Chapter 860 To the rescue

A majestic scarlet copper mountain towered like a giant above the earth, and the scarlet copper trees dotting its body shone with dazzling light.


Currently, an intense battle was engulfing the giant mountain.


Several tens of thousands of Spirits floated in the air, covering the entire sky. The boundless power of the Spirit spread outwards, rippling the surrounding space.


Four Spirits stood with their hands behind their backs in the center of this giant army. At the front were Lu Xiao and Han Yuan, the respective pavilion masters of the Fire Pavilion and the Mountain Pavilion.


Zhu Lian followed to Lu Xiao's side, and next to Han Yan was a very thin man who had a pair of eyes that shone like a sword. This man was called Zhao Yin, and he was the spiritual commander of the Mountain Pavilion for the Heavenly Flame Ritual. From the powerful Spirit undulations that extended from his body, he was clearly an individual who had entered the Transforming stage.


The four of them were looking indifferently towards a certain point in the distance.


Outside the scarlet copper giant mountain was a giant barrier made of Spirit power. Layers of mist like vortexes could be seen on the surface of the barrier, and nearly ten thousand Spirits continuously poured their spiritual power into the barrier from within. It was the Forest Pavilion.


On the side of the Fire and Mountain Pavilions, the Spirits continuously unleashed endless attacks. The attacks bombarded the Spirit barrier, causing giant waves to emerge.


“Mu Qingyan is quite capable. To think that he can use the spirits of the Forest Pavilion members to form a Thousand Spirit Cloud Swirl Boundary” Zhu Lian couldn’t help but praise as he looked at the giant spirit barrier.


“Without the help of the Fire Pavilion, our Mountain Pavilion will probably be delayed for a long time even if we manage to triumph over the Forest Pavilion.” The man named Zhao Yin nodded his head slightly.


Lu Xiao said indifferently: "How much longer until it breaks?"


Zhu Lian did not dare to let Lu Xiao wait. He quickly calculated and replied: "I'm afraid we will need half a day."


Lu Xiao frowned. "Too long. Although I sent Wang Chen to delay the Wind Pavilion, Zhou Yuan is extremely cunning and may have realized what we are doing."


Zhu Lian laughed bitterly. “Mu Qingyan’s Cloud Eddy Thousand Spirit Boundary boasts extremely strong defensive properties. If they are determined to defend, there is really nothing we can do for a while. The only option is to slowly deplete their spirits."


Lu Xiao knew that it was useless to say anything else, and could only nod in recognition.


“There is no need to be anxious, Brother Lu. Zhou Yuan may not guess our plan. "I might still be foolishly waiting for the Fire Pavilion to attack them."


Han Yuan laughed. “Also, I feel like you think too much about him. The Fire Pavilion should be able to easily crush the Wind Pavilion. "If you had attacked them immediately, they would have been eliminated long ago."


Lu Xiao said indifferently: “Zhou Yuan is too unfathomable. The Heavenly Flame Ritual was originally scheduled to be supervised by my Heavenly Spirit Sect, but Grand Elder Chi Jing suddenly decided to interfere out of nowhere, forcing the sect master to make it a free for all . If I fail somehow, it will be very difficult to explain. "So it doesn't hurt to be a little more cautious."


Han Yuan felt that Lu Xiao was making a mountain out of a molehill and there was no need to think so much about a simple Wind Pavilion. However, he also understood that this matter would affect Sect Master Xuan Kun's reputation, and Lu Xiao did not dare to be careless.


"After we take down the Forest Pavilion, Zhou Yuan won't stand a chance regardless of what tricks he prepares!" Han Yuan chuckled.


Lu Xiao nodded. He urged Zhu Lian and Zhao Yin, “Increase attacks and break this Spirit barrier as soon as possible so that we can eliminate the Forest Pavilion.”


Zhu Lian and Zhao Yin did not dare to delay. The two Transformative stage Spirits acted personally, directing wave after wave of boundless Spirit power to crash into the giant Spirit barrier.


As the attacks from the Fire Pavilion and Mountain Pavilion intensified, the Forest Pavilion felt even more pressured.


