Chapter 86 – Reversal

The murmur in the room continued, a wave of noise that spread like a wave and reverberated throughout the room.


Everyone was a little surprised, no one expected that the situation would be reversed at this last moment, that Yan Lingqing of the Xi Yang House had also refined a fifth grade spiritual water!




Song Shan, the head of the Song family, and Mo Ling stood up from their chairs at this moment, their faces blue as they watched this scene, their eyes filled with disbelief.


"No way! There must be something fishy." Mo Ling said repeatedly through clenched teeth, that Yan Lingqing was clearly still only a fourth grade tempering master, how could he be able to refine a fifth grade spiritual water?


Song Shan's face changed and irritation surged in his eyes.


The sudden change of events caused what he had believed to be a perfect plan to be affected at this moment.


On the steps of the Golden Dragon Treasure House, President Lu's eyes also widened, and then he rubbed his chubby chin and said, "Huh, this is too much of a coincidence, isn't it? When did he manage to achieve this?" Yan Lingqing also refine a fifth grade spiritual water?”


"Then Song Qiuyu can do it, why can't she?" Lu Qing'er was laughing at this moment, as her heart sighed in relief.


President Lu gaped and defended himself: “Actually, from a normal perspective, both of you are not quite capable of refining a fifth-grade spiritual water, and now that you both have achieved it, is it really just luck?”


"Who knows". Lu Qing'er didn't care about that, all she knew was that this time the Xi Yang House had won, so Li Luo should also be happier.


Seeing this, President Lu could only shake his head helplessly and say nothing more.


After all, Song Yunfeng of the Song family had dared to harm Lu Qing'er in the exam, and he was extremely angry about it, and he had no goodwill towards the Song family.


On the Luolan House side, Cai Wei let out a long sigh of relief, her small hand couldn't help but gently caressed his chest, making the tremors fluctuate, and then she muttered to herself with some confusion, "Why is Ling Qing suddenly exploded, could it be that the Young Master's good looks gave him motivation? But it seems like he doesn't take this appearances very well, huh?"


Yan Lingqing is not like her, her three views follow her five senses, this girl really doesn't care about her appearance at all, but all of this is secondary, the immediate result is the best for her Xi Yang House.


"No way!"


“How is it possible that he refines a fifth-grade spiritual water with a tempering power higher than mine?!” On the field, that Song Qiuyu finally came back to his senses after being stunned for a long time, and immediately said in a stern voice.


Her pretty cheeks were slightly distorted at this moment.


"There must be something weird!" She said angrily to the referee.


However, the judge did not pay attention to it, he only took care of declaring the result, although when it was confirmed that Yan Lingqing had indeed made a fifth grade spirit water with a tempering power of 58%, he directly announced on the spot: " Yan Lingqing of Xiyang House, has made a fifth-grade heavenly return spiritual water with a tempering power of 58%, the result is the first!”


"This Grand Festival is won by Yan Lingqing of the Xiyang House!"




When the referee gave the alarm, there was great excitement in the room, and the ups and downs were quite spectacular.


"Wow, a victory!"


Inside the refining room, Yan Lingqing also froze for a few moments, and then excitement and joy welled up on her pretty face, and she couldn't help but turn around and hug Li Luo, jumping for joy.


Li Luo hurriedly raised his hands to show his innocence, but at the same time he felt the soft and fragrant fragrance of the delicate body pressed against his own, which, although not wavy, had a unique slenderness and thinness.


However, Yan Lingqing quickly came back to her senses and hurriedly let go of Li Luo, her beautiful eyes flashing with a bit of embarrassment.


"This has nothing to do with me, right?" Li Luo raised his hands innocently, this woman was so unreasonable, you were the one jumping and now you were the one who was angry.


Yan Lingqing hummed lightly and raised her fist towards him, but the smile on her pretty face could not be hidden. Obviously, this time, she was extremely happy that she had turned defeat into victory.


"Congratulations, the number one resonance tempering master in Tianshu County." Li Luo laughed.


