Chapter 861 Showdown Between Wind and Fire Pavilions

Trapped within the mountain, Mu Liu and Mu Qingyang revealed looks of joy on their faces when they sensed the approach of several thousand Spirits.


"See, didn't I say that Zhou Yuan won't be fooled by Lu Xiao?" Mu Liu smiled.


Mu Qingyang sighed in relief, but her face remained tense as she said, “Don't be so happy. Although he has led the Wind Pavilion to help us, the situation has only improved a little. “Overall, the Fire Pavilion and the Mountain Pavilion still have an overwhelming advantage.”


Mu Liu nodded his head slightly. If the Fire Pavilion entered into battle formation, its superior power would leave the Wind Pavilion with nothing to exploit. In fact, it was very likely that the Fire Pavilion would annihilate them.


Mu Qingyan sighed. “The Wind Pavilion is much weaker than the Fire Pavilion. Although I don't know what kind of tactics and trump cards Zhou Yuan has prepared, given my understanding of Lu Xiao, he will definitely be prepared."


She rolled her eyes at Mu Liu. “I told you not to get involved in this matter. "Now you have endangered our Forest Pavilion for no reason."


Mu Liu showed a bitter expression. “What's the point of saying those things now? Since Zhou Yuan dared to come, I think he will have something up his sleeve. "It won't be so easy for Lu Xiao and the Fire Pavilion to deal with him."


"I hope so too." Mu Qingyan frowned. She was not actually blaming Mu Liu, but rather venting a little about being unexpectedly besieged by the Fire and Mountain Pavilions for half a day.


More importantly, he did not feel optimistic at all about the current situation.


Although the Forest Pavilion had managed to withstand the combined attack of the Fire Pavilion and the Mountain Pavilion through the Thousand Spirit Cloud boundary, they had lost over two thousand members in the process. In contrast, the Fire and Mountain Pavilions had barely suffered any losses.


With such a disparity in power, what could Zhou Yuan and the Wind Pavilion achieve?


Mu Qingyan pursed her lips and said, “If the Fire Pavilion and the Mountain Pavilion try to join the Wind Pavilion, I will do my best to obstruct as many as possible. But this is our limit. The outcome will still depend on Zhou Yuan.”


"It's enough." Mu Liu nodded with a smile.


In the sky outside the mountain, Lu Xiao looked at the arriving spirit army with a dark expression. Moments later, his expression slowly became calm as he said, "It seems that Wang Chen has been eliminated."


The Wind Pavilion had already rushed over and yet there was no news from Wang Chen's group. The latter had clearly been expelled from the Heavenly Flame Cauldron, and Zhou Yuan had undoubtedly seen through his ploy.


"It really is an immovable ghost." Han Yuan frowned.


Lu Xiao’s expression composed as he said, “Han Yuan, your Mountain Pavilion will continue to besiege the Forest Pavilion. Leave the Pavilion of Wind to my Pavilion of Fire."


Smiling, Han Yuan nodded. “It seems like things are back to square one. But it doesn't matter, the result will always be the same."


Han Yuan clearly understood how powerful the Fire Pavilion was. Even the Mountain Pavilion was not its rival, let alone the last place Wind Pavilion.


Lu Xiao looked towards Zhu Lian. "We will rely on you for the battle with the Wind Pavilion."


Zhu Lian was the only Spirit of the Fire Pavilion in the transforming stage and the only one capable of commanding his spirits. This was something that even Lu Xiao was unable to do. As such, Zhu Lian was much more useful than him in the Heavenly Flame Ritual.


An excited look emerged on Lu Xiao's face as he nodded confidently. “Don't worry, Pavilion Master. Our fire pavilion is amply prepared and I refuse to believe that we cannot subdue the wind pavilion!"


Soon after, his gaze scanned the area. Spiritual power rippled as a voice was transmitted to each member of the Fire Pavilion, “Members of the Fire Pavilion, listen to my order. "We will attack the Wind Pavilion and destroy them!"


In the next instant, Lu Xiao and Zhu Lian's spirits shot forward, leading the charge while more than ten thousand spirits followed closely behind.


Two giant armies met in the midst of the many mountains, each side occupying a mountain as they clashed. The limitless power of the Spirit spread across the land, accompanied by howling wind and rumbling thunder.


