Chapter 862 Spirit Breaker Shuttle

The clash between the Wind Pavilion and the Fire Pavilion also fell into the eyes of Mu Qingyan, who was still busy defending the Forest Pavilion against the Mountain Pavilion.


“Tchtch, Zhou Yuan's turtle tactic is quite impressive. Its defensive power is not weaker than your limit.” Mu Liu couldn't help but smile as he looked at the multiple layers of defense on the side of the Wind Pavilion.


Mu Qingyan rolled her eyes at him. Her pretty face soon became a little more serious as she said, "If Zhou Yuan plans to exhaust the Fire Pavilion with his turtle tactic, I'm afraid he won't succeed."


Although Zhou Yuan's tactic had caused some trouble for the Fire Pavilion, it was highly unlikely that he would achieve victory through it.


Mu Liu nodded his head and said seriously, "But I don't think this is all Zhou Yuan has up his sleeve."


Mu Qingyan looked at him in amazement. "You really think highly of it."


Mu Liu smiled. "I am rarely wrong."


Mu Qingyan shrugged, not pressing the issue further. In any case, the result would soon be clear. From Zhu Lian's posture, the Fire Pavilion was probably about to play its hole cards. They would soon find out if Zhou Yuan could hold out.


If he couldn't, the Forest Pavilion and the Wind Pavilion would have to return empty-handed from the Heavenly Flame Ritual.


In the center of the large Fire Pavilion army, Zhu Lian closed his eyes as his finger extended out and cut through the air. Spirit ripples spread out, weaving together in front of him to form a sharp illusory object.


"Spiritual power, come!" Zhu Lian shouted as his hands clapped.


Torrent after torrent of spiritual power hummed and poured into the sharp object in front of him.


The illusory object slowly turned corporeal, revealing itself to be a giant 300 meter long shuttle. However, it was a shuttle of compacted spiritual power.


This sight naturally landed in the eyes of the Wind Pavilion members, causing a shock to spread. Even Ye Bingling and Yi Qiushui's faces changed slightly, evidently sensing how terrifying the subsequent attack would be.


Zhou Yuan's eyes also narrowed slightly. Zhu Lian's Genesis Qi cultivation was nothing extraordinary, but his Spirit prowess was something extraordinary.


"Spirit Break Shuttle!"


Zhu Lian's roar echoed in the area. In the next instant, the thousand-foot-long shuttle seemed to pierce through space itself as it mercilessly shot with great destructive force towards the protective boundaries around the members of the Wind Pavilion.




The first spiritual boundary immediately opened upon contact with the Spirit Breaking Spear, as if it were made of tofu.


Pop! Pop!


The Spirit Breaking Spear continued on its path, effortlessly breaking through layer after layer that Zhou Yuan had poured all his power into constructing. Many Wind Pavilion members looked at each other in horror. When the Fire Pavilion became serious, such power instantly made the members of the Wind Pavilion realize the disparity between them.


Numerous Wind Pavilion members in panic looked towards Zhou Yuan. His pavilion master's expression composed as he raised his head to look at the rapidly approaching Spirit Breaking Spear.


“Circulate your Spirit power and prepare,” Zhou Yuan’s indifferent voice rang in the ears of the Wind Pavilion members.


His calm voice made the panic in their hearts recede slightly. They hurriedly concentrated and began to circulate their spiritual power.




When the final limit was broken, the originally 300 meter long Spirit Breaking Spear had shrunk to a size of 30 meters. Despite this, it still gave off an oppressive pressure as its shadow rose towards the now exposed Spirits.


Zhou Yuan made a seal with one hand.




Several thousand spirit needles took shape and quickly gathered together, transforming into a giant torrent of needles. Like a giant python, it raised its head and charged towards the Spirit Breaking Spear.




The loud noise was accompanied by a wave of spiritual energy, and a screech sounded, causing ripples to arise in the numerous spiritual bodies on both sides.


As a hundred spirits on the Wind Pavilion side disappeared in a flash of fiery light, the Spirit Breaking Spear finally cracked and shattered, turning into countless spots of light.


The members of the Wind Pavilion were still somewhat scared as they breathed a sigh of relief, grateful that they had finally withstood the attack.


The Fire Pavilion was truly terrifying!


This time, uneasiness crossed the eyes of even Ye Bingling and Yi Qiushui. A single serious attack from the Fire Pavilion had caused them to lose over a hundred members. Furthermore, it was after his numerous defensive projectiles canceled out 90% of the attack's power.


If Zhou Yuan had not set up so many defensive layers, they would have probably lost more than a thousand members.


“Hehe, Pavilion Master Zhou Yuan is really capable. To think that you managed to defend yourself from that attack."


Smiling, Zhu Lian watched as he continued, “The Spirit Breaking Spear is a secret technique unique to my Heavenly Spirit Hall, and I have practiced it for a long time to welcome you.”


Lu Xiao also looked at Zhou Yuan with indifferent eyes. “If your Wind Pavilion offers us an offering of ten thousand flame lotuses, my Fire Pavilion can forgive you this once.”


As long as the Wind Pavilion gave way, they would no longer have the courage to challenge the Fire Pavilion. Lu Xiao's so-called mercy would destroy their hearts.


Zhou Yuan looked at Lu Xiao as he smiled, showing a set of strangely white teeth. "Stop dreaming."


Lu Xiao shook his head in a seemingly disappointed manner. "Not grateful."


He waved his hand, causing Zhu Lian to reveal a sinister smile. In the next instant, both of his arms slowly extended out as boundless spiritual power gushed out from his body. Behind him, more than ten thousand spirits began to circulate their spiritual power.


Then, Ye Bingling, Yi Qiushui and the rest paled when they saw seven giant shuttles slowly take shape.


The whole place seemed to ripple.


Terror emerged in the eyes of many Wind Pavilion members. Previously, a single Spirit Breaking Spear had pierced all of their defenses. If seven got together, wouldn't they be eliminated instantly?


In the distance, Mu Liu and Mu Qingyan sighed. The Fire Pavilion seemed to have come well prepared for this Heavenly Flame Ritual.


"It seems they are finished," Mu Qingyan said in a somewhat unresigned tone.


Mu Liu scratched his head as he said, “It's okay. The selection of the main pavilion will be made next month. “I will give that bastard Han Yuan a brutal beating in your name.”


Mu Qingyan rolled her eyes at him.


Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes slightly as he looked at the seven giant shuttles in the sky. It was no wonder that the Fire Pavilion was so arrogant; Such overwhelming power was indeed enough to easily sweep away the Wind Pavilion of the past.


But that was only regarding the past Wind Pavilion.


Zhou Yuan tilted his head and looked towards Ye Bingling and the other Wind Pavilion members. He smiled. "Do you have faith in me?"


Several thousand people were slightly surprised. A split second later, all the people nodded vigorously. No one could match Zhou Yuan's current influence in the Wind Pavilion.


"If you believe me..."


The corners of his mouth curved upward. “Then take out the jade pieces I prepared for you.”


"It's time to show you our Wind Pavilion's offensive."

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