take down the spiritual barriers!" he roared.


More than a thousand spirits attacked at the same time, and bursts of spiritual power bombarded the spiritual barriers. The barriers shook violently, but ultimately refused to break for a brief moment.


It was during this brief moment that Zhou Yuan and his army of several thousand Spirits caught up.


Cold sweat appeared on Wang Chen's forehead.


"Deputy Pavilion Master Wang Chen, it seems that you were still too careless." Zhou Yuan showed a slight smile.


He wasted no time as he extended his hand and gave a slight wave.


"Destroy it!"




Several thousand bursts of spiritual power rushed towards Wang Chen's group like a flood. With such an absolute advantage, there was no need for any clever tactics. They could easily crush Wang Chen's group with sheer power.


Wang Chen's scalp went numb when he sensed the approaching flood, and he quickly ordered the group to fight.




The Spirit power of both parties collided, resulting in a loud boom.


Amidst the noise, the thousand spirits on Wang Chen's side screamed miserably. Their spirits quickly began to fade, turning into rays of light that shot into the sky and were sent out of the Heavenly Flame Cauldron through its protective mechanism.


After several waves of attacks, only a few dozen Spirits remained. They looked exceptionally miserable.


Wang Chen gritted his teeth tightly with a gloomy expression.


“Don't be too happy, Zhou Yuan. You'll be crying when the Fire Pavilion's main force arrives!"


Zhou Yuan was unfazed. He stared at Wang Chen for a long time before suddenly saying, “You're not here just to follow us, are you? Lu Xiao intentionally sent them here to make us think that the Fire Pavilion will come for us soon. "Is this a plan to keep me here?"


Wang Chen's pupils shrank slightly.


Zhou Yuan's eyes narrowed. "What is Lu Xiao up to?"


Wang Chen simply let out an icy laugh and did not respond.


Zhou Yuan was silent for a moment before slowly saying, “Your Fire Pavilion joined forces with the Mountain Pavilion to eliminate the Forest Pavilion? After the Forest Pavilion is dealt with, you will turn your gaze towards the Wind Pavilion, right?"


Wang Chen's heart trembled as amazement appeared in his eyes.


Zhou Yuan understood everything immediately as his expression turned serious. He never imagined that Lu Xiao would be so cautious. Even against the much weaker Wind Pavilion, instead of attacking directly, Lu Xiao had chosen to join forces with the Mountain Pavilion to finish off the Forest Pavilion first.


Once the Forest Pavilion was eliminated, the united forces of the Fire Pavilion and the Mountain Pavilion would have the absolute advantage. Zhou Yuan would not be able to return no matter what trump cards he had.


After losing in their previous match, Lu Xiao had become so cautious. He was basically a quiet old dog.


He had sent Wang Chen to guard the Wind Pavilion in hopes of stopping them. After all, anyone would believe that the main force of the Fire Pavilion would soon arrive with this scouting party constantly observing their movements. Who could have expected that Lu Xiao would have given up on attacking the Wind Pavilion first so that he could turn his attention to the Forest Pavilion?


Grave expressions emerged on the faces of Yi Qiushui, Ye Bingling and the others. They also understood that once the Forest Pavilion was eliminated, it would be impossible for the Wind Pavilion to withstand the combined power of the Fire Pavilion and the Mountain Pavilion.


Realizing that Zhou Yuan had seen through his plan, Wang Chen let out a mocking laugh. “Zhou Yuan, you have underestimated Pavilion Master Lu Xiao. Only defeat awaits you once our Fire Pavilion and the Mountain Pavilion wipe out the Forest Pavilion!”


Zhou Yuan's expression did not flinch. Invisible Spirit fire gathered in his palm before being sent out with a swift movement. The Spirit fire quickly engulfed Wang Chan and the remaining few dozen Spirits.


As the spiritual fire burned, the spirits of Wang Chen and the others quickly faded away.


"Zhou Yuan, your Wind Pavilion will lose for sure!" Wang Chen howled.


A split second later, his Spirit turned into a fiery beam of light as he shot into the sky and disappeared.


Zhou Yuan's expression was indifferent as his gaze turned around. Several thousand Wind Pavilion members looked at him, waiting for his order. He did not show any hesitation as he waved his hand and roared, “Stop the gathering of Heavenly Sun Flame.”


“We will immediately rush to rescue the Forest Pavilion and eliminate both the Fire Pavilion and the Mountain Pavilion!”


When his voice rang out, his Spirit had already soared, several thousand Spirits following closely behind him.


Outside the Heavenly Flame Cauldron, countless gazes watched these developments with surprise. It seemed that Zhou Yuan had finally realized the Fire Pavilion's intentions. What happened next was definitely going to be the climax.

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