Zhou Yuan did not show any hesitation, his spiritual power immediately spread out to connect several thousand spirits at once, directing his spiritual power to set up numerous layers of defenses.


On the side of the Wind Pavilion, wave after wave of spiritual power hummed, forming shell after shell. Zhou Yuan set the defensive limit in a short period of time.


Zhu Lian's eyes narrowed slightly. From how Zhou Yuan had so quickly established a defensive limit, his Spirit cultivation was definitely quite high. After all, in a spirit clash like this, transforming stage spirits like them functioned as links between the rest of the spirits to effectively deploy spirit power.


"Pretty smart, but all they can do is defend." However, Zhu Lian simply let out a cold laugh in response. The fact that Zhou Yuan had chosen to defend himself like a tortoise meant that he also understood that the Fire Pavilion was too powerful and he did not dare to face them head-on.


This was also the first time he saw the always aggressive Zhou Yuan adopt a defensive stance, and he felt quite good.


"But do you really think it will be easy to form a defensive array under my eyes?"


Zhu Lian snorted coldly. If it were a Genesis Qi contest, it would definitely not be Zhou Yuan's match, but the Heavenly Flame Ritual was a clash between spirits. Furthermore, it was not a one-on-one fight, but rather pavilion against pavilion. With the overwhelming advantage of the Fire Pavilion, he was naturally not afraid of Zhou Yuan.


In the middle of the Fire Pavilion army, Zhu Lian's Spirit suddenly stirred.




Under Zhu Lian's guidance, boundless sea-like spiritual power rose into the sky, transforming into ten thousand giant waves that ruthlessly crashed towards the Wind Pavilion with terrifying momentum.


Giant waves of Spirit descended one after another, creating an astonishingly oppressive aura.


In the face of such power, even a Transforming Spirit would instantly shatter upon contact.




The giant waves of spirit crashed into the Wind Pavilion's tortoise shell boundary with unmatched ferocity. The earth trembled as the mountains trembled. Shell after shell built from the power of the Spirit collapsed one after another. Although the spirit shells were quickly breaking into pieces, new spirit shells were quickly constructed to replace them.


Zhu Lian frowned slightly and soon began to strengthen the attacks. Wave after wave of boundless spiritual power surrounded the Wind Pavilion mountain and brutally crashed downwards.


Under Zhu Lian's barbaric offensive, the tortoise shell boundary trembled violently. In the end, it shattered with a loud boom, multiple projectiles instantly disappearing into nothingness.


Zhu Lian was overjoyed and quickly proceeded to direct the Spirit power in a charge towards the now exposed Wind Pavilion.


But before he could move, another layer of Spirit light appeared beneath the broken boundary as another boundary formed.


This time, Zhu Lian took a closer look. There was clearly another boundary below the newly formed boundary, and both of them were defensive boundaries!


"What the hell?!"


Zhu Lian's expression changed as he cursed. Was Zhou Yuan trying to turn into a turtle? Was he planning to rely on his turtle shells to engage in a battle of attrition with the Fire Pavilion?


Lu Xiao frowned and asked, “Are you trying to exhaust the spiritual power of our Fire Pavilion?”


"Have you noticed? The amount of spiritual power we consumed to destroy a layer of their defense is much more than the amount Zhou Yuan used to build one."


Zhu Lian's face burned. Of course he knew why. It meant that Zhou Yuan was extremely competent. He could perfectly mobilize the power of the Wind Pavilion Spirit to create these solid defensive layers. In contrast, Zhu Lian required greater investment to break through Zhou Yuan's defenses, similar to how the attacking force would suffer more losses when attacking a city.


Zhou Yuan clearly intended to eliminate the Fire Pavilion's advantage through this method.


However, Lu Xiao breathed a sigh of relief. If this was all Zhou Yuan had, Zhou Yuan was underestimating his Fire Pavilion too much.


“Zhu Lian, there is no need for you to hold back anymore. It's time we used our trump cards."


Zhu Lian nodded. A merciless look crossed his eyes as he gazed at the seemingly indestructible fortress.


“Well then, let me break its shell into pieces!”


“Without your shell, a few thousand Spirits are nothing to fear!”


"I'm interested to see how Zhou Yuan will save you from this crisis!"


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