Mu Liu stood on a peak, his handsome face filled with coldness. The Fire Pavilion and the Mountain Pavilion suddenly joining together to besiege them had taken them by surprise. After all, this was the first time something like this had happened in many years of Celestial Flame Ritual.


There had never been a ritual as bitter as this.


Mu Liu clenched his jaw in anger before turning towards a rock behind him where Mu Qingyan was sitting. She was gritting her teeth tightly as she continuously led the ten thousand Forest Pavilion Spirits to replenish several points on the barrier, desperately defending against the attack.


However, as time passed, Mu Liu began to see the spirits of more and more Forest Pavilion members turn into a streak of fire and disappear. It was the Heavenly Flame Cauldron's protective mechanism that activated once the Spirit was weakened to a certain level.


If this continued, it was only a matter of time before they were wiped out.


“Mu Liu, you bastard. We can't hold out much longer!" Mu Qingyan cursed.


Mu Liu awkwardly scratched his head while showing a bitter smile. If he had his physical body, his strong Genesis Qi bases would allow him to charge forward to face the enemy in battle. Unfortunately, he was simply a Spirit who had only reached the corporeal stage. Even if he charged, he would only be exterminated instantly.


Mu Liu said helplessly: “I can’t do anything. Who could have expected that they would be so brazen and go after our Forest Pavilion first? This makes no sense."


Mu Qingyan glared at him. "Isn't it because Zhou Yuan scammed you into cooperating with the Wind Pavilion?"


Mu Liu shrugged. "What can we do now?"


"What else? We can only wait for the Wind Pavilion to realize something is wrong and come to our aid!"


Mu Qingyan murmured, “However, I am afraid that Zhou Yuan will still be stupidly waiting for the Fire Pavilion to attack them. Even in that one in a million chance that he realizes something is wrong, he may not dare to bring the Wind Pavilion, since both the Fire Pavilion and the Mountain Pavilion are here.”


Mu Liu shook his head. “If Zhou Yuan was that kind of person, he wouldn't have dared to kill Fang Ao. He may usually seem kind, but he is actually very ruthless.”


"I hope you're well." Mu Qingyan nodded slightly. She did not continue the conversation and instead put all her attention on running the Forest Pavilion. He needed to personally supervise the Thousand Spirit Cloud boundary, or it would soon collapse under the enemy's bombardment.


However, he also knew that even a limit like this would not last long under such tremendous pressure. His disappearance was only a matter of time.


He could only pray that Zhou Yuan was a little smarter.


Half a day passed in stealth while the Forest Pavilion endured bitterly.


The boundary enveloping the mountain had already become extremely weak like a thin membrane. Anyone could see that it was almost over for the Forest Pavilion.


In the sky, Zhu Lian secretly breathed a sigh of relief. The Spirit barrier should be finished after a few more waves of attacks and without its protection, the Forest Pavilion would have to face the mad attack of the Fire Pavilion and the Mountain Pavilion.


"Pavilion Master, the Forest Pavilion is finished."


Zhu Lian looked towards Lu Xiao with a somewhat pleased smile.


Lu Xiao nodded in recognition as his expression finally relaxed a bit. Once the Forest Pavilion was defeated, the Wind Pavilion would become easy prey like fish on a chopping board.


“Zhou Yuan, a rabbit is still a rabbit no matter how much it jumps. Once the sleeping lion wakes up, the rabbit will be finished."


A faint smile emerged from the corners of Lu Xiao's mouth.


However, Zhu Lian and Zhao Yin's expressions suddenly changed. They turned their heads at the same time, their expressions turning ugly as they looked towards a certain direction.


When Han Yuan saw them turn their heads, he asked, "What?..."


However, his words stopped abruptly before he could finish. His pupils shrank slightly as he looked into the distance where several thousand Spirits were rapidly approaching.


Lu Xiao looked on with a chilling expression as the corners of his lips twitched. The coldness in his eyes could almost freeze the air.


"The Wind Pavilion is here."


Zhou Yuan was always ruining things for him!

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