Yan Lingqing gave him a blank look, this title of Tianshu County's number one Tempering Master had no value in gold, and she didn't really care, what made her happy was that she had defeated Song Qiuyu, and taken away from him. a bad breath


"It's not that you don't know how I won this... But this successful refinement has given me an idea, and I think that perhaps I am not far from truly reaching the fifth grade of tempering master." Yan Lingqing smiled.


"Awesome". Li Luo gave a thumbs up, if Yan Lingqing could truly reach the fifth grade of Tempering Master, then she would truly be considered at the peak of the tempering master discipline, truly at the top of the hall.


Yan Lingqing's beautiful eyes glanced at Li Luo, in fact, she understood in her heart, that being able to successfully refine this time, Li Luo's credit was inevitable, and this was exactly where she had her doubts, After all, Li Luo was only a second grade Tempering Resonance Master, in the past, his Water Resonance quality did not seem too high, but this time, the source water condensed by Li Luo, the spirituality filled in it. , was surprisingly stronger than even her.


Clearly, there is something secret in Li Luo's body.


But she wisely did not ask a single question about it, she was not a curious person, and since Li Luo had no idea what to say, she was naturally not interested in pursuing the matter further.


So, he was directly burying what had happened before in his mind as much as he could.


When the refining was over, Yan Lingqing walked out of the refining room at the same time as Li Luo, and looked at Song Qiuyu with a distorted face and said indifferently: "I'm sorry for not letting you win."


Gritting his teeth, Song Qiuyu said, "Yan Lingqing, I don't believe you can refine a fifth-grade spiritual water!"


"I don't believe you either."


Yan Lingqing said: "If you don't agree with the result, we can go check if we have used some off-board tricks."


This big festival, just a tournament in Tianshu County, is not that important, so many rules are not perfect, but if Song Qiuyu really wants to mess around, then he can only get a professional to check it.


But as he had said, he simply did not believe that Song Qiuyu was capable of refining a fifth grade spiritual water, since he knew the latter too well, and this time, there was bound to be something fishy.


Song Qiuyu's shellfish teeth tightened his lips, even a trace of blood escaped, but in the end he didn't have the guts to say anything more about this, because he was weak-hearted, although Mo Ling swore that the secret medicine of his Mo family was untraceable, he didn't want to create a problem out of the situation and inexplicably make a mess.


Now that the situation is lost, it must be admitted.


Furthermore, taking the title of number one tempering master in Tianshu County was just to echo the next plan, and even if they didn't do it for the time being, it only made them less imposing, and wouldn't really affect anything.


He then cast a hateful look at Yan Lingqing: "Do you think you have won? Keep dreaming."


He suppressed the rage in his heart and swept his gaze around the room as her clear voice rang out: "Gentlemen, my Song Family has a big announcement to make today. Starting today, the Song Family and the House of Ink will partner together to release the last Spiritual Light Water."


“First-class Black Star Spiritual Water, with a tempering power of 62%.”


"Second-grade Black Moon Spiritual Water, 61% tempering power."


"Third-class Radiant Black Light, with a tempering power of 60%."


When Song Qiuyu's voice rang out in the venue, it unsurprisingly caused a direct stir, and all of the major Spiritual Light Water houses in Tianshu County turned pale, while for others, this was undoubtedly a good news, after all, at the same price, who wouldn't want to buy a better quality Spiritual Light Water?


The best quality spirit water in Tianshu County was the first grade green and blue spirit water released by the Xiyang House, and the second grade red syrup spirit water, which was around 60% quality, but the new product launched by the Song Family is even better than that of the Xiyang House!


Only then did they realize that the Song family's big move was waiting for them here today.


Previous championship battles did nothing but build momentum.


Now, even though they have lost the championship, once this new product is launched, all the limelight will be directly stolen by the Song family. After all, where the championship is has nothing to do with others, but this Spiritual Light Water is closely related to everyone.


Yan Lingqing looked at this scene, and her heart sank slightly, after all, she was really coming.


What should be the next response to this attack by the Song family?


Yan Lingqing had no choice but to turn her head to look at Li Luo, and then she saw a satisfied smile appear on Li Luo's face.


Seeing this smile, for some reason, Yan Lingqing's tense heart relaxed a lot